This story has now been re-written/reworked into a short chapter story (around 6 to 10 chapters).

In light of many Twilight stories being deleted from FanFiction, I have decided to post this on Twilighted.

The first chapter is now posted on Twilighted. My pen name is the same, and the title of the story is noted below in the summary.

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Miserable Maid No More

Bella Swan has been living with and working for renowned business man, Edward Cullen, to pay her way through college. The problem? She's his chamber maid. The complication? She's in love with him. Not only is the man gorgeous, but he's intelligent, quick witted, and can be kind and generous. The obstacle? Around her he's a completely different man. He's an arrogant, egotistical male and hates her with a passion. Her mind tells her to stay far, far away from him; her heart tells her to keep on falling.

Edward Cullen has been watching his beautiful, sweet, maid Bella for the past two years. He falls in love with her a little more each day. Her strength, drive, determination and personality are just some of the things he loves about her; that and the fact that she doesn't fawn over him. However, he can't help doing everything in his power to push her away, time after time. She doesn't deserve someone like him; she deserves so much better. But his control has finally waned, he wants Bella Swan as his own... he just has a lot of ground to make up before that can happen.

What happens when the dynamics change between boss and employee, from a pretend hate/hate relationship, to something powerful and exciting?