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Of sunshine and watermelons

It's loud in Central. He forgets that every time they come to stay. Despite the fact that Ed shut the window firmly, grumbling about how he was going to get a good night's sleep for once, the sound of cars and dogs and drunken men talking still manage to reach them. Ed twists and turns, trying to sprawl himself out comfortably on the bed, but Al knows that it'll be awhile before he will go to sleep.

"Hey Ed," he whispers, his voice coming out softer than need be, "people smell differently, right?"

Ed rolls over to face Al, who is sitting scrunched together on the floor, his face a strange combination of surprised drowsiness.

"Yeah, I suppose, why do you wanna know?"

"Well, it's just that you complained about 2nd Lieutenant Havoc smelling like cigarette smoke, and I forgot if other people smelled a certain way too…" Al trails off, waiting for Ed's response.

"Sure they do, now that I think about it, like Teacher always smells faintly like meat and Mrs. Hughes like apple pie-"

"Does Winry smell like apple pie, too? I always figured that she would smell a bit like apple pie, or maybe like oil and machinery," Al interrupts, a childlike curiosity in his words.

"Nah, not really, she smells more like… Watermelons and sunshine. You know, like when we were kids on the first day of summer and we would run to get the freshest watermelon. And no matter which melon we ended up getting, it always tasted the best… But you know, I think there's a bit more to it too. Like there's something grown-up, while still remaining unique and sweet and- "

Ed suddenly blushes and turns away from Al to face the wall. There's a silence for a good couple moments.

"And?" Al finally asks, his voice slightly amused.

"Nothing. She smells like watermelon, that's all. Now leave me alone, I'm tired," Ed grumbles, and sure enough snores soon follow the statement.

Al finds that funny, considering Ed doesn't actually snore in his sleep. He doesn't bother him anymore, though, as he thinks Ed revealed a lot more than he meant too.

A car honks outside, and some sloppy giggling accompanied by disastrous singing is heard soon after. Al rests his head against the wall and tries to remember how exactly watermelon smells like.

He almost succeeds.

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