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The van was a dirty black.

But, before you make any assumptions about said van, it needs to be described further. The interior was light beige, the dashboard and most of the front seat paneled with cherry red wood of undeterminable type. The smell of acrylic paint and clay clung to the chairs and carpet.

Written on the back doors, just above the bumper in a vivid neon orange spray paint, were the words, "If the van's a rockin, don't come aknockin!" Under which was written "LOSER" in sharpie, courtesy of Shisui Uchiha. On the side, black and blue flames had been air brushed on, and the windows were tinted, for "privacy." They were not really necessary. Neither were the words on the back. No sane person would step foot into the backseat, much less do the nasty in it.

Deidara insisted he had bought it used.

And Sakura was sitting in between Deidara and Sasori in the front seat, having an Arnold moment.

I should have stayed home today.

Sasori was too close for comfort, examining the hickey on her neck like it was a fungal infection. Deidara was trying to get the ancient car to start and failing epically.

"Demon car…" He growled. "Why must you taunt me?"

He stuck his head under the steering wheel and Sakura discreetly turned the key. The van started with a roar. Deidara bumped his head on the steering wheel and cursed loudly.

Madara, who was leaning on his Camaro door a few metres away, was having a laughing fit.

Deidara flipped him the bird and backed out of the small driveway carefully, the motor sounding like a crazy, masochistic cat. Rrrrroch!

Maybe a dying masochistic cat.

Deidara idled down Ichiraku street, turning left on Tea Leaf street and heading straight for the highway. Sakura's community was on the edge of Konoha, right by the 'welcome to Konoha!' sign.

Deidara started chattering about the traffic and Sakura chattered back, nervously scooting closer to him as Sasori moved in on her. Sasori flipped on the radio and Deidara and him bickered about the station, while Sakura dragged out her PSP from the back. Sasori got his out and they started a wireless versus match.

"Meh…" Deidara muttered. "I'm bored as hell. Wanna switch, Sasori?"

"Next gas station." Sasori muttered absently. Sakura's character grabbed his viciously and cracked his arm.

"I'll go next if you don't want to, Sasori-kun." He kicked her down and she preformed an Ukemi, delivering a jackbooted kick to his face.

He glanced up for a second, his character in the middle of a grab. "It's all right, doll. I'll do it."

Sakura wasn't going to press the issue. She hated driving. She'd rollerblade everywhere if she could. If it was too far away she took the bus.

"I'm fucking bored, seriously! Someone talk to me."


"Did you see Man Versus Wild last night?"


"Death Note?"

"No. I was packing."

"Okay…What did you do yesterday besides packing?" Sakura sighed.

"Ummm…I rather not discuss that."

"Please don't." Sasori muttered.

"But what were you doing last night?" Deidara turns and smirks at her for a second. "You were at Madara's house last night, right?" His voice gets low. "Doing…what?"

"Ew. Nothing like that, you pervert. Izuna was like three rooms away." Sakura wrinkles her nose in disgust. "It's none of your business anyway."

"You know he has had at least six birds this year, right? Don't jump in his bed too quickly, or he'll dump you in a second."

Sasori begins mashing the X button over and over again, pushing Sakura's character down and kicking it repeatedly. "Shut up, Deidara."

"Thank you, Sasori-kun." She glares at the side of Deidara's head. "Like I said, it's none of your business."

"Whatever. Don't come crying to me…when he dumps you. He's a manwhore, Sakura-chan."

Sasori looks at his screen silently. Sakura opens her mouth, closes it.

"Shut the hell up, Deidara. You're fucking lucky you're driving." She snarls. She pushes the X button down on a character with white hair and a devilish smile. "I could talk about you all day, but I don't, okay? Because it's none of my business."

Sasori frowns slightly and picks the pink haired robot girl. "Calm down, Sakura. He didn't mean it that way." His eyes flash. "Did he?"

Deidara flinches. "I'm sorry, Sakura-chan. But…be careful, okay?"

Sakura doesn't answer.

It's been two hours, and the next gas station still hasn't come up.

Deidara is at the wheel, chewing on a piece of gum loudly while listening to The Bravery. Sakura and Sasori were sleeping in the back. There was just enough room for both of them to spread out.

They are on a lonely road between Suna and Iwa. Suna is the large partner city Of Konoha. Their area was known as the Leaf-Sand city. They shared an airport, mall, etc. Iwa and Kumo were grouped together usually. Sakura didn't know if they were as close as Konoha and Suna, as she had never been there. Ame was owned by a huge company called Moon's Eye, a company that specialized in electronics and entertainment. They made TVs, computers, video games, and had their own record label. Their main rival was Little Leaf Productions, which was based in Konoha. Sakura's grandmother owned a large stock in the company, and was the mayor of Konoha. Go figure.

Most of the Uchiha family is part of a rival company within Konoha, called Flame, which is primarily a computer software/hardware company. Madara and Itachi no longer work there.






…Yes, Sasori-Danna?

Come here.

Yes, Sasori-Danna.

Kiss me, Sakura.

Yes, Sasori-Danna.

Her soft lips met his in an innocent kiss. After a few seconds she pulled away, smiling. She touched her lips and licked them lightly. I love you, Sasori-Danna.

Sasori immediately crushed his mouth to hers in a savage, lusty kiss. Sakura mewled like a kitten as he trailed long fingers down her back and laid open mouth kisses on her neck.


He began to unbutton her shirt. But then he pauses and sticks his hand into her valley and into her lacy black bra, roughly squeezing what he found there. She squirmed.

Please, Danna…Stop teasing me…

He finished unbuttoning her shirt and stared openly at her breasts, which were threatening to escape their bindings. He flicks a slick and wet pink tongue along her-



He is shaken roughly from his slumber. Blinking heavy sleep from his eyes, he glares at the pink haired girl…Oh.

If he was actually a modest man, Sasori would have blushed.

"What, woman?" He grunts, rolling over. It would be a tad bit awkward if she saw his arousal.

"We've stopped at 7-11."

"Ahh…I don't need anything."

"Okay. Well, it's your turn to drive."

"Yes." He stood, his long shirt covering his thighs. He waded around their luggage into the front seat. Sakura followed him and jumped out the open car door.

Sasori settled down into the front seat, watching her walk away. His hand drifts down to his

soda in the front cup holder, next to Deidara's Sprite. Opening the bottle's lid, he quickly gulps down the vanilla coke.

That is the second time someone has woken him up before the good part.

"Damn it… They don't have any Vitamin Water." Sakura moans.

"You mean this?" Deidara asked, holding up a bottle of red juice.

"Oh…" Sakura blushes. "Were did you find that?"

"Just take this one." Deidara tossed it t her and Sakura caught it easily.

"Thanks Dei-kun." Sakura rushed to the cash register. Deidara followed, a golden bag of gummy bears in his hand.

Sakura paid for her stuff, grabbed her ID from the man, and waited as Deidara paid with his magical credit card.

The man behind the counter peered at Deidara from under his long blonde bangs.

"Hey, is your name Deidara by any chance?"

"What's it to ya?" He asked warily. He did not like this guy, mainly because of his barf yellow shirt.

The man smiled at him. "Is it or not?"

"It is. Why?"

The man's smile grew even bigger. "My name's Daisuke Murakami. I'm your brother."

Deidara blinks. "I don't have a brother."

"Your long lost son!"

"Uh, no."

"A cousin?"

"Let's go, Sakura-chan."

"Wait! Come back! I love you!"

The two practically jumped into the car, slamming the door shut quickly. "Sasori-danna, drive!"

"Hurry! Go go go go!"


"Sasori! I'll do anything! Just GO!"

Since that came from Sakura, Sasori started up the car and backed out of the gas pump lane quickly, zooming onto the empty street. Glancing at the review mirror, he saw something yellow flash. Squinting his tired eyes, he saw a…a man.

This man happened to be following them.

The man was running pretty fast for his size. He looked like a potato with four toothpicks stuck into it running. Sasori suddenly got an image of a Mudkip in his head.

"What the hell did you two do?"


"Lies." Sasori dismissed.

Deidara and Sakura both shook their fists at him.

Soon the man disappeared into the distance. Deidara and Sakura still huddled together under the blanket, shivering.

"That was freaking scary!"

Many, many hours later (five, to be exact) the driving cycle had gone around twice and the three were very tired. So tired things began to appear and disappear and …appear.

Sasori was driving when they finally got to the hotel. They lugged all of their stuff into the lobby while Sasori grabbed their two keys.

Then the drama started.


Little Leaf and Moon's Eye were based on Nintendo and Sony, while Flame is Mircosoft…

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