After returning home following his discussion with Amanda, Sarek called his mother. His mother had been displeased to learn that he had neglected to inform her of his sabbatical from the Ambassador's office when he'd called her asking for advice about dealing with small human children. Following a disaster that had destroyed a colony ship and killed nearly 300 individuals that had taken place before he was born, his mother who had been amongst the crew of the science vessel that had been the first to respond to the distress signals had briefly fostered a number of the surviving children.

Considering the fact that he remembered several of those children visiting as adults, he was reasonably certain that that fostering had been reasonably successful.

His mother's advice had mostly dealt with the most effective ways of disciplining children when they misbehaved and rewarding them in order to encourage good behavior. Several of the methods had been outlined in the psychology course he'd taken, but a number of them had not.

A couple of the methods his mother had outlined were impractical however as school policy forbade giving children food outside of the scheduled mealtimes. Paul had mentioned something about a snacktime that was supposed to come before the naptime that had been suggested when he'd been submitted his lesson plan, but there was nothing in the school schedule that released the pre-school students around the time the other students headed into the cafeteria for lunch.

Amanda had provided a number of suggestions, but most of them were impractical for an entirely different set of reasons. Vulcans were touch telepaths, and as a result, being touched was generally considered to be an intimate act that was reserved for family. And, even then, family members often kept their distance unless it was a special occasion. He had only carried the small child that day due to the urgency of the situation. Giving the children gestures of encouragement such as patting them on the head or the back was most definitely out of the question.

Deciding to implement one of the discipline suggestions that his mother made which hadn't been included in the course he'd taken, he set to revising his lesson plans with an eye towards providing activities for the students to engage in that would not leave the room in quite the mess it had been in that day. Paul's decidedly unhelpful nature would of course be a factor in his estimates on the timing of certain lessons and tasks as he could not be counted upon to maintain discipline, and the frequent interruptions of undisciplined students would cause the task of completing a lesson to take longer.

The next morning, when he arrived at the school, he went to Amanda to get her opinion on his revised lesson plan as she was experienced with teaching young children, having done it for years. Based on the look of incredulity on her face, his decision to attempt more Vulcan methods of teaching the students rather than following the traditional human method would not be an advisable move.