Three friends; Riley, Clara, and Julia go to comic-con when the unspeakable happens; one of them is knocked out with a lightsaber. Riley is then thrown into a world where super-heroes, villains, and deathstars are not so unlikely. Every Comic-Con geeks dream? No. How will Riley escape? Will villains prevail? Read on to see…

Riley: Batgirl

Clara: Female Jedi (Cloak, lightsaber, and everything!)

Julia: Arwen (From L.O.T.R.) :-)

Chapter 1

"Is it just me, or does getting our badges take longer every year?" Clara asked looking to Julia.

"You'd think it would get easier, I mean seriously we've only been coming for 5 years straight," Julia commented.

Clara laughed, "Yeah… wait a second, where's Riley?"

Clara and Julia looked around, "I don't know, she was just here and then—."

Riley runs up to Clara and Julia, "Sorry, my cape got stuck again and—"

Julia rolling her eyes, "Why did you make it so long? It's not even accurate. Batgirl's cape is—"

"Shut up Julia," Riley said.

"No! You know you're a complete klutz, I know I do, and I know Clara does—"

"What?" Riley interrupted.

"You heard me! You're. A. Klutz."

"I am not—" Riley thinks about it for a moment, and then realizes, "Okay maybe a little bit but I—"

Clara and Julia, "Ri—ley."

Riley rolls her eyes, "Fine. I'm a klutz, who isn't? Now let's just move on and find Logan and Conner."

Julia shrugged and high-fives Riley.

Julia looks to Clara who hasn't moved, "Come on Jedi Master! Let's go!"

Clara quietly, "I can't…"

"What?" Julia asked.

"I just can't OK?"

"No, why can't you?" Riley asked.

"Yeah, Clara this isn't like you," Julia said.

"Come one, you know you want to tell us whatever it is."

Clara yelling to stop Julia and Riley, "I invited someone!"

Riley and Julia back away a step and look at Clara surprised.

"Whoa…" Riley said.

"Holy steel-plates Batman," Julia said looking at Clara surprised.

Riley realizes Julia quoted Batman and they high-five.

Riley looks back to Clara, "You invited someone?! Who? Tell me!"

"You'll see," Clara smiled.

"Clara come on! You have to tell us!" Julia laughed.

"I promised him I wouldn't…"

"Wow, have we met him before?" Riley asked.

Clara laughed nervously, "Well, you'll defiantly be surprised to see him!"

Julia smiling, "So we do know him!

"Come on give us more information— " Riley started but then spots someone coming towards them, "Is that—? …. Uh oh. Guys, code red, 12 o'clock."

Julia and Clara look. Julia realizes, "A—h great, come on! Seriously Riley?!"

"What?! Why would I invite him?!" Riley asks offended.

"So if you didn't invite him, and I didn't invite him…" They both look to Julia.

Riley starts, "Clara… tell me you didn't," Clara didn't say anything, "Cl—ara, for the love of Hugh Jackman, tell me you didn't!"

"I'm sorry, I—"

Riley begins to yell again but Julia stops her, "Riley, it's too late now."

Riley backs away as the person approaches.

"Hey guys!" Frank said spotting them and running up.

Julia sarcastically, "We—ll, look what the cat dragged in!"

"Frank, why the heck are you here?" Riley asked.

Clara takes Riley by the arm and pulls her aside, "Riley—"

"No! Comic-con is my thing! Our thing! Not his. He doesn't even like this stuff! How did you even get him to come, WAIT! Don't answer that question. I don't care what you say or do, I'm not—"

"Riley, he's your brother—"

"Little brother."

"By 2 minutes."

"Little brother!"

"But still, your brother! What's so bad about him? You gotta admit… his outfits pretty good."

"What? He's not even a Star Wars fan! He made fun of us growing up remember?! Besides you probably made it for him! Clara look at me, he's the dark side, don't join him."

Clara just stares at Riley for a moment.

"Clara, please, just look at him—"

Clara doesn't say anything.

"But I—"

Clara turns around and heads back to Julia and Frank.

Riley rolls her eyes and runs to the group.

"Change of heart?" Julia teased.

"Shut up elfy," Riley teased.

The four of them began walking towards the doors, "So Clara, this is Comic-Con," Logan laughed

"No! This is the badge pick-up area. Comic-Con is this way."

"I must say you're looking pretty good in that Jedi outfit," Frank said almost sarcastically.

"Thanks Logan, I guess you're an okay Obi-Wan. But hey, work with what you've got."

"You know you like it!"

"E—w!" Riley said turning around, "Shut up! It's bad enough with you two torturing me with the constant flirting for the last three years! But for one day, give it a rest."

"Ri', Ri', Ri'," Logan laughed, "We're all grown ups here. You just need to face the facts. Clara likes me, I defiantly like Clara, I mean seriously. Look what she got me to do," he said gesturing to his outfit.

"Just hurry up. Julia and I promised Conner and Logan we'd meet them downstairs five minutes ago," Riley said.

Frank rolled his eyes going back to Clara as they continued downstairs.