Author's note: I was bored and wanted to write something cute with little Canada and America :3


Canada awoke to the sound of crying. He blinked his eyes tiredly and looked to his side where his brother usually was. The bed was empty. Worried, he sat up and looked around until spotting a cowering figure in the corner of the room.

"Alfred?" he whispered.

"T-There's something u-under the bed," America whimpered.


"I-I can't sleep there. The monsters will get me."

Canada bit his lip and climbed down off the bed to where the other nation was huddled. He hugged his bear close and leaned on America. "Want me to stay with you?"

America silently nodded and wrapped his arms around him. Canada was used to consoling his brother after he was frightened. Normally, England would do it but both boys knew he was fast asleep and would not have wanted to be woken up for something like this.

"You're really warm," America mumbled, snuggling against his brother.

"The bed is warmer."

He shook his head. "Nu-uh. No way am I getting back in there."

"But you need to sleep."

"I-I'll be fine over here."

Canada frowned and grabbed America's hand. "Come on. You won't be alone."


They crawled back onto the bed. Canada lay down on his side still holding the other's hand in his own. America lay across from him nervously. "Just close your eyes, Alfred," he said softly.

"Mattie, I can't," he whined. "I'm really scared."

"I won't let go of your hand, okay?"

America bit his lip and nodded. Within minutes, he was fast asleep. Canada smiled before leaning forward and kissing his brother's forehead. "Sweet dreams, brother," he whispered.