Author's Notes: J.k. rowlings owns all characters and locations. Please don't sue me. All I own are 12 multi-colored floppy disks.


It was a beautiful day. Sunny, white clouds. Birds. The quidditch game he was watching. And especially the sweet, brunette muggle girl he had his arm around.

On one team was Harry, Ron, Hermione, Charlie, Alicia, and George. The other was Ginny, Bill, Angelina, Katie, Fred, and Seamus. They only had six to a team, so they were playing with one beater on each.

They weren't keeping score, so they wouldn't worry about winning and losing, because for some reason today they all just wanted to be friendly, non-competitive. Even to the two sitting on the ground watching..

The boy on the ground looked around at all of the friendly faces, still a little shocked that they were happy to see him here. But at sunset, they wouldn't be smiling anymore. For the potion would wear off then. It was just too good to last. He frowned slightly, and the girl snuggled closer. "What's wrong, sweetie?"

"Nothing much, baby." Draco wondered what they would all say when they found out about the friendliness potion. He changed the subject. "Is it time to go back to the Burrow for dinner?"~