Luna sits cross-legged upon a desk; normally, the cranky Potions master would order her off, but tonight he can't find the strength. A large cauldron full of half-finished potion sits on his desk, and he mindlessly stirs as he listens to the girl ramble.

"…Daddy says he's getting quite close to discovering the nest of the Snorkacks," she enlightens him, "but he's said that before."

"Miss Lovegood," he intones mildly, "why do you insist on staying down here after every lesson and talking my ear off about non-existent creatures?"

"You always seem so lonely," she answers, blunt as ever. "I thought you could use…"

He adds some pomegranate juice, observing with slight pleasure the exact shade of lavender the book describes. "A what, Miss Lovegood?"

"A friend," she mutters.

He looks up and she's looking away, deliberately not meeting his eyes. And I'd say you could use the same, he thinks, and an image of his younger self arises in his mind. He watches her play with her bracelet, and he can't help his next thought.

Perhaps you'll get Potter like I couldn't get Lily.

"And by the way," she says lightly, "The Crumple-Horned Snorkack is a very real creature."

A/N: I've never tried a Luna/Severus friendship fic, but I couldn't help myself. They do have quite a bit in common… This was originally supposed to be a response to Indigo and Perca's Drabble Challenge for the week, but I couldn't get the word (simmer) in and it ended up being two hundred words anyway. Lol.