A/N: This is a sequel to Aftermath, thank you so much for all of your reviews and encouragement! Please note that the True Blood world belongs to Alan Ball and HBO, any new characters belong to me, but I'm mostly just borrowing their toys for a moment.

Eric's POV

Before I even open my eyes, I can smell her. I slowly open my eyes and her beautiful form comes into focus.

We're lying in a king sized bed covered in satin sheets and she's on her side, facing me. She's still asleep, which is odd since it should be sunset. She's completely nude, which is also odd since I would definitely remember if I'd taken her clothes off. Maybe she took off her clothes while I was asleep. I stop thinking about it, because there are far more pressing matters to attend to.

I release her hand and slowly glide my fingertips along the length of her arm, over her shoulder, along her neckline, and to her lips. I press gently and she responds, mewing slightly. I shift my body so that my face is closer to hers and now my lips press upon hers and my tongue slowly enters her mouth. Why does her mouth taste of blood? The thought flees my mind as her fingertips caress my face and I open my eyes to see her brown eyes looking intently at me.

She runs her fingertips lightly down my biceps and then begin to trace along my chest and abs. When did I get naked? Maybe she stripped me while I was sleeping.

I move my lips down to her neck, kissing along her pulse line, but I don't bite-I'd rather feed from another place. My downward descent continues slowly and teasingly until I reach the femoral artery in her upper inner thigh. I lick the place I will bite her, and at this point she's crying out for release. My fangs have been out for sometime, and I finally sink them into-.

My eyes flash open. I'm laying in bed alone and I look down to see that I'm fully clothed. I swear I just heard the door shut, I look at the time (3:30) and decide that she must have just left my side. The call to slumber is too strong and I don't have time to think about this before I return to dreamland-and naked Sookie.

Sookie's POV

Slowly my eyes open, there's dried salt on my face and my eyes are swollen from all the crying. My body feels achy and I feel ten years older. Suddenly it hits me that my face is inches away from Eric Northman's and that I'm lying in bed with him, holding his hand.

Oh, this isn't good. This isn't good. A dread of Bill's possessive anger grips me and a pang of guilt strikes, but somehow I manage to still feel the heat of my loins as my body begins to lust after the vampire in bed with me. It's all very confusing and I'm torn between closing my eyes to hide in sleep for a precious few more hours, wishing that this will all go away on its own, and running as fast as I can to be at Bill's side.

I'm still holding Eric's hand.

Reason finally takes hold and I know that going back to sleep right here will only make things worse, so I slowly untangle my fingers from Eric's and slip my hand away. For a moment I swear he stirs, but I push that thought aside. It's daytime and he's sleeping, he's dead to the world.

Inexplicably (from my "Word of the Day" calendar), I am still as quiet as I possibly can be as I roll over to the edge of the bed and push myself up. I look down at my crinkled dress and I'm surprised to find that I still have my shoes on. I stand in front of the mirror in Eric's bedroom and my ponytail waves back and forth as I shake my head at the sorry sight that I see. Sigh. I resign myself to what I've heard Jason describe as a "walk of shame" and go back to Bill's hotel room.

After gulping down the cup of coffee I make myself, I slip off my bloody dress in the bathroom, step into a steaming hot shower and begin scrubbing-hoping to scrub away all of Eric's scent so that Bill doesn't get mad and do something stupid. I'll tell him what happened, but there's no reason to make him unnecessarily angry. As the warm water pulses over me, I close my eyes and find myself swept up in a daydream.

Eric's tousled golden hair is like a halo as he opens his blue eyes and smiles at me. He lets go of my hand only to place his hand on the small of my back, and he gently nudges me towards him. I comply, happy to have been given the invitation. Now my nose is almost touching his and if Eric breathed, being so close might have been uncomfortable, but as it is, I'm just full of lust-almost vibrating with anticipation. His eyes look into mine-they're so soft, so open, and smiling. He runs his ice cold fingers over my hair and along my cheek. I shiver.

"Thank you." It's all he says as we lie there, completely clothed, staring into one another's eyes, each of us afraid to move because we don't want to lose the moment.

After a long time, I finally draw up my hand to trace the side of his face and I softly say, "I never thought this would happen."

He moves his hand to cover mine and beams, "Since the moment I first saw you, I hoped it would." With that, he leans over that last critical inch and I lift my lips to meet his; it's electric. He's had a thousand years to practice kissing and I can tell. I melt into his body, pulling him close to me, and I find myself wishing there were far less clothes on both of us.


Bill's voice rings out and I snap back to the reality of the shower. I open the glass door to find no one is in the bathroom with me. I step out of the shower, being careful not to slip, and don't even bother turning off the water as I peek a look into the bedroom. The alarm clock reads 4:15 and Bill is on the bed, looking as dead as ever. I slump against the bathroom doorway, sigh, and go to turn off the shower-it doesn't seem nearly as inviting and all I want to do is go home.