Author's note* so it has been just under two years and I can't believe I remembered

about this story! I got a notification that someone had favorited it and I realized

I had never finished. Which is TERRIBLE. So even though I believe it won't make upfor the time I'm going to complete the story. And hope, just hope that some of you

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whole story over again! Hope you enjoy.

Harry woke up refreshed and happy. It was December 27th and this was the day he

would get to visit one of his favorite places, the Burrow.

As Draco Malfoy.

Sigh. That one factor just kept getting in the way of everything didn't it? He

decided that even if he was treated as a leper there he would still try to make the

best of it.

Draco's POV-

He woke up warm, refreshed, and content. His confession last night felt as if he had a new lease on life. He knew today he was going to the Weasel's- No. The Weasley's. He corrected himself, if I'm going to truly make a change, he thought, it starts in the heart. Then he made a funny face at himself in the mirror for how ridiculously cheesy that thought had been. Then he laughed, he would have to take baby steps.

He showered, got dressed and went down to the Common room. Harry was already there, the fireplace was throwing a bit of a glow off of His hair. We'll technically Draco's hair. He shook his head in disbelief. Even after almost three full months, he could not get over the fact that he was not in his own body. That his brain was somehow lodged into Potter's skull. He reached up and tousled the thick, messy, black hair of his so called enemy.

"Morning Potter" he said casually, "are we supposed to eat before hand or just head

over there?"

Harry Potter stared at him closely; it was extra strange since it was his own piercing silver eyes that we're studying him. He bit the side of his cheek and shook his head slowly. "You really meant what you said last night didn't you? About changing... And fixing things?" There was no mockery in his voice of eyes, he was more like stating the question.

Draco straightened Harry's glasses on his nose, and replied confidently. "Yes, I do."

"Well then there is something I have to change as well." He stood up and briskly

headed for the main door, he beckoned at Draco to follow him.

They walked up four flights of stairs and down a few hallways until they stood in front of the room of requirement. Harry paced up and down the hallway three times, concentrating hard. On his final pass a door that Draco did not recognize appeared, but Harry seemed relieved and opened it quickly, stepping inside. Draco followed him and took in his surroundings. Single portrait pictures, most of the faces he recognized from seeing them in person sitting in his father's parlor, glared down at him.

"Where are we?" Draco asked nervously.

"Come on" Harry said without answering. "It's further down."

Although the room was about normal size, it was longer than it was wide which made it seem to go on forever as they walked down away from the entrance. They finally approached the end and Draco could plainly see the biggest portrait that hung at the very end. Tom Riddle. He shuddered and looked away. Harry glanced at it too, but then he turned away uncaring, he turned to face where he had seen Lucious and Malfoy's portraits before.

Draco turned to face the direction Harry was as well. He stared at his father's picture. Then he looked around and the knowledge of what exactly this room was settled on him like a knot in his stomach.

"Death Eater Row." He said hoarsely. One glance to the right showed his aunt Bellatrix Lestrange and a few more showed Crabbe and Goyle's fathers.

Harry didn't respond, he was busy stating at a space on the wall where it looked like a picture had been removed. A square dark imprint was all that was left of what had been.

"Who had been there?" Draco asked curiously.

Harry didn't even pause before he said "You. You hung here before. Your picture was right here, beneath your father's."

Harry turned around and looked at Draco suspiciously.

"Why are you looking at me that way mate? You already knew I was a "Death Eater, we

both saw the memory."

"I know that, what I'm wondering is how you could be gone! I slashed up every picture in here one night when I was so very angry, but they all healed magically, like this." He turned and set fire to a picture of a Death Eater Draco barely knew. It burned up, then returned back to normal, brand new.

"So what I'm confused about is how yours is mysteriously missing."

"Because he had a change of heart."

Both boys jumped sky high and turned, pointing their wands in the direction of the

door. Dumbledore stood there calmly, not even looking at the wands pointed at him. He walked towards them and placed his hand where Draco's portrait had hung.

"Coincidentally" He looked back at them "As Mr. Potter scarred the photo, Mr. Malfoy had had a change of heart, choosing to change from his Death Eater path. Which is the only way to remove your portrait from here, a true change of heart."

The boys glanced at each other.

"You're really done" Harry asked suspiciously, "Done with the bullying and evil plotting and planning?"

Draco looked at him square in the eyes. "Yes, I mean- I want to be- truly." He sheepishly turned towards Dumbledore, "but I don't know how to get out of my vow, I vowed to…" he gulped audibly, "kill you Dumbledore… I don't want to! Even though you are crazy." His eyes widened at his statement, "what I mean is-"

"That is enough Mr. Malfoy" Dumbledore responded with his classic eye twinkle, "I know exactly what you mean and that whole vow deal…" He paused and looked thoughtful, "Yes, I believe I already took care of that at the beginning of this year. You needn't worry about it!" He clapped his hands twice and walked past them out the door.

They walked quickly to catch up. The trio walked silently until the reached Dumbledore's office.

"Please step through McGonagall's classroom door to reach today's destination. And remember the parents know, but the children do not." He smiled at them as he stepped onto the revolving staircase. "You are in for a surprise!" With that the staircase whisked him upwards.

"What does he mean by surprise?" Malfoy asked, rolling his eyes at where Dumbledore previously stood. "We know we are going to the Weasley's."

"Who knows." Harry laughed. "You think Dumbledore tells me half of what is going on, but I am just as much in the dark as you. Let's go, I can't wait to see Ron and Hermione!"

And with that Harry began to run down the hallway to McGonagall's classroom, Draco walked behind, taking his time, as per usual.