On the road

They had been on the road for some time now. As a strange quartet they travelled together though the land. These were not usually people Leah would spend time with. But in the end they had found out they weren´t so different after all. Selene was the friendly one, and the biggest mystery to Leah. Selene always seemed happy and easy-going. But Leah had seen her act very different, especially regarding the preachers given by Seitai. As to him they were very much alike. They both wanted things done, but they had come to discover they made use of different means to reach their goals. Leah had early learnt that one must be prepared to do anything to survive.

As time progressed the three got to know each other more and more. But Leah continued to feel unsecure. The only people she had ever fully trusted were her family. Time and time again she had been taught how dangerous it was to trust other people. So Leah continued to act with caution.

But as the weeks turned into months she grew to like them more and more, although her longing for home also grew. She missed Nexus. She missed her home. And she missed to watch the others.