Henry and Ted… / Chapter Two

After breakfast, Margaret and her mother headed off to town.
When they came into Mr. Barken's store, Margaret immediately noticed a blue and pink beautiful ball gown! Margaret excitedly walked over to it and held it up to her.
"I think it will fit!" she said aloud to her self.
Mrs. Welter came over to her daughter.
"Oh, that is a lovely dress, dear." Mrs. Welter commented.
"I know! Isn't it? Mother, could I get it please?" Margaret begged.
Mrs. Welter looked at the price tag and sighed.
Margaret went on. "Mother, I could bring it to school, I could really use it!" she reminded her mother.
"Darling, 'tis very expensive." her mother told her.
Margaret's smile went away as she listened to her mother as she examined the dress she was holding.
"Its exactly half the price to make the same exact dress!" her mother reminded her.
"But, mother - It would be way to difficult to make this exact dress." Margaret pleaded.
"I -I guess your right, Margaret, well-" Her mother hesitated. "I guess this is the only dress your getting today store bought for a while then." Mrs. Welter decided.
Margaret gasped. She excitedly hugged her mother then said, "Can I buy a hat and some ribbons, though?" Margaret begged.
Mrs. Welter nodded in agreement. So Margaret hastily searched through all the hats and ribbons almost in the entire store.
When Margaret and her mother arrived home. Margaret put all of her new things away in her bedroom, and changed into her work clothes to do some gardening.
She stooped down in clean fresh dark soil, and put a pinch of sun flower seeds in the soil, then covered it up, then watered it. Suddenly Margaret heard something behind her running towards her.
"Hey Ted slow down!" She could hear Henry call, as two boys stopped behind her, watching.
"Oh no, a girl!" Henry's friend Ted said, teasing Margaret.
The two young boys laughed at their joke.
Then right when Margaret was rising from the ground, to reply.
Henry teased back with his friend. "That's not even a girl, Ted. That is our next door neighbor girl, Margaret. Remember what I told you about her?" Henry laughed, as he looked at Margaret's angry face. Her face reddened, as she felt her temper rise.
"Excuse me?" She yelled angrily at the boys.
The two boys looked at each other, worried.
"This is my friend, Ted." Henry tried to change the subject.
Margaret scowled. "Hello Teddy!" she replied, wanting to get them on their way as soon as possible.
The boys exchanged glances and shrugged.
"No. It's Ted." Ted corrected.
"I heard you. I'll call you what I please!" She stubbornly told him.
"So, uh, do you want to show us your room?" Henry asked, as he almost laughed at Margaret's behavior.
Margaret couldn't believe he asked that. Of course she didn't want to show them her bedroom. She was about to express this to them, when her mother suddenly said:
"Of course she'd like to show you two boys her room." She smiled at her daughter. "Don't you, darling?"
Margaret sighed. She didn't want her mother to be asking why she didn't want to show them her room, and plus, Margaret knew it was rude not to.
"Yes, sure I do." Margaret reluctantly told them. "Right this way."
Margaret led the two boys into the house, and up the long staircase that led to all the bedrooms and such.
When the three came in Margaret's room, she had some glass dolls on her bed, that she had been looking at to keep for antiques, that her grandmother had passed down to her.
Ted immediately welcomed himself in, and walked over to Margaret's bed and picked one up.
He giggled, "You play with dolls still, Margaret?" he asked about to laugh. Margaret walked quickly over to him and suddenly slapped him as hard as she could.
Both boys looked shocked, especially Ted, his right cheek was bright red. Margaret smirked. "And you can't slap me back." she reminded him smart-alecky.
Ted frowned.
Margaret motioned them both to leave. "And set my doll down!" she instructed him.
"Margaret! I'll have to tell your parents about this one." Henry told her crossly. Margaret shrugged her shoulders. "Go ahead Hank! I don't care. I'll be going to school in a week or two any way. And you and Teddy won't be seeing me around anyways." she told him smirking.
Henry just stood there listening, then said, "Your leaving? Well good! I don't want to be seeing you around, anyhow!"
Margaret thought to her self, He doesn't seem very disappointed.
"Yes, now leave! I am ignoring you and your friend for now on!" She almost pushed Ted
out of her room. And Henry left quickly, with nothing else to say.


Margaret felt a little bad for being so mean to Henry and his friend, but she thought they sort of deserved it.

As Margaret sat there quietly at the dinner table, during dinner, with a dark purple dress on and her hair in a half pony tail, there was a loud knock on the front door.
"Oh, I wonder who that might be." Mr. Welter said, as he took his cloth napkin to his lips.

Margaret squirmed in her seat, she thought it might have been their next store neighbors, the Andersons coming to give Margaret a lecture for being mean and rude to their son and his friend.
Kathleen answered the door and all Margaret could hear was a couple of mumbles. Margaret's eyes grew big. It has to be the Anderson's! she thought to herself.
Then Kathleen came in the dining room and handed Mrs. Welter two telegrams on a tray.
Whew! Margaret thought to herself. as Kathleen exited the room.

"Who are the telegrams from?" Margaret asked quickly.
"Well ones from Ms. Cochoe, the school teacher." Her mother paused as she ate a spoonful of tomato soup, then went on. "and the other is from, Lady Cathlyn." Mrs. Welter smiled.
Margaret gasped. Anxiously she asked, "Mother, could you read the telegrams out loud to Me and father?"
"Sure darling." her mother said as she opened the letter from the Mayor, and read.

Dear friends of the community, I am most proud to announce that I, Mayor of North Street Virginia, is hosting a grand summer ball tomorrow, at seven a clock.
Children are included to join on this special occasion.
~Mayor, Cathlyn~

Margaret gasped. "Oh a ball! how wonderful! I can come also mother, right?"
Mrs. Welter nodded. "It did say children also, dear, you know?" her mother reminded her smiling. "And what dose the teacher say?" Mr. Welter asked. "Oh yes, Ms. Cochoe. well, this is a invitation to her school, for you, Margaret." Mrs. Welter told them. Then she unfolded the letter and read aloud:
"Dear Parents of Margaret Welter. I am one of the two teachers at Mane Ladies Boarding-school. My name is Miss Cochoe. This boarding school is for girls only. Ages within ten to sixteen. It starts up in three weeks. We would all love to have your daughter participating in our school activities, such as, balls, learning dances, tea socials, and much, much more. We also include French lessons if you so choose to pay extra for that. Students will stay at our boarding school for about two to four weeks at a time. They also come home for holidays, and sometimes weekends. If you decide to let your daughter, Margaret, attend our school; drop her off at the Victorian rail-road station.
P.s I must warn you, pets are not allowed in the school. Feel free to ask any questions or want more information, just write to us. ~Miss, Christina Cochoe~"

Margaret's mother folded the paper, while Mr. Welter leaned in and kissed
his wife on the cheek. "Ms. Cochoe, huh? She has awfully nice hand writing." He commented.

"Yes, and Margaret should learn how to write even better than that." Mrs. Welter encouraged her daughter.
Margaret took a bite of turkey, and thought about how wonderful the ball would be tomorrow night. And she wondered if she would make any friends at the new school she would be attending. It was all unknown, but Margaret would know the answers soon.