Summary: Sookie convinces Godric not to kill himself. Isabel has grown very attached to Sookie and asks Sookie if she could stay with her. Sookie also finds out about things about Bill that are heartbreaking.

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Chapter one

Bill, are you here?" Sookie called out as she entered their shared suite at the hotel. Not hearing or seeing anything, she walked into their room. Moving quietly she grabbed her cell phone off the nightstand. Just as she was leaving, something on the bed caught her eye. Reaching over she picked it up accidentally spilling the contents out.

" Holy Mother Of JC" she gasped out as she saw pictures of herself ..... six months in advance of even knowing Bill. Gently, she picked up a letter and read it. Grief and cold fear curled in her stomach. Just then, she sensed Bill enter the hotel lobby. She quickly gathered everything back into the manila folder before shoving it into her bag and quickly left their suite. Moving fast, she quickly went to the elevator. As she entered the elevator, she frantically pressed the button for Godric and Eric's floor since they shared one big suite.

Once off the elevator , she ran all the way to their suite. "Come on." she whispered in a panic as she knocked loudly and fast on the door. "Sookie?" frowned Isabel in complete shock as Sookie shoved her way past her into the suite. She was surprised and concerned that Sookie was able to push past her like that as she could feel the fear emitting from Sookie.

When Sookie was clear of Isabel, she slammed and locked the door before she collapsed against the door as her body began to shake.

"Sookie, baby are you okay?" asked Farrell in concern for the human. Turning slowly, she saw Godric, Eric, Isabel, Farrell and Stan staring at her with shock and concern.

"Hey, Eric. Do you remember when you said you would protect me from Bill?" she asked paler than a ghost with hands shaking uncontrollably.

"Yes. Why? What has happened?" he stood straighter frowning in confusion.

"It looks like I'm gonna have to take you up on that offer after all." she choked out holding back a sob, fighting not to cry as tears stung her eyes.

"What has he done?" Eric ordered.

She walked over to them slowly with Isabel right behind her. Isabel was getting more and more worried about her and kept an eye on her to make sure she stayed upright. Pulling out the folder she emptied it out on to the coffee table, showing them pictures and letter.

"Sookie, darling these are just pictures." frowned Farrell glancing at them then at her with his face full of confusion at her reaction to what seemed to be simple pictures.

"No. Those were taken six months before I ever met or laid eyes on Bill Compton. Read the letter." She claimed as she nodded at the piece of paper that had come out with the pictures. Stan picked it up while noticing the elegant writing and began to get worried. He then began to read the letter out loud so that everyone could hear what it said.

" Dear Mr. Compton,

I am delighted and pleased with the work you have sent me so far.

Getting the telepath to fall for you and be with you, was absolutely genius.

Now offer to create a blood bond with her. From what you have told me, she won't refuse you.

After the bond is completed, bring her directly to me without delay.

Again, I am very pleased with you.


I will be more powerful and knowledgeable with her at my every beck and call.

She will be mine and only mine and will remain at my side for all time.

As she will be your bonded one, I see no problem with you continuing to bed her after her duties with me are complete.


Sophie-Anne Leclerq, Queen of Louisiana.

"Son of a Bitch!" snarled Eric as Stan finished reading the letter to the group.

"I don't want that. There has to be away out of it. What is a blood bond anyways?" Sookie rambled while dropping into the nearest recliner.

Isabel knelt beside on the floor rubbing soothing circles on her back. Sookie glanced around at her only friends in Dallas, a plea for understanding in her eyes.

"It is a deep and powerful bond. You would live forever as long as the vampire who is your bonded lives. You would be immortal. The only way to break the bond is by death and death alone." Godric spoke up with his normal soft tone.

"How can I prevent Bill from doing this to me?" she asked as a lone tear came from her sorrow-filled eyes.

"You would have to blood bond with someone stronger than Bill and older than the Queen herself." Stan answered wincing a little as more tears fell down her cheeks.

"How in the world would I find someone like that." She bit out with a voice filled with bitterness and sorrow as she tried to keep her calm and refrain from crying anymore than already had.

"The only one I know who is that way would be ........ Godric." answered Eric with a nod of his head.

Sookie snapped her head up gasping, "No! I won't allow it! He only just got his freedom back! I won't be the one to take it from him!" she jumped up shaking her head at them.

The vampires were in shock at her protest.

Godric stared at the human female in shock. She wouldn't accept because she wanted him to keep his freedom.

Eric raised an eyebrow at his favorite human. She really didn't see how his maker favored her, did she. Godric favored her ever since he discovered that she had nearly died while trying to save them all including himself.

"Leave us. No one is to come in especially Mr. Compton" ordered Godric not taking his eyes off Sookie.

The four vampires left quickly out the door, only for them to settle right outside as they guarded their Sheriff and the woman who saved them all. They glared at Bill with disdain as he came walking up to them.

"Where's Sookie!" he ordered glaring at them with distaste.

"I just saw her a minute ago." shrugged Isabel with a glare full of malice for the one who dared hurt the one she viewed as a daughter.

"She is mine do not forget that." he snarled storming away.

"Not for long." Eric gleefully exclaimed while smirking as he knew that Sookie would no longer be Bill's if Godric could help it.

Inside the Suite with Godric

Sookie cringed as she dropped onto the recliner as she heard Bill's words.

"I am not an item or possession for anyone!" she bit out with a grimace full of bitterness and indignation. She then gently placed her face in her hands as her body shook with sobs.

Godric knelt in front of her. He gently grabbed her chin and raised her face, so that he could look into her watery blue eyes.

" No, you're not. You are the most loving, caring, gentle, selfless being I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Let me free you, like you freed me. You won't be an item but a companion to me and part of the nest forever, never to be alone again." he spoke while rising slowly. He held out his hand for her to take.

Sookie stared at his hand with a thoughtful expression upon her face. It was her decision and only hers. Only she could decide something that would affect for the time to come. With a determined look in her eyes, she placed her hand in Godric's, letting him pull her up off the recliner.

Godric smiled with pleasure as he proceeded to take her into his room where they would complete the blood bond. Godric then explained all the side effects of the bond so that Sookie would not be surprised by the changes." All of your senses will be come acute and more heightened. Your speed and strength will be greater than a human male's and even also greater than some lower and higher vampires. Your instincts will be more pronounced and quicker. Some other things might happen, but as each blood bond is different, we wont know the extent of your changes until the changes are complete. I must take a fair amount of blood from you and then you must do the same, and take some of mine. You will probably end up sleeping between two and three days straight. Do you understand?" he explained softly as he wouldn't scare her if he could help it. He also knew her enough that she liked to know as much about a situation as possible before continuing on.

"I understand." she nodded as he helped her take off her jacket. She wore the same dress that she wore, the first time she went to Fangtasia.

"Are you ready?" he asked while watching as she slipped off her shoes. Sookie turned to face him with a nervous look upon her face.

"You can bite wherever you think is best as it doesn't really matter to me." Sookie explained as she averted her head away.

Godric pulled her to his chest with one arm wrapped around her waist and the other hand holding her neck.

"It wont hurt. A sting first but nothing but pleasure after." he whispered in her ear before placing light kisses down her throat and over her collarbone, till he came to the top of her right breast where her heart lay beating. His fang lengthened as he glanced one more time at her before he sank them into her soft flesh.

Sookie gasped before letting loose a moan. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders as he drank her blood. Her back arched and she let her head fall back. She never felt this way before when she let Bill drink from her.

Godric held her to him as he drank. He saw everything and felt everything, she saw and felt in her life. Slowly he removed his fangs, licking the wound while willing it to close but scar. It would prove and show that she was his and his alone. He would kill anyone that tried to take her from him or their nest. Holding her up with his arm, he discarded his white sweater. He then made a small cut where his heart used to beat.

"Sookie, drink and complete the bond." he ordered her softly bringing her mouth to his wound.

Sookie flicked her eyes up to him as she slowly dragged her tongue across his wound. She closed her mouth over it and shut her eyes as she began to drink his blood. As soon as his blood hit her tongue, she saw and felt everything he felt and saw. Not paying attention, she sucked harder and ended up biting him . He sucked in a useless breath when he felt her teeth sink into his flesh.

He was very pleased that she kept on drinking. He could see Bill's mark disappear from her neck. And Bill's scent was fading, leaving only his. It would tell every Vampire, shifter, demon, Were, Fae, and every other magical creature that she belonged to him and only him. And to pity the fool that would try and take her away from him.

He steadied her as she began to feel drowsy, as she slowly began to stop drinking from him. Sitting up, she gently laid her head on his chest, eyes drooping in sleep.

"Sleep" He spoke while picking her up bridal style, willing his wound to heal but also scar. Moving with ease, he gently laid her down on his bed covering her as she fell asleep. He kissed her forehead before leaving the room to go speak with his childe and the most trusted members of his nest.

"Is she fine?" Isabel spoke, while walking up to Godric. She was very worried for the one she had begun to view as the daughter she would give her life for. She thanked Godric for bringing Sookie into her life to love and care for.

"Yes. She will be fine. She will awaken in a few days but if she is as strong as she appears, she will awaken around tomorrow night. He is not allowed to disturb her for anything.." he nodded to them all.

"He wont you can count on that." grinned Stan as the others nodded.

The Following Night

"Where is she?" Bill coldly yelled to five Vampires, not paying attention to the fact that two of them could snap him like a twig.

"None of Yer damn business!" snapped Stan, not appreciating getting yelled at by a child.

Godric and Eric were leaning against the wall watching the scene unfold before their eyes. Eric glanced at his maker who looked up fast while stiffening before a soft smile came to his features. "She is strong. She's already awakened." He nodded to his child smirking slightly.

"Well, this will be fun to watch." grinned Eric with glee at the prospect of Bill getting his ass kicked.

Bill launched at Isabel grabbing her by the throat. Before anyone could do anything, a blur sped towards Bill, pulling him away from Isabel and throwing him into the wall across the room. He slowly stood up to face his attacker and ended up gasping in shock and awe.

Sookie stood there wearing skintight low-rising blue jeans, tight dark green tang-top, and black flats. Her body was curvier; ass tight and nicely rounded, hips nicely rounded, breasts larger and more rounded also. Hair now to her waist in dark silky gold locks. Skin as pale as ivory with no blemishes whatsoever. Lips dark deep blood red plumb and kissable. Almond shaped eyes, thick eyelash's framing crystal blue eyes, nails 1 in. permanent manicure.

"Sookie." smiled Isabel as Sookie helped her off the floor.

"Hey. How do I look ya'll?" she twirled her voice silky and alluring to them.

"Damn, if I wasn't into males, you would be chained to my bed!" hooted Farrell as she gave a soft laugh that sounded like wind chime and humming birds.

" Careful, I'm a bonded woman now. Wouldn't want him to kill you, now would we?" she joked lightly as Eric smirked and Godric chuckled.

"Sookie?" Bill walked towards her with lust in his eyes. She froze staring at him with cold eyes.

"William" she greeted with an icy tone, making sure to stay close to Isabel. As Godric and Eric began to move towards her, they froze as they noticed Stan and Farrell coming up behind her to provide her with protection if needed.

"Let's go back to our room." he purred out softly holding out his hand for her to take.

"You Fool! You tempt to harm someone of my nest then expect me to go lay with you; especially after you betrayed me to your Queen! You've got some nerve!" she snapped going on the defensive side. She could read his mind now and she didn't like what she heard or saw.

"Your mine!" he snarled grabbing her arms in anger.

"No I am not!!!" she screamed glaring with an icy gaze. They watched in amazement as he was sent flying into a wall, without anyone touching him.

"Sookie?" gasped Isabel in shock at the new power Sookie exhibited.

"Holy Mother of Saints! Did I just do that ?" Sookie backed away from them in horror, shock and awe. Bill stood up in shock but froze as Eric now stood in front of him as Godric had moved to stand in front of Sookie. Both vampires glared at Bill with hate and anger shining from their eyes. That's when he realized what they had done.

"You did a Blood Bond." he whispered softly more to himself than to them.

"Escort him from the nest." ordered Godric coolly with a nod to Eric. Eric gave a smirk while he grabbed Bill and happily threw him out the doors before slamming it shut in his face.

Sookie stood there staring at the indentation Bill had made in the wall after she had mentally threw him into it. She then glanced over to the floor length mirror at her new look.

"It looks like I need to shop for some new clothes. These are too tight for my comfort or taste." she grimaced in pure disgust picking at her skin tight clothes.

"I'd say. Though I do like the view." snickered Eric with a taunting smirk at her as she turned to face him.

"Pervert!" she glared at him curling her lip at him as if to bare her fangs at him.

"I have some clothes you can use till we go shopping." Isabel spoke with a smile. She then gestured to others and one by one they left leaving the bonded pair alone together.

Sookie walked towards the window to stare out into the darkening sky. Godric came up behind her and lay his hand gently on her shoulder.

"So, I am really immortal, huh?" she spoke softly turning to gaze up into his dark green/blue silver eyes.

"Yes, you are. It does suit you very well though." he nodded to her as sorrow and happiness entered her eyes slowly.

"Don't leave me alone. I don't want to live out eternity all by myself. " Sookie whispered in a grief filled voice with slight fear flashing in her eyes as a tear made of blood ran down her right cheek.

"Never!" he exclaimed as he pulled her into his arms. She hugged him back, nuzzling into his neck as he tightened his arms around her pulling her closer. They both now had someone to care for, for all eternity.