At the Moment

A HariPo fanfic

by mew-tsubaki

Note: J.K. Rowling's characters are in another companion story to my fics To the Future, From the Past, and In the Present. As usual, there are O.C.s, but duh, because Charlie's with an O.C. Anywho, please enjoy the story and let me know what you think of it in a review. BTW: I don't know how many chapters this'll last, but it will be shorter than the companion stories.

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The First Hint

It all began in February.

Okay, well, obviously we are in medias res here, but I think you get the point. The school year had been going on for several months, but this new…thing started in February.

Probably because of that stupid, stupid holiday.

Miraphina Atherton: Seventeen, a Scorpio, and a Muggle-born witch. Kinda short, but with curves. Long, dark brown hair with chestnut streaks in the bangs. Pale, celadon green eyes, with a kind of blue green hue. Perfect pout, perfect smile, perfect life.

Mira was well into her seventh and last year at Hogwarts. She had a boyfriend –Slytherin Grant Selwyn. She had a close group of friends –namely the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Her classes were fairly easy, but mainly because she was extremely intelligent. Yet, there existed one thing that she could experience, yet couldn't quite comprehend:


So, February was the perfect time for it to begin.

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Coming from Muggle Studies, Miraphina spied Grant and his best mate and her friend, Ginny Weasley, with him. She would be joining them for their History of Magic class.

The Hufflepuff bounded up to them. She turned to Ginny. "Hi, Ginny."

"Hi, Mira," the Weasley daughter replied as Mira kissed Grant's cheek.

Mira noted that Grant didn't smile like he usually did. You'd think after almost three months together, he'd at least smile for me, Miraphina groused to herself.

"What's going on?" Ginny asked, looking at the girls around them who were giggling and laughing and talking about their love lives.

Grant entered Binns' room ahead of the two girls, so Mira answered. "Oh, they're probably going on and on about Professor Trelawney's little fortunes-telling."

"What makes these ones so different?"

"With Saint Valentine's Day coming up, Trelawney decided to do some love readings for whomever. Remember in class when she said this year's a good one for love?" Ginny nodded. "Well, she's just been doing it on a whim. It's free, too."

Ginny sent Mira a sly look. "So have you gone yet?"

Mira stuck her nose in the air. "Nope, and I don't plan on it. Grant and I are one-hundred-percent made for each other." She hugged his arm to her. "Right, Grant?"

This time, it was plain enough that both girls saw it. "Hmm…sure," he said with apathy. But before either could ask him anything, class had started. Whatever it was would have to wait.

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She had to wonder if the Sorting Hat should've put her in Hufflepuff, because Mira was taking things into her own hands. She was not letting whatever it was wait.

Grant had been indifferent for the rest of the day, and it upset Mira. When she had gone to him months ago and told him how much she liked him, he had been ecstatic. He liked her just as much. But nowadays, it seemed like he had liked her just as much.

Is this even right? Mira questioned herself as she went to Professor Trelawney's office. The brunette gripped the edges of her sweater, twisting it. She had only been telling Ginny that she wasn't going to do this hours ago; now here she was, hesitating to enter. The witch squidged her eyes shut. Screw it! I need to know what's going on with Grant!

She knocked on the door, and a voice within called, "Come in."

Mira went inside. It was strange how eerie the classroom could become when it was nighttime outside and darkness poured in from the windows. She went straight to the Divination teacher's desk, and Trelawney was there behind it.

"Are you here for a love reading?" Trelawney asked.

Forcing down a grimace, Mira nodded and sat down. "What do you need me to do?"

"Nothing really, dear," the teacher answered. She pulled out a worn suede bag and dropped it on her desk. "We'll be using the rune stones, since they're a little more accurate."

"O-Okay…" Inside, however, raged inner turmoil. Mira didn't really like the rune stones. Something didn't sit right about them; they felt like they contained Dark Magic or something.

Trelawney hummed to herself as she dumped the stones on her desk. "Think of how deep you want to reach into your heart. It will lend power to your inner eye."

Mira nodded, despite Trelawney's gobbledygook. She thought of Grant, wondering what was bothering him so much that he couldn't show her any affection. This had actually been going on for a while, but it had grown more prominent in the past few weeks. Miraphina wanted to be able to help him, but she also wanted to know if this was love, or if it ever would be.

The Divination professor gathered the rune stones and breathed on her clasped hands. She released them abruptly, and the bone-like stones skittered across the desk. Some almost fell off, but they all managed to stay on the flat surface. Trelawney poured over them, mm-ing and ah-ing.

The Hufflepuff leaned over them to see what the teacher saw, but they were just little pictures to her. Yeah, she had been doing the homework, but the runes' meanings escaped her. She flicked her eyes to Trelawney. "What do you see?"

"Your future is entangled," Trelawney answered. "You're caught up in a childish idea of romance right now, but things will work out. True love will find you soon, though at a rather improper and inconvenient moment."

"Wait –so the relationship I'm in right now isn't something serious?"

"Yes, quite. The real love in the near future is the permanent love of your life. This stone here points to danger, but this one-" –she pointed to a rune that looked like a dragon wing –"-this one signifies protection. Combined with the love rune, it means your true love will always be by your side, if he isn't already."

Mira's heart flip-flopped in her chest. She brightened at the prospect of finding her soulmate, but her chest tightened at the statement that Grant was not the one. He was supposed to be just a fling. "Can you tell me anything about him? Is he here at Hogwarts?"

"He is that near, the runes do say that. He's of authority, maybe? He's got many scars, or maybe tattoos. Brilliant blue eyes… A good height, too." Trelawney looked up at her. "He dwarfs you in size, almost; a good head, head and a quarter taller than you."

"Thank you, Professor Trelawney," Mira interrupted, rising quickly. "Good night."

"One more thing," Trelawney continued as if nothing had disturbed her, "you love him as much as he loves you. Rather, when you recognize him as the one, you'll love him as much as he will you."

"Good night, professor," Mira repeated as she made her way to the door.

"Good night, dear."

Outside Trelawney's classroom, Mira had to get her breath out of her throat. She choked on it, but it finally flew free. The witch went to the Hufflepuff girls' dormitory and went straight to her bed, ignoring the fact that she had not eaten.

So she and Grant were over before they even had a real beginning? And some mystery man was going to suddenly appear and sweep Mira off her feet? She bit her lip and sobbed quietly into her pillow.

She wasn't going to let that happen.

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