Luigi's Mansion Two! The Ghosts Return!

An story for luigi all Luigi fans!

Warning! Not for littles..

Chapter 1: Chapter one the email

The sory starts out with Luigi getting a mail form his email. Dear Luigi, says the letter, I have you're brither agaun, hahahaahahaah. Oh no says Luigi! Not again! Here we go again, again! Luigi then tarvels to the spokey mashion.

Xhapter 2: Chapter too the cerepy manshion. Spooks and scares!

Poro Luigi! He has to go to another mashion and save his bra, Maria. Poor Mario! Evil boos suck! (sorry for the langauge) Luigi get to manshion. This tim Luigi has masheen gun to detroy the evil whore ghostts. Luigi wins the mishone and saves his bro,, Mareo.

Chater 3: chapter tree the thanks and the end? And teh final chapter.

Thank you broher, thinks amrio. (cuz he never talks, get it?) Luigi can see his bro thanking him. Luigi finds this touching. No touching, yells luigi quietly. The brosthers laugh and return to the mashroom kinghdume. Then ene.

Hope you enjuied mu frist story! Moar to come soon! Thanks. Thank you.