Sarek felt a small sense of satisfaction as he placed the last datapad containing the day's lessons in front of the last diminutive chair. Taking a final look around the brightly colored room to make sure everything was in order, he seated himself at his desk to await the immanent arrival of his young pupils.

While following in his forefather Solkar's footsteps had been a dream of his since childhood, he had also contemplated following another career path as well. As a result, he had taken and completed the the courses to earn the necessary credentials to become a child instructor as well as the studies necessary for a future ambassador during his secondary and post-secondary education. Ambassador Selden had known of his other desire and had offered to give him a year away from his duties in order to pursue this "alternate career path" to ensure that he would be satisfied with his career in the diplomatic services, and that he could serve with no doubts or concerns about what could have been had he followed a different path.

After taking an accelerated home course in child psychology that was a requirement for all child educators who practiced on Earth, Sarek submitted his credentials to various places of learning and was accepted to teach at the pre-school that was attached to the Zephram Cochrane Elementary in Seattle during the 2226-2227 school year. The fact that he had never directly interacted with a human child - much less a group of them - had never been discussed. The school naturally assumed that anyone applying to be a teacher would have spent a great deal of time around children, and Sarek assumed that all his lessons had left him equipped to deal with any situation that might come up.

By the end of his first day of teaching, he realized that he'd made a huge mistake and that his job in the Ambassador's office had indeed been the right one for him. Unfortunately, he had signed a contract that he would be unable to get out of until the end of the year. In a few short hours, all of his illusions about human children had been shattered in the first hour. Human adults were considered rather childlike by Vulcan standards, and he had expected ther children to be just a bit more so, or possibly like some of the more intelligent and trainable animals considering that the course in child psychology he had taken that had dealt mainly with learning and language aquisition made it seem nearly so. He was wrong however...

Human children were little monsters.

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