He was avoiding her. Unless....

Maybe he and Gus were playing hide-and-go-seek when he was slinking between those pillars. Which wouldn't explain why Gus was stalking alongside him in full view and rolling his eyes. Maybe he had developed a strange allergy to the squad room that would put him into a coughing fit if he tried talking. Which wouldn't explain why he still had plenty to say to Lassiter and Chief Vick. Maybe he had suddenly gone blind, and couldn't even tell where her eyes were anymore. Which wouldn't explain why he could make eye contact with everybody else.

No, he was definitely avoiding her. Which was ridiculous.

It wasn't like they'd been through a messy break-up. They hadn't ever dated. It wasn't even like Juliet had asked Shawn out and he'd refused for no particular reason. He'd been on a date already, and she respected that he wouldn't ditch anybody just to go out with her. Let alone Abigail. The one that got away.

The one that got away....

Honestly, yes, Juliet had cried herself to sleep that night. Three years Shawn had been pursuing her, off and on. She had tried hard to—remind herself? convince herself?—that the flirting was always completely casual, that Shawn didn't do real relationships, despite how much she'd wanted him to be serious and hated herself for wanting it. And then it turned out that he had the capacity to be serious, to be real. Just not with her.

That was the sort of thing that was good to know before you got involved. She was glad she hadn't acquiesced to one of his requests earlier. This way, there wouldn't be any regrets. Except maybe the regret that Shawn was avoiding her, which was ridiculous and completely unnecessary.

So when he put out feelers to see if they could still be friends, she knew exactly how to answer.

Could she keep it platonic? Was he kidding? No problem.

It wasn't like she hadn't been doing it for three years.