His fist slammed against the tree. It wasn't a big tree, slender and only a few feet taller that Jacob. But it still surprised me when the trunk gave way and snapped off loudly under his blows.

Jacob stared at the sharp, broken point with shock that quickly turned to horror.

"I have to get back." He whirled and began to stalk away swiftly. I was furious. There wasn't room for anything else but the anger that suddenly filled me. I would have begun to yell at him again, but I was stopped.

Something rolled in me, knocking the breath out of me and forcing me to the ground. I gasped once trying to breathe as tremors rhythmically ran up and down my spine. Terrified and breathless, I screamed out in horror.

Jacob whirled around and stared at me with wide eyes. I could do nothing but lay there on the ground shaking, screaming waiting for the horrible shuddering to stop. Spasm after spasm ran trough my body shaking me, tearing me up. Fighting over me, trying to rip me to pieces. I screamed again.

Another tremor rocked through me roughly, I threw my head back and growls tore from my teeth.

"Bella!" Jacob shouted, alarmed by my vicious snarl. He didn't move, he seemed to be rooted to the spot he was standing, but if he were moving he be stepping back in fear.

I cringed against the cold forest floor vibrating violently, there was a loud ripping noise, then I exploded.

White fur blew out of me, burning me up and making me huge. My muzzle wrinkled up over my teeth and more growls came from the back of my throat.

The shreds of my clothes rained down on us and I crouched down ready to spring on Jacob who was franticly trying to summon Sam. That made me even more infuriated. The anger was over taking me and I was giving in, letting it over power me until I had no control.

I slowly lifted my head to look at Jacob with menacing eyes, but he had disappeared. In his place were two of the giant wolves I had seen in Edward's meadow, the two that had saved me from Laurent, the giant black one and the russet brown one, the one that had reminded me of Jacob.

I heard voices in my head, at first I expected Edward, but these were different. I could hear Jacob and Sam.

Bella, Sam's voice called, Bella, calm down, he tried to soothe me, Bella, its Sam.

And Jacob. Jacob's voice added

I shook my giant, shaggy, white head in defiance. I didn't want to hear them, either of them ever again. I could see through both of their eyes so clearly. I could see me. A big scary monster, I looked like I had come out of a horror movie. I was a wolf, a gigantic, white wolf. I had snowy white fur and sharp pointed teeth. I had long sturdy legs and huge white feet with dark black claws. What in the world was happening?

This has to be a dream. I thought

This is real, Sam's voice whispered in my head. I'll explain it all later but you need to calm down so that you can phase back to a human.

My shoulders shook; I was too far-gone to calm down, but something told me, no, made me listen to Sam. I tried to get back under control.

That's right Bella, honey, just let yourself relax, Jacob's voice soothed. My back shook, a little more intensely, and I whined loudly.

Bella, Jacob's easing voice came again, Bella, everything's going to be all right. Everything will be ok. As horror-struck as I was, I was also relaxed; Jacob's soothing was helping me.

Warmth pressed down on my heart, pleasantly warm my face was filling up with heat. Hotter. Hotter, uncomfortably now. Hotter, the pain filled me making my legs bend under the heat, and slowly I could feel myself shrinking back to my normal size, and I was Bella. Just me. I was on the cold forest floor, shaking gently. This wasn't the same shaking as before, this was fear. I looked up for the two wolves again- but both of them were gone.

A few moments of silence passed. I waited there on the ground, cold and shaking madly. I looked to the trees again and instead of a wolf I saw Jacob running through the forest to me with a pair of clothes in his hands.

He tossed the mass of huge gray cotton at me and I shoved myself into the gigantic pair of sweats and t-shirt. Then he crouched up on the ground next to me and I lifted my head to look at him. Sam was suddenly beside him. Both of them gazed wearily at me.

"Bella," Jacob began slowly, his eyes deep, burning into mine, his eyebrows pulled up making a crease in his forehead with tense exasperation "What do you know about…" he stopped it looked as if he were choking on something.

"About werewolves." Sam finished for him saying the words quickly, as if he were trying to get them over with.

I felt my jaw drop and my head fell back into the damp leaves on the ground. Everything was black and I slipped off the edge of consciousness.