Lexi: Hey everyone. It's a been a while! I thought I should post this author note here to tell everyone who doesn't follow me that the 'Locked in Love' sequel is posted. It's called 'Wrapped in Romance' and it continues from the second ending. It will follow the wedding preparations, honeymoon and maybe a bit after. You can find the story on my profile. I'm open to suggestions, though I think I have the basic plot all worked out. Again, I really thought that this might help those who don't regularly check for sequels, especially because I never said there would be one:)

I'll probably delete this chapter after like a week, so read it while you can! Thanks so much for reading Locked in Love and I hope you pick up with the sequel... I PROMISE TO PUT IN LEMONS! XD Does that please you horny fangirls?;) I'm such a hypocrit...


Love you all,