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He was laughing at a joke Ron had made when he turned the corner and ran into someone.

"Shove off!" the boy sneered. Harry looked at the platinum blonde and laughed a disbelieving laugh.

"I don't want your germs on me either Malfoy." Harry shrugged past him, shoving his shoulder aside on purpose.

"What a git." Ron commented. Harry shook his head in acknowledgement. A hand grabbed his and Ron's shoulders.

"What did you just call me?" Malfoy looked about ready to explode; his face was red and eyes burning with hatred.

"Hurt your feelings have we Malfoy?" Harry said with a smirk. "Don't worry we just called you a stupid,"

"Insufferable," Ron added

"Ferret loving" Harry sneered

"Git." Ron finished. Suddenly a wand was at Harry's throat.

"Think you're bloody funny do you?" Malfoy shoved him backwards till he felt the cold stone wall through his school robes. Ron was walking towards Malfoy when Malfoy flicked his wand in his direction and suddenly Ron froze and couldn't move. Harry tried to seize his own wand when he felt it fly out of his pocket. But his exceptional seeker skills kicked in and he caught it in mid air. Now it was harrys' turn to walk forward, they both had their wands at each other's throats, but now Malfoy had a slight tinge of fear in his eyes. Harry had fought way more powerful wizards then he, and won. They were in the middle of the corridor and a small audience was gathering.

"You have an audience Potter." he sneered "Even better when I take you down." They were circling each other now; Harry had numerous hexes on the tip of his tongue but would not do anything unless Malfoy attacked him first. He would not get another month of detentions for starting a fight when there were so many witnesses around. Malfoy's eyes narrowed "Don't want to start it potter? Want to save the audience the terror of seeing you fall beneath your enemy? Baby potter and all his fame, but such a chicken," Harrys' wand twitched and sent a protective shield around him and Malfoy. If this did turn into a fight then he wanted the audience to be shielded. Malfoy didn't know why he was being such a jerk today, of course he was always a jerk, but today everything seemed to be egging him on towards being downright sadistic. He was tired of Potter and his Golden trio, tired of being jealous of potter. Tired of everything about potter that said he was 10x the wizard Malfoy would ever be.

"You know Malfoy. And I know you know it. I could hex you till all that was left was your shiny shoes. But I don't want to be sent to Azkaban for murder now do I? Not like your Precious" he sneered the word, "Father." Suddenly a green light shot past harry missing him by an inch. It exploded with a snap of fireworks when it hit Harrys' shield charm.

"Ah protected them have you?" Malfoy said when he saw the hex hit the shield. "Always the hero aren't you Potter?" Suddenly a red light flashed past Malfoy's ear, he even felt the heat from it. His eyes widened, "Angry at me?" He said with his famous smirk.

Harry raised his wand, "I don't have to miss next time." Both had their wands raised and in attack position.

"Always the hero aren't you?" Malfoy yelled with vehemently. Something made him snap; maybe it was that Potter had just spared him for no reason when he could have hit the target. And he would have been completely justified since He, Malfoy, had shot the first one. "Coming to everyone's rescue, sucking up the glory. Being a pompou-" But he never got to finish his sentence. He was flung back against the wall, and frozen there. He saw Harry in the middle of the corridor still, his wand looking like it hadn't even moved when he knew perfectly well it had been him. Harrys' eyes were flashing at him, Anger etched across his face. He slowly walked forward. Malfoy struggled to get free from the spell but it was no use his wand arm was frozen. Harry stood in front of him, instead of yelling at him like Malfoy expected, he whispered, but it wasn't a quiet whisper, it was an angry whisper that was so sharp that it sent fear down his spine.

"You." Harry whispered. "You think I asked for this?" He reached his arm up and brushed away a lock of black hair that was covering the all too familiar scar. "You think I wouldn't prefer to have parents and a home? And the comfort of not even knowing or caring about who Voldemort" Malfoy flinched at the name "is?" harry laughed at his reaction. He whipped around and released Ron from his body bind.

"Thanks mate" Ron said stretching his muscles from their previous frozen position, Upon hearing Ron's voice Harry seemed to calm slightly. He turned back to Malfoy and smiled a slight smile. A smile that infuriated Malfoy to no end.

"You just don't get it do you?" Harry asked Malfoy quietly. "I could care less for fame and glory. I would rather just be plain Harry potter who is a nobody, then the Harry Potter who I am right now, who has to worry about taking down one of the most powerful wizards of all time." He had said the last part so quietly that only he and Ron heard him. Ron didn't act surprised at all at these words, he knew it was true. But Malfoy was furious. Harry flicked his wand and Malfoy was released. Harry just put his wand in his pocket and started walking to the great hall, they were already a good five minutes late to lunch.

But Malfoy wasn't finished, He shot a stunning spell at Harry and freezing charm on Ron, Ron caught unawares froze up instantly, but Harry who had expected nothing less jumped out of the way and shot a small hex back at Malfoy.

He stood up wand raised at Malfoy "I would have been disappointed at you if you didn't attack me with my back turned defenseless!" He laughed a mirth filled laugh. Harry said "Coward" right to Malfoys' face.

Suddenly Malfoy was surprised at Harrys' words. He had attacked Harry defenseless. Expecting an attack, but still with no wand at the ready! And then Harry had the nerve to call him a coward! He started shooting curses and hexes at Harry.

Harry dodged them and sent a few of his own. His shield charm was still protecting the audience, but cracking slightly from all the spells hitting it. Harry ran at Malfoy with such speed that Malfoy could do nothing but stand there waiting for Harry to hit him.

Which Harry did gladly.

Suddenly they were wrestling in the corridor. Wands forgotten. Harry was punching anything he could while Malfoy was concentrated on shoving Harry off. Both being seekers and equally matched, neither could get the advantage. Malfoy stopped trying to shove him off and joined in punching anything he could reach. Harrys' glasses shattered and Malfoy's' lip was bleeding. A well placed punch broke Harrys' nose but an equally good punch sent Malfoy's' head reeling. He could feel the black eye forming already. Suddenly Harrys weight disappeared from on top of him. He sprung to his feet, waiting for another attack when a gruff hand grabbed the back of his robes and sent him toppling over towards the wall.

When he finally looked up he realized he could only move from his waist up. He looked over to the other side of the corridor and saw Harry struggling against the wall with the same problem.

"Unbelievable" A voice drawled. Harry stopped his struggling. He knew that voice. This wasn't going to end well.