So yeah, i fell into the endless trap that is irregular HP relationships... bear with me, this is my first not-so-booklike fic.

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November 5th

Hermione Granger stared ominously at her oatmeal.

It was one of those stares that had the oatmeal been Harry or Ron, it would have run for cover.

However, since it was just oatmeal, it did nothing.

The reason for her dangerous stare was sitting next to the bowl of oatmeal; crumpled and covered in what looked like orange juice.

One would assume that the letter held some sort of bad news.

If you were one of those that assumed that, you would be correct.

She had finally gotten the Official Letter that proclaimed the Ministry's newest idea.

The Marriage Law which stated (amidst much legal jargon) that any Witches or Wizards with Non-Magical Parents were required (by law) to marry someone of Pureblood Status (or half-blood if you must) as soon as you came of age. This was, of course, blamed on the fact that the past hundred years' pureblood mania had left the magic community sadly full of squibs, and that just would not do.

Hermione had read it once, accidentally dropped it into her orange juice glass out of shock, swiftly yanked it back out and then proceeded to reread it, swear loudly, then crumple it and throw it on the table inside her kitchen which was comfortably situated on the west side of her little flat in London.

This was the reason that she was staring ominously at her rather intimidated looking oatmeal.

If oatmeal could look intimidated.

It's all right. She managed to think Ron and I were planning on getting married eventually this just means that it'll happen a bit earlier than we thought.

She could almost picture the expression on his freckled face.

Yes, perhaps this was not as bad as she had thought.

November 6th

"What do you mean she's not in my "options"?" Ron roared at the poor undersecretary, who looked a little flustered.

"Well Mr...."
"-Weasley!" shouted Ron. "Ronald Bilius Weasley!"

The small gray-haired woman paled even further as she realized that he was indeed one of the Golden Trio that had pretty much saved the wizarding world.

"Well sir..." she managed to stutter out, "It says here that one Hermione Granger is not available for you to marry, under the new Wizarding Marriage Restrictions."
Hermione finally decided to speak up as Ron spluttered incoherently.

"You must have made a mistake, ma'am. You see, we fit the prerequisites. I'm a Human Born Witch, and his parents are both Wizards. It's exactly what the law asked for."

The witch looked at them pitifully.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Granger. But it says here that you and Mr. Weasley are not eligible to marry. I can give you each a list of options if you like?"

A minute later, she handed them each a scroll filled with names in black.

Ron swore and Hermione scanned.

November 19th

Hermione really should have known that that Toad Woman Umbridge would get them somehow.

As if the bloody marriage law wasn't enough; then she had to make sure that Hermione couldn't marry the only person that she would have actually been okay with.

She and Ron had talked it over and realized that unless they wished to risk expulsion from the magical world, they had to go along with the stupid law and its many clauses.

So now, Hermione was left with a dull ache where her heart used to be.

Two weeks ago she had been happy: her whole life ahead of her, a life that would most likely end up with many brown-eyed redheaded children.

Now that was gone and there was absolutely nothing she could do about it.

The witch sighed angrily and scanned her list of possible candidates.

Fifty percent of her options she had never heard of, the other many percent were wizards in her graduating class. She would rather marry a Blast-Ended-Skrewt than marry most of them.

One was Neville Longbottom.

Although the boy was a wonderful friend Hermione thought that she was perhaps more attracted to Filch.

The other name that she recognized surprised her at the fact that he was even on the list.

Draco Malfoy.

Even his name seemed to sneer at her.

As if, he would ever allow himself to be fettered to a mudblood.

His smirking gray eyes and white blond hair flickered into memory.

The last time she'd seen him was at the Battle Of Hogwarts.

He'd looked awfully lost then; Perhaps a little more at peace than she'd ever seen him.

Yet still extremely misplaced as he stood with his family to one side of the huge party going on- forlorn among the overly loud makeshift celebration of battle won, and memorial of friends lost.

Hermione had almost gone over to talk to him, but she had been drawn off to one table by fellow rebels and forgotten all about the lost boy.

February 4th

Three months later, she was three months closer to the deadline for her age class, and not a suitor nearer.

Of course, They were all nice enough.

Nevertheless, there was no connection. There was no good reason for her to marry any of them, and as in most of their cases, they were just out to bag Hermione Granger's fame. Not really her.

However, the main reason that kept her from marrying was the fact that she respected none of them. She needed someone who wouldn't let her bully them into her own way.

That was one of the reasons that she and Ron had gotten together. After their first few years at school, he could pretty much take or leave her instructions, and she had respected him for it.

The bad thing was everyone else seemed to be having no trouble at all finding his or her future mate.

Harry and Ginny had gotten engaged about a months ago, even before the law had come into affect thus ensuring their future happiness; then followed George and Angelina and then finally Neville Longbottom and Susan Bones.

Everyone else was finding someone on his or her list.

Except her.

And Ron… he still hadn't chosen someone. Her old friend was still unsure of what to do now that they were no longer an option.

Hermione wanted him to find someone; there was no way that it would be her. There were no loopholes.

A loud swear word emanated from outside her door, pulling her from these slightly melancholic thoughts. Opening the door her mouth dropped open and in stomped a very angry looking Draco Malfoy.

"Come on in." She muttered under her breath.

"Merlin- what the devil was that, Granger?"

She hid her surprise in derision.

"It's a cat Malfoy, I thought even Slytherins were taught their basic animals. You know 'Meow, I like milk etc.' "

His eyes narrowed and his lips parted to fire another angry retort when, to her surprise, he seemed to think better of it. Carefully, and deliberately he cleared his face into a blank expanse.

"I've come here for a reason, Granger."

Hermione raised an eyebrow.

"I did figure that, unless you came to be insulted, which would be stupid, albeit more likely in your case."
Only the slightest twitch of his lips gave away the anger that had flared up inside him. Either that or he had actually enjoyed her comment. Which was extremely unlikely.

"I've come about the Marriage Law..."
Hermione caught herself mid-retort, and frowned.

"What about it?" Although she had an inkling of what this was about.

"You're on my list..."
His face twisted into a visage resembling a man going to the gallows.

"And well, I've come to formally request your hand in marriage." The last half of the sentence was rushed out, without any spaces between words. It sounded a bit like a tricky spell that he might be attempting to cast on her. Hermione's hand went to her wand instinctively.

However, she had understood.

Hermione actually laughed, thinking that perhaps Harry had blackmailed Malfoy into playing a joke on her.

He merely stared at her, drying up her well of laughter in seconds.

"You're not serious?" she said finally. It was phrased as a question, however it sounded like a statement.

He shrugged and averted his eyes.

"You were the best option on the list."
"I find that hard to believe, in case you've forgotten, I'm a Mudblood. And a know-it-all and several thousand other things that I can't remember or won't repeat."
Another awkward shrug.

"You were still the best option."
Her eyebrow jumped.

"Must have been one terrible list."
He nodded but made no comment in return, which was very out of character for him.

"Do you have an answer?" he queried,
"You're sure you want me to answer?"

"Just bloody answer me, Granger. I'll not beg or get down on one knee or whatever..."
She looked as disgusted as he did at that notion. They frowned vaguely at one another then bristled again, waiting for the next volley.

"DO YOU HAVE AN ANSWER?" he yelled finally.

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