Okay, I know none of my original reviewers will be here to read this, but you all being confused made me want to re-write the whole story. But for time-saving factors, I'll just explain it. Draco made a 'Friendliness Potion', which is not talked about in the book. I just made it up. The 'Friendliness Potion' turns whoever you give it to into your friend (ie Draco is now friends with every one else in the story.) It's not permanent, he just wanted friends for a while. He gave it to Molly and Arthur too. No, I don't plan on writing more to it, it was SUPPOSED to be a stand-alone. And no, I wasn't high when I wrote it. Were you high when you reviewed, or are you just stupid? And the girl that Draco was with was just someone I made up. She can be anyone you want her to be, since she's not a cannon character.