E/O Drabble Challenge – Relax

Snarky banter inspired by the real life construction workers right outside my window. How come they never look like they do on TV? No six-pack abs here.

That's Amore

On the other side of the glass was a huge construction worker with the largest gut Sam had ever seen. A crew was putting in new sidewalks around the diner. Without any warning 'giant construction worker guy' bent over to inspect the work, mooning Sam in the process. While making gagging noises Sam tried to change booths before Dean came back from the men's room. No such luck.

In a remarkably spot-on Dean Martin impersonation Sam heard "When the moon hits you eye like a big pizza pie - That's amore!" Dean was grinning like a fool and sliding into the booth.

"That's just sick, Dean. Can't we sit somewhere else?"

"Relax Sammy. Where else are we going to get dinner….and a show?"