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elle emina


Mikan Sakura had never pictured herself wearing a beautiful white flowing gown while standing in front of the altar inside of the church, her face fully made up and her auburn hair tied in an elegant bun. Maybe other girls did, but not her.

She had never imagined herself getting married at the young age of seventeen. She was still in high school, for crying out loud! She may be the typical girly girl but being tied down in her teens was definitely not her dream. She had never imagined herself committed in a marriage at such a young age.

But what Mikan Sakura had never really expected was getting married to the most arrogant yet ridiculously good-looking guy she had ever laid eyes on in the entire seventeen years of her life… while she was six weeks pregnant.

Yes. She was pregnant.

She was carrying the child of the guy she barely knew.

Natsume Hyuuga, the unwanted groom and the father of the child, was standing indifferently beside her. He was her schoolmate in Alice Academy. They were in the same year but in different classes. Even though Mikan knew Natsume since middle school, they did not know each other personally. They were not friends nor were they acquaintances. They were just schoolmates, nothing more and nothing less.

Every student and teacher in Alice Academy knew Natsume Hyuuga. He was popular because he was smart, exceptionally handsome, and his family was well known in Japan. Majority of the female population worshipped him while the men wanted to be like him. It was kind of pathetic on some levels.

But despite Natsume's popularity, the guy himself was very aloof to the people around him. He did not like participating in any school activities nor did he like mingling with other students. He was distant to everyone except to his best friend since middle school, Ruka Nogi who was the best man in this 'wedding'.

Maybe his aloofness was one of the reasons why Mikan never had the chance to get to know him.

Unlike Natsume, Mikan Sakura was friendly. She was clumsy, cheerful, talkative, and sociable. She might not be as smart or as popular as Natsume but many people genuinely liked her. She got along well with everyone in her class and with other students from other classes. But with Natsume, no. She was never friends with him. She had known him for years but they had never spoken a word to each other.

She knew that almost all the girls in the campus drool over Natsume but she was not one of them. Yes she was well aware that he had the most amazing looks in the academy with his untidy raven hair, tantalizing crimson eyes, perfectly handsome face, and well-built body; but she found him kind of… scary.

His usual stoic and occasional frowning face, his silence, and his dark aura creep her out. Her best friend Hotaru Imai was usually stoic and quiet but Mikan never thought she was creepy.

There was just something about Natsume that Mikan found rather unusual. She did not want to put meaning to it but there were several occasions when Mikan caught Natsume looking at her or at least in her direction. She was not certain if it was her he was looking at or it might only be her imagination. She guessed she would never know.

So when the news of Natsume Hyuuga and Mikan Sakura's sudden wedding reached the Alice Academy, people could not stop talking about it. They started speculating, wondering how it came to that. Everybody knew that Natsume and Mikan had no relationship whatsoever with each other. They were not even friends!

And one more thing that that was not right in the picture was that Mikan Sakura had a boyfriend who she was madly in love with. All her friends and classmates knew she was dating Tonouchi Akira who was an alumnus of Alice Academy and now in his first year of college. They had been together since Mikan's junior year and Tono's senior year. They had continued their relationship even after Tono left the academy.

Everyone tried to guess. Girls gossiped with each other, especially Natsume's bitter fan girls who could not accept that he was marrying a plain, simple girl like Mikan. But everyone did not need to guess for long when Mikan's pregnancy leaked out. She had no choice but to confirm it to everyone who asked her.

When Mikan's pregnancy came out, people talked more. How could have she been pregnant with Natsume Hyuuga's child? It would have been less shocking if it was Tono's.

Some had already called her a two-timing bitch behind her back. People sympathized with Tono because they thought that his girlfriend had been cheating on him all these time.

But these people did not know what really happened.

"Idiot, the priest is asking you." A low husky voice hissed, pulling Mikan away from her thoughts.

Mikan glared at the man beside her when she realized that he called her an idiot. Again.

Natsume simply stared at her as he, along with over a hundred witnesses inside the church, waited for her answer. Mikan turned again to the priest with a slight confusion visible on her face. The priest who seemed to be in his fifties smiled considerately at Mikan then repeated his question,

"Do you, Mikan Sakura, take Natsume Hyuuga as your lawfully wedded husband in sickness and in health, till death do you part?"

Mikan felt a lump on her throat. She opened her lips but no sound came out. She can feel over a hundred pairs of eyes looking at her, waiting expectantly for her answer. The intent gaze of Natsume's crimson eyes on her was starting to make her feel uneasy and distressed.

Mikan took a deep breath then, with all the courage she could muster, she answered,

"I do."