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Beep! Beep! Beep!

"Damn alarm clock," Edward muttered.

"GET YOUR ASS UP FOR SCHOOL RIGHT NOW!" an angry voice screamed at Ed's door. Said person was banging hard onto the wooden surface.

Edward shook, knowing if he didn't get up that he would have a few new bruises to explain to his teachers. Edward had been abused since he was barely able to talk. He didn't like the word 'abuse' though, it made him feel weak.

According to Izumi, he wasn't being 'abused' he was being 'punished for being the idiot he was.' After all the physical and verbal tormenting he had been through, he believed the words. He was a mistake.

Edward quickly jumped out of the bed and threw on one of the few pairs of clothes he owned. His parents refused to spend any money on him so Ed had old clothes given to him by friends. He put on his leather pants and black tank top with his jacket. The teachers thought that he dressed that way so he would gain attention.

They were very wrong. He wore these because they hid his automail fairly well, and he hated the negative attention he recieved from having them. As if it wasn't bad enough that he was abused, poor, and the teachers hated him, he was tormented by bullies because of his stupid automail limbs. He thought they were ugly, but they were a reminder of his all his pain and suffering.

His parents had pushed him into the street several years ago because he was limping to bring the trash out. They had beat him the night before and didn't want anybody to know. Unluckily for him a car had been coming at the same time. When he woke up he was missing his right arm and left leg.

Again they refused to pay for anything, especially if it made his life easier. But, what they didn't know was that he did have a few friends. One of his long-time ones being Winry Rockbell, who had practically been raised to be an automail mechanic. Winry knew what had been happening to him and so she helped the -at the time- ten year old, and built him some automail.

They made life almost normal again. Ocassionally they would even help protect Ed and Al from their parents. Alphonse was his little brother. But, unlike Edward, they actually liked Al most of the time. For some reason, it was Ed who took most of the abuse, and he wouldn't have it any other way. He would do anything to protect his brother.

Now sixteen and a half, Edward went to school everyday with his fifteen year old brother. He was a junior while Al was a sophomore in high school. Al dressed normally, while Ed did not. Al did his homework, while Edward got his stolen. Al was popular, with lots of friends, while Ed was a dork who got beat up and had few friends.

The few Ed did have were Winry, Russell, Fletcher, and Envy. They were the only ones ever willing to stand up and help him. He needed his friends to stop him from even his thoughts of suicide.

Edward looked out his fogged up window, out into the winter wonderland. How the hell did they still have school with huge mounds of snow outside? It was still snowing for God sake!

Ed grabbed his beat up backpack that contained the homework he would most likely not be turning in. The older Elric was a brilliant student, he got A's in everything and aced every quiz or test. Unfortunately his tormentors knew that too. They would corner him before school and steal all of his perfect homework. He would be left in the bathroom, tending to more bruises before school everyday.

This being the case, Edward usually stayed after school for detention for not turning in homework. Most days Alphonse would wait outside the classroom for him, knowing his brother had a harder time than him. But, there were a few days when Al would leave his sibling to go hang out with his popular crowd.

Edward walked, as quietly as he could with his metal leg, down the stairs and into the kitchen. His brother was already sitting at the table eating a bowl of some generic cereal. Izumi was there glaring at him the moment he walked into the room.

"Finally up, you little dumbass?" she asked in a cold voice.

"Yes," he said quietly, ignoring her all too common insults.

"Don't you talk to me in that ungrateful tone of yours!" she screamed.

Ed felt something smack him across his face as a stinging sensation started there. He fell to the ground from the force of the hit. He couldn't bring himself to stop her or make an attempt to protect himself. Did it really matter?

"Get up!" Izumi ordered, "I said get up now!" she screamed when he didn't obey.

She aimed a hard kick at his ribs and put all her force into it, knocking the wind out of him. Laughing as she left the room, Ed was gasping for air while looking like a pitiful mess.

"Brother!" Al yelled, jumping off his stool to help him.

Ed slowly got his breathe back thanks to his brother's calming words and gentle hands.

"Edward, you can't keep doing this. You could be seriously injured soon," Al started the arguement they had everyday.

"No, Al. We can't. Izumi and Sig would hurt you if they found out. Or we might get seperated and never see each other again." Ed whispered, his voice sounding weak.

"I don't care, Ed! Don't you see? I don't care what happens to me! I just want you to be safe brother!" Al implored.

"Come on, Alphonse," the full use of his name showing his brother's seriousness, "We're gonna be late for school," Ed said as he got up from the floor slowly.

"Yes, brother," Al replied, planning to bug his older brother about it later.

It was still snowing hard as they made their way to school. The white flakes covering them. They met up with Winry and Envy on the way there. Both lived near by, and knew Ed and Al's for several years

"Are you okay, Ed?" Winry asked in a kind voice as soon as she saw the boys, "Did they hurt you too badly this morning?" she asked.

"No, not too badly. I'll be fine, Winry." Edward answered in a soft voice.

"Glad your okay," Envy said, concerned for his friend.

The four made their way through the harsh blizzard towards the school. The moment the other three left for their classes, Edward was ambushed by a couple of the upper classmen when walked to his locker. The only reason they were able to use his homework was because he was in advanced classes.

"So where's my AP Calculus homework?" one of the teens questioned with an angry look on his face.

Ed knew he should probably just not do the homework so that they would both get in trouble instead of just him. But, he had tried this before and the outcome was not pretty. It had been the worst beating of his life, as it had hindered the quarterback from being able to play in the final game of the season the year before.

Edward's eyes grew fearful when he noticed there were four of them surrounding him. One on each side of him. They all moved at the same time. The two on the sides grabbed his arms while the one behind snatched his backpack. The guy in front of him punched him in the nose with dead on accuracy. Ed felt the fist collided with his face. Edward cried out in pain, he could see the blood gushing down his face, but resolved himself not to cry in front of them.

The four teens just laughed and took all the papers from his bag. When they had all his homework that they needed, they ran down the hall, away from him. Ed grabbed a few tissues he kept in the pocket of his bag and pinched his nose to stop the bleeding. Edward walked into the school and navigated to the nurse's office. He knew better than to tell the truth when she asked, so he told her he tripped on the sidewalk, acquiring himself an ice pack.

Once his nose was not as painful, nor as bloody, he walked to gym. He never took it in his Freshman year so he was now the only Junior stuck in the class. Mr. Havoc was teaching a new game and everybody was already changed. Ed handed him his note and took a seat on the bleachers.

"Since you're injured you don't have to play today, Elric. But you will on Monday so pay attention," Mr. Havoc said after skimming the note.

"Yes, sir," Edward answered promptly, now glad it was Friday.

The rest of the period was a haze. Everybody started playing the complicated game that Ed didn't fully understand. He knew nobody cared that he was even there, so he pulled out some homework he might be able to get done for class that day. He always brought his books to other classes, just in case he had time to the homework a second time for class.

If the paper was blank when the bullies got to it then they wouldn't take it. But they checked to see if he did more than one. That ruled out doing it twice, and handing them just one copy.

When the hour was done he had finished Chemistry and American Lit. homework. So, two classes that guranteed no detention for not having it done. He walked to his Chemistry class as quickly as possible when the bell rang, as to avoid human contact. Not many people here liked him so the earlier he got the class, the better.

On the way he passed by the office. He could see the principal, Mr. Bradley, shaking hands with a younger looking man with black hair and onyx colored eyes. The man looked to be from somewhere else, definitely not from around here. He appeared too old to be a student and almost too young to be a teacher. When the principal caught his eye, he looked away. A few seconds later, the two stepped out of the office, unbeknownst to Ed. Edward was looking at the ground, thinking about something completely off topic, when he ran into them and fell to the dirty floor, backwards.

Edward grunted in pain as his back smacked into the hard ground.

A concerned voice Ed didn't know asked, "Are you all right?"

"He's fine. Elric is probably the biggest clutz at the school," Mr. Bradley sneered, Edward knew he only made this assumption because of all the 'accidents' he seemed to get into, and didn't attempt to correct him.

Ed lifted his head from the floor once he was sure his extreme embarrassment wasn't showing on his face. It was bad enough he ran into his principal, but running into a stranger was enough to make him blush.

He looked up into the same onyx eyes as were in the office.

"He's getting into trouble all the time so I'm sure he's okay," Principal Bradley continued, "Now, why don't I show you your classroom Mr. Mustang?"

Edward was feeling sort of tired so they only words he heard were, 'trouble', 'classroom', and 'Mr. Mustang'. So he must be a teacher? And Ed already had a bad reputation with him. Lovely. Couldn't he find one person who didn't hate him right away?

"Hey kid, what's your name?" the stranger asked kindly. This time Edward heard him.

"The name's Edward Elric, and I'm not a kid," he muttered loud enough for the two to hear him.

"Don't speak disrespectful towards your new teacher Elric," Bradley said.

"New teacher?" he questioned.

"Yes, new teacher. Although you probably won't have him because you're a junior. He teaches AP Calculus, and Algebra 2, and you're too stupid to keep up with something like that. Mrs. O. retired from the stress of teaching punks like you," he replied.

"Actually I will have him if he teaches AP calculus. I may be a junior but that doesn't mean I can't take an advanced class... I would blame the seniors for Mrs. O. retiring though," Ed said, offended and still on the ground.

"Are you going to get off the ground today or will I have to drag you to your next class, Elric? The bell is about to ring" Bradley asked in an irritated tone at being wrong.

"Actually, I kind of like it down here, but I don't want to be late for the disection lab in science, Sir," he answered in a smartass way, putting unneeded emphasis on the last word.

"Watch you mouth Elric, or it might just run away," the principal responded as Ed tried to pull himself up. He smiled as he saw him struggle.

Edward was having trouble because there was nothing to grab onto and he had bruises almost everywhere under his clothes. Mr. Mustang reached out a hand to try and help him. Ed took the offered hand and stood up. The moment his feet touched the floor he dropped it. Human contact was uncomfortable for him after all the years of abuse.

"What's wrong this time, Elric? Fall down the stairs, or did you trip on the sidewalk again?" the principal asked in a smug tone.

"I-I fell," he stammered, too tired to come up with a more colorful excuse. He looked around frantically for something to look at, he hated lying about this.

"Move along, Mr. Elric. Before I have to write you up another late pass," Bradley said.

Edward nodded slightly to Mr. Mustang and Principal Bradley, out of respect, before turning in the direction of the Chemistry room.

He walked into the classroom just as the bell rang, taking his seat in the way back where everyone would leave him alone.

"Hey, Ed. Why so late today?" Envy asked as he took his seat next to him.

"Apparently there's a new math teacher at the school. I ran into him and Principal Asshole on my way here," Ed replied.

"Sorry Ed," he said sincerely before turning to the dead frog on the desk, "Now let's cut this sucker open!"

Envy always had a thing for cutting things apart. It was actually kind of sick sometimes.

The bell rang once again that day. The two boys left the class covered in frog guts. They then proceeded to the lunch room where they could finally eat something. Edward sat next to Russell, Envy and Fletcher across from them at the table. They talked for a few minutes about the school day so far before Al showed up. He sat next to Ed and took out his lunch.

Edward noticed his brother looked upset about something.

"What's bugging you, Al?" he questioned, nudging him with his elbow.

"Nothing, I just heard there's a hot new teacher who Winry has a crush on," he replied sulkily.

"I told you already, Al, if you like her, then just tell her!" Ed said, "Don't worry, she'll like you back, the teacher isn't that hot. Plus, you too have liked each other forever."

"How would you know? You don't have math until the end of the day. Its only 5th period," Alphonse responded, confused.

"I met him earlier, sorta, I... ummm literally ran into him in the hall," Edward answered embarrassed.

"Oh... So I should tell her then? But what if she doesn't like me back? Then she'll never talk to me ever again!" Al panicked.

"Just do it! Here she comes, go tell her right now!" Ed demanded his brother

"Fine. Wish me luck, Brother!" he said as he got up.

Edward watched as his little brother approached their childhood friend. Al blushed when he first started talking. By the time he was done his face was beet red. The automail mechanic seemed to think for a moment before smiling and placing a kiss on Al's cheek. When this happened Ed could have sworn that Crayola hadn't even made up a color to call his face.

Al walked back over to the table with Winry wrapped around his arm. He took his place next to Ed and as Winry was sliding into hers, he whispered, "Thank you, Ed,"

Edward whispered a short, "No problem," back.

The rest of the lunch break was boring. They talked a bit about new hook-ups, break-ups, food fights, haircuts, glasses. Anything was better than sitting there quietly. Finally, lunch break was over. Edward grabbed the things he needed from his locker and went to his Alchemy class. The one class he always had his homework for. The seniors had taken it the year before, so Ed always had good grades here.

Edward was without a doubt the best student here. Most kids had trouble even remembering the basic rules of alchemy, while Ed didn't even need a circle. He was able to simply clap and do a transmutation, though nobody was sure why. This had him at a great advantage. Today, they studied fire alchemy. Edward had already taught himself this so he let his mind wander.

The period was soon over and he had received another A+ without even paying any attention. He walked to his final actual class, besides homeroom, and opened the door. Nobody was in there yet, except Mr. Mustang, sitting on the edge of his desk looking bored.

"Something wrong?" Ed asked trying to make him aware of another presence without scaring the crap out of him.

"Oh," he said looking up to see Edward taking his seat in the front, "Nothing's wrong... just that most of the students in my classes are sort of idiots," he confessed hesitantly.

"At least you haven't had to be with them as long as I have," Ed replied.

"True, but aren't you a junior in a senior's class?"

"Yes, but I've always taken advanced classes. I don't get to skip a grade because the principal hates me and thinks I'm a trouble maker," he answered truthfully.

More students were now entering the room, so the two cut off their conversation at that. Once everyone was in their seats Mr. Mustang introduced himself.

"I'm Mr. Mustang and I will be your new AP Calculus teacher. Any questions?" he asked, not really expecting any.

A blonde girl with big breasts, that looked more fake than Barbie's, raised her hand.


"How old are you?" she asked while fluttering her eyelashes at him in an pathetic attempt at flirting.

"Twenty-three," he said, ignoring her, "Any others?"

Another cheerleader asked, "Are you married?"

"No, I'm single," obviously hating saying this, but not wanting to lie.

"Would you date me?" a desperate girl asked, about to jump out of her seat.

Mustang decided that he would just stop all the girls from coming onto him by telling them the whole truth. "I'm gay," he declared, actually hoping this would get around and nobody else would act like this anymore.

A few girls gasped, while others squeeked or fell out of their chairs. One even starting sobbing uncontrollably, and had to be escorted by someone and leave the room. The guys however looked delighted to hear they got their ladies back. The only one that showed no expression was Edward Elric, he was too busy being shocked.

"Can I start the attendance yet?" he asked. A few people nodded or said a quiet 'yes'. When that was done, he started speaking again.

"Let's begin by collecting homework. Come up and hand me last night's worksheet. If you don't have it done come up and explain why, or give a note."

Most people came up and handed their homework in to him. Each time he receieved a paper he would check it off in the old grade book, this was also telling him who usually had their homework, along with how many detention slips had been handed out to them.

"Edward Elric," Roy said, looking up when he recognized the name from that morning.

"I don't have it," Ed replied quietly.

Roy looked down at the grade book and noticed he had only done his homework about four times the entire year so far. But, somehow, he got over 100% on every test or quiz. His detention slip column was filled and took up part of someone elses. This confused Roy as he seemed to be a hard working student.

Mustang hated giving out detentions but that didn't stop him from a taking a pink slip out and writing Ed's name on it. He handed the piece of paper to him and said, "I want to talk to you after school at 3:00 in this room."

"Yes, sir," he replied sadly as he walked back to his seat. When people caught notice of the pink slip in his hands they made snide remarks or grinned smugly at him, as if to say he deserved it.

This was going to be one hell of a school year with Mustang here.

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