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Blue eyes. Blonde hair. And he doesn't even care.

The world could just end and yet… He's always there.


A man of many women's dreams, and many a man's nightmares.

He is, was, the twin that was less fair.

With Yamato by his side, and his heart filled with anger, he charges into the bleak abyss to face the demons that lie there.

Will we see him again? Who knows?

Will he ever dream again? No.

Years pass like a storm.

Oh what a sad dream, so forlorn.

But wait! Could it be? A handsome man riding on a white steed?

No, never again will it be, for it is just a hollow shell of the man that once was.



Oh how Dante's heart mourns, and his soul cries, but no tears appear in his eyes.

The eldest Sparda twin now watches from the skies

As Dante's hopes slowly die…


He could be the one. A new member of the family.

And his journey has just begun…

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