Chapter Six

His fist came briskly. The force of Degel's hair slithered back to his cosmos. He gritted his teeth and stopped his punch, letting his knuckles barely touch the tip of his nose. Degel's impassive expression never wavered, even when he thought his life would have been beaten by him. He merely pushed his fist away, his fingers lightly touching his knuckles.

A sigh was heard, sliding through Kardia's partial lips. He hunched his shoulders and rubbed his forehead.

"Thank you." The gratification surprised Degel. He rose from his seat and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"You are most welcome." He truly meant what he said. The silent barrier surrounded them, each lost in their own thoughts. A smile crept on Kardia's lips. The sudden change of his mouth was enough to make his eyes glow with happiness.

"Don't expect it to be said so often," he warned.

"I highly doubt it," Degel commented. The light conversation brought a smile to surface as he patted Kardia on the shoulder and left.


"Fucking Degel," Kardia cursed, carrying Unity to a safe place. A barren land was caught by his eyes. He knew it was far away from destruction and led his feet toward the spot. He dropped his comrade's friend on the ground, spitting out blood that came pouring out of his lips.

"He's lucky to have you as a childhood friend," he spoke to the silent individual, unresponsive at the moment. He brought his rear to the ground, staring at the gloomy sky, the stars hidden by a sudden fog. The cold air brought his skin to rise in bumps. He lazily looked at Unity.

"What I would have killed to have been in your position." He smiled. "I would have changed my attitude towards him and, perhaps, even learned to trust him more."

The touch of his cold flesh brought a rise of concern. He tore his red needle from his nail, huffing out breaths of pain. The needle was brought into his palm, letting the heat surface into Unity's body.

"I won't need this anymore," he said. A faint smile was given before he flew backward and his head hit the ground. The final image of Unity's face was memorized by his eyes until it became a blur.

"But, then again," his eyes were partially opened, "I wouldn't want to change anything." The last remainder of his strength came to an end when his eyes were brought to a close.

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