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Setting: Before the Holy War

Agonizing Heart

The morning breeze rippled gently into his room, the silk drapes dancing with the violinist known as the wind. Degel arose from his bed, refreshed and prepared for the day to commence. He settled his feet on the cold, solid ground, letting the icy invasion awaken his body from falling into another slumber.

The cracking of dawn began when the first rays kissed the green dew, the crystallized droplets sparkling, before the sun showered kisses onto the Sanctuary and into his room. He felt the warmth of sun touched his toes, as he curled them and uncurled them. Letting out a breath, he left his bed and proceeded to wash up.

He had many tasks to complete today, and one of them was to check on his arrogant comrade, Kardia. The Pope had found Kardia in disarray this past week that he had become worried that Kardia may potentially harm his weak heart. It was for precautionary measures that Degel checked his comrade's health, in order to avoid a potential heart failure. Though, it seemed Kardia didn't like the idea of getting his heart checked. He felt like a little boy still in need of his mother's hand.

Though, his expected behavior to the cause matter little. What the Pope demands, a Saint must do. As expected, after he was fully washed and dressed, he found Kardia gloom and displeased to see him. The fall of Kardia's eyes met his briefly, until he resumed staring out the window, his chin resting on the palm of his hand.

"What are you doing here?" he inquired, drumming his fingers on the windowsill. He sighed and leaned back into his chair, rocking it on its feet, as he rested his golden boots where his fingers used to drum.

"Isn't it obvious?" stated Degel. "I came to check on you." He began to approach the Scorpion, who shook his head and rose from his seat. The approaching steps came to a halt as Degel watched his comrade laugh and rub the back of his head.

"Oh, you are quite the character!" he declared. "You came to play god and heal my agonizing heart." His laughter faltered into short chuckles, until the preceding sound was heard no more. A hand lay on his hip while the other flashed a crimson nail, menacing eyes accompanying the threatening attack.

"Last I check, you were a human among us, not an immortal being," he voiced, his pointed nail never faltering.

"You would disobey the order of the Pope?" Degel asked, a brow was raised as the temperature in the room dropped to an icy level. Kardia flinched when the icy air invaded his body and hugged his torso. With a glare, he left from the man's sight, heading towards the temple entrance, away from his cold companion.

"Kardia!" Degel beckoned, following behind each retreating step. "I must check your heart."

He turned and faced his companion, a smirk bewitching his expression. "I reassure you that I am fine."

"Then, there would be no objection for allow me to check myself," pointed Degel.

The Scorpion sighed and rubbed his temple. "Leave me be and allow me the space I need." The air became quiet, as the man waited for answer, yet only received a sigh.

"As you wish," Degel gave in and allowed the man his short victory. He will come again and ask once more, and by the time that happens he will guarantee that his heart would be checked.

Kardia watched him go, his lips curled into a smile. He started to chuckle, but quickly it died in a mere second. He closed his eyes, hearing the beat of his heart inside his ears. A cough erupted along with blood, surprising the man as he quickly dashed back into his room and hid the evidence.

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