A Place Called The Forbidden City


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In Spring she was beautiful

For her cheeks were rosy

In Summer she was beautiful

For her skin shone with light

In Autumn she was beautiful

For her spirit soared beyond the hills

In Winter she was beautiful still

And her eyes warmed his heart

And the Great Imperial Son loved her all seasons

His Cherry Blossom…


They tell legends of the Four Great Beauties of China. Women who stunned all man and beast alike that gazed

upon them. They speak of Four Beauties; but there was another. So fantastic was the legend of Xiao Ying,

that for years to come many will believe it was just a romantic story spun by the commoners. But it was true.

The people who lived in that time were witnesses to the amazing lives of Li Xiao Lang and his concubine.

Some said she was the most loved and valued woman in all of Asia. Others, that she was played a cruel joke

on by the gods. Interpret her life as you will but in all the rumours, beneath all the lies, one thing can be said

which is the absolute truth. The Great Imperial Son, in time, came to care more for Xiao Ying who was also

called Sakura, more than all the riches, magic and wonders in the world.


Hey Tomodachi (Friend)! This is a story I have been kind of writing whenever I got writer's block for Card Captor Sakura: The Golden Age. I have a few chapters right now. Trust me it is not your typical concubine story. It might actually be a tragedy. If you like the idea of it Read and Review and I will begin posting. There will be magic of course, hehe. Rated M for many reasons. Give ideas if you want. Until next time, Ja ne! ^_^