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What if Alice was the only Cullen brave enough to befriend Bella? The Cullen's manage to keep their secret, but after a run in with James they have some explaining to do. Can Bella handle what her friends are? Will Emmett's relationship with Rosalie survive her pure hatred of Bella? Emmett's dead heart hasn't beat in decades, but what happens when Bella sparks the life in him? They are all dying to live again. Maybe Bella can spark life in them all. Rated M for lemons later on. Ed/R J/A Em/B eventually.

Chapter One: Not Just One Little Human

A second chance is all I'm needing,

And anything I can do, just to make it up to you,

I would do anything, I'm dying to live again.

Bella POV

Today is the day. The day that has had me anxious all weekend. Today is Monday, my first day at Forks High School. To say I was nervous was a huge understatement. It's the middle of the semester, so I have missed out on a lot of crucial things, like making friends. Groups would already be established, and intimidating. I drove to school in my new, old truck. Charlie had bought it off of his friend Billy Black. I loved it immediately. I didn't love it as much, however, when it backfired on me as I parked in the only parking spot left. Which happened to be in front of a big group of people. 'Great...' I kept my head down as I rushed past them to try to find the office. I knew I was lost. I looked around for any sight of a sign or map but found a short, pixie looking girl standing beside me instead.

"Woah... sorry, I didn't hear you come over here..." I glanced at her and at our surroundings again. People were staring. But I didn't know if it was because of "the new girl", or the beautiful girl that stood beside me. She had short, spiky, black hair that suited her petite frame. She stood about two inches shorter than me, and had the most interesting golden eyes. She was wearing a pair of tight fitting designer jeans and white ballet flats, and a white button up lacy shirt. The sleeves came to her elbows and flared out a bit at the ends. The neck line was pin straight and cut across her chest, squaring up at the shoulders to cover her bra straps. The girl stood there watching me with a smile on her small face, as if giving me a moment to take her in.

"Hello. I'm Alice Cullen. And you are...?" I was momentarily shocked by her beautiful, bell like voice. I almost didn't want to reply, knowing my voice couldn't come close.

"Um... Bella Swan."

"Nice to meet you Bella. Are you finding everything okay? You looked a little lost. I would be happy to show you to wherever you need to go if you'd like." She smiled at me again and I, again, was momentarily frozen in place, looking into her eyes. 'Weird...' I felt like I couldn't say no if I wanted to.

"Uh... yes, thank you. That would be great." I followed her to the office, getting my schedule and a map. I also got a form for each teacher to sign that needed to be brought back at the end of the day. I looked at my schedule.

"Oh great! We have first period English together! Let's see. You have English with me, geography, math with my sister Rosalie... lunch... biology with my brother Edward, history with my boyfriend Jasper, and gym with my brother Emmett! Wow, you got us all in there. You will just love my family." I looked at the paper for a few more seconds and turned to her.

"Oh cool, you have a pretty big family eh? And all the same age? How...?" She laughed a beautiful laugh that I was envious of.

"We are adopted. Dr. and Mrs. Cullen can't have their own kids, so they adopted. See, Emmett and I are siblings. Emmett is your age, I am a year younger. I got into a advanced English though. Edward is a year older than you, so you must be in advanced biology. And Rosalie and Jasper are twins that adopted together as well. We are all so close though. People think it's weird that Jasper and I are together, and that Emmett is with Rosalie, but you can't help who you love right?" I nodded. Made sense, who was I to judge? It's not like they are blood related.

"Ooo Bella you and I are going to be great friends. I just know it." She clapped her hands together like a little girl and I had to laugh. I followed her to our first class. I got my form signed and we sat in the back corner together and I noticed that no one even looked like I had taken their seat. 'I guess she sits alone.' We did a little more talking, but I made sure I paid attention to the lesson. I loved how soothing Alice's presence was. It was very comforting knowing she approached me and I had someone slightly familiar to sit with. All too soon, the bell rang. I wouldn't know anyone in my geography class. Alice offered to walk me there, saying her next class was close.

"I'll probably see you again at some point today, so I'll talk to you soon okay? Have fun in geography!" I said goodbye and entered my next class. I took a spot near the back, hoping to sit alone. No such luck. A short Asian guy approached me and took the available seat.

"Hey! Isabella Swan right?"

"Just...Bella. Yeah, hi."

"I'm Eric, the eyes and ears of this place. Need anything, I'm your guy." He gave me a cheeky smile and I had to smile back. 'Little too helpful, but nice enough.'

"Oh um...thank you." I looked to pay attention to the teacher that started calling attendance. When my name was called I got my form signed. The class went by uneventfully. Soon I was walking to math with Eric by my side. He had the same class as I did. He offered me the seat next to him. I took it to be nice, I didn't have the heart to say no even though I really would have preferred to be by myself. This is a class I would have with Alice's sister, Rosalie. I was curious as to which one she would be. But when the most beautiful girl walked into the room I was no longer curious. She had long, blonde hair, and those same golden eyes. She looked right at me and gave me a death glare. I shrank back in my seat a little bit and quickly averted my gaze to my books in front of me on the desk. I heard Eric telling me I should sit with him and his friends at lunch. All I could do was nod. She was by far the most intimidating girl I have ever met, and I'm already on her bad side. She sat in the back and refused to look at me again. I was partially thankful for that. I wish I knew what her problem was with me... maybe I could ask Alice about it later on. I didn't want to have to stand up and get the teacher to sign my form. I just kept my head down hoping not to attract her attention.

This class went by painfully slow. I could feel the occasional glare on my back, though I never dared to turn and meet her cold eyes. Finally, it was lunch. I already had three classes of homework to finish, so I was not looking forward to biology and history afterwards.

Eric and I walked into the cafeteria and I was taken to the table full of Eric's friends. I could feel a slight blush creeping up on me as they turned to look at me.

"Hey guys, this is Bella Swan, the new girl. She's cool so be nice." Eric told them and I muttered hello to them. A blonde haired guy looked up at me from his seat and stood up fast.

"Hello Bella, I'm Mike Newton. Here sit down." I smiled back at him and took the offered seat. He grabbed another chair and squeezed in beside me. I looked around the table and was met with stares. I looked over to find that Rosalie girl storming past our table, glare set full force in her cold eyes. I looked down trying to hide my shock. Finally the girl beside me spoke up.

"Hey Bella! I'm Jessica. This is Angela, Ben, Lauren, Tyler and you have met Eric and Mike. You're from Arizona right?" I watched as she pointed at people around the table. I said quick hellos to each and turned back to her.

"Yeah, Phoenix." She giggled a bit. Kinda annoying.

"Aren't people from Arizona supposed to be like...really tan?" I looked down at my arms, showing from my grey t-shirt.

"Yeah... I guess that's why they kicked me out." Jessica just looked at me, Mike laughed and so did Tyler. I was sure I saw a glare come from the Lauren girl. The Angela girl just smiled at me. I smiled back and looked down.

"I'm going to the lunch line, want to join me Bella?" I looked up and Angela was getting up from the table. I smiled and nodded. At least she was nice, she seemed more like my kind of person, not like Jessica, who even spoke like she was fake. We talked while we waited in line.

Alice POV

"Come on guys. She is going to be important, trust me. Edward tell them." I looked around at my family who looked at me like I was crazy. I had told them about me befriending Bella. They were not impressed. But they didn't know what I had seen. She was so special. She was going to be one of us. I didn't want to tell them that yet though. For some reason, I felt like it was a secret that needed to stay with me for now. I even kept it from my thoughts so Edward couldn't see.

"How would I know Alice, you won't show me what you have seen." Edward told me, amusement clear in his voice. I gave him a look and he laughed at me.

"I know, I know. Guys, never bet against Alice." I smiled and cheered in my mind as the others looked defeated.

"Rose... you didn't..." I looked at Edward and Rosalie. She had a sour look on her pretty face.

"What did you do?" she turned her attention to Bella talking to those annoying kids at their table.

"I don't care. I don't like her. I won't let some baby come in here and ruin what we have worked our whole existence to protect. I won't be friends with some human." I took an unnecessary breathe and smiled a bit. I knew this too. Rose would never like Bella. I wasn't sure why yet though. She would just learn to tolerate her though like she does with me. It was no secret to our family that Rose and I aren't close. She never warmed up to me. Edward would tell me she felt like I pranced into their family without warning. I knew I was meant to be here. She was just bitter about the existence of vampires.

"Babe, relax. We can trust Alice. It will work out. I'm with ya sis. What's the plan?" Emmett put on a huge grin. I giggled a bit and clapped my hands together. Rosalie would be easier to control with her mate on my side. I looked around the table and got a nodding approval from Jasper and Edward. I began my idea.

"Well, we each have a class with her. Edward, you have biology with her next, Jasper you have history with her, and Emmett you have gym with her. It will be easy to get to know her. She doesn't ask many questions so just give her need to know information. Be nice. Her and I are already getting close like I told you during our second period study hall. She will become quite close to us. But I don't think she is meant to know what we are yet-" I was cut off by Rosalie.

"Yet?? No. Not ever Alice. I'm warning you." She hissed. Emmett put an arm around her and told her to calm down.

"Look I'm sorry Rosalie. But I have seen this. It will happen eventually. Why not embrace it?" She let out a low growl and got up from her chair. She walked out of the cafeteria, making a point to glare at Bella. We all could smell Bella's blush and I put a comforting hand on Jasper's arm to relax him from the scent.

"Alice... Alice no... I can't do this." We turned to Edward and saw him fighting to restrain himself.

"I have never... her scent... Alice it sings to me."

"It's okay Edward. Relax. Trust me please, you won't hurt her. It's okay." He relaxed a little and Emmett started to chuckle.

"Anyway. What is the plan? I'm sorry my wife cut you off Alice..." He grinned real big at me and I smiled back.

"Okay, just... please. For me. Keep our secret by any means. But I don't see her giving us a problem. She is perceptive, but not nosey. So just watch what you say. And get along! Emmett maybe help a little with Rosalie? This will all work out if it goes according to what I have seen..." Edward growled a little playfully noticing I still wouldn't think about my vision. I giggled a bit.

"Just listen to their conversation. She is great." We each stayed quiet to listen to Bella talking to the group.

Emmett POV

"Aren't people from Arizona supposed to be like...really tan?" That annoying Jessica girl asked her. I noticed how pale this Bella girl was. 'Looks like one of us.' I thought in amusement. I heard Edward chuckled from beside me.

"Yeah... I guess that's why they kicked me out." 'Witt too. Sarcastic humour could lighten this group us a bit.' Edward nodded beside me. Her and that Webber girl went to grab lunch and I couldn't help my curiosity. Why was this human so important? Alice was set in her ways about this one. We could trust her though. I just hope this wouldn't cause more trouble than it's worth for Rose and I. Alice wouldn't make us unhappy though.

"Um... no thanks. I'm a vegetarian, none for me thanks." We heard Bella say as the Webber girl offered her meatballs. 'Haha! Vegetarian. She really is meant for us.' Alice and Edward both laughed, though I knew Alice couldn't hear my thoughts. We watched her hang out with those annoying teenagers for the rest of lunch. I shook my head.

"Alice, I hope them and Bella aren't a package deal." Alice laughed.

"No way!" Edward was silent for a moment.

"Um... guys? Is it weird that...I can't read her mind?" I looked at him. That was strange.

"You... can't? Why not? Alice, did you see something about this?" Jasper asked her softly. She shook her head.

"No... the details are fuzzy. We can ask Carlisle at home though. Jasper, can you read her emotions? I can see her future..." He focused on Bella and laughed.

"We don't need to worry about those guys. Annoyance is radiating from the poor girl. Only when that Jessica, Mike and Lauren talk though. They are really the worst ones though." He has amusement on his face. I smiled. Good. She was obviously not a fake idiot like those guys. Maybe this wouldn't be that bad after all.

Edward POV

I waited in biology for this Bella girl. Alice had told me she would end up being sat by me so be ready for the smell, so I don't scare her off. When she entered the room, that Mike guy was following her like a lost puppy. I silently chuckled and watched as she got some form signed. He showed her to the open seat next to me and I held my breath. This better go smoothly.

"Um...hey. I'm Bella." She told me awkwardly as she sat beside me. I smiled at her as nicely as I could. I was sure my eyes were dark by now. I hoped I could control this.

"Hello. I'm Edward Cullen." She nodded.

"Alice's brother, right?" I smiled a little. She watched me silently for an answer. I was internally frustrated that I couldn't hear what she was thinking.

"Yes. Alice told us about you. I was eager to meet you. She is usually a good judge of character." She blushed a little. Here we go. Ultimate test. I held my breath hoping I could stay in control. I managed it quite well. The rest of the class didn't seem as bad. As long as she didn't blush I was okay. After the bell rang, we said our goodbyes. Alice would be pleased.

Jasper POV

I was in panic mode. I could tell I was out of my own control because people around me started to fidget for no reason. I felt bad and tried with all my strength to just remain calm. Alice had told me I could do this. She had full faith in my ability to control my thirst for Bella and I tried my best to believe it. As she walked in, I felt the burn start in my throat. It wasn't as bad as I had expected though. She got a form signed and took the seat in front of me. I felt how uncomfortable she felt as people stared. I decided to help her by sending a wave of calm to her. She visibly relaxed and I cleared my throat. She turned back to look at me and I smiled.

"Hey, you're Isabella Swan right?" She nodded.

"Just Bella though... You're...Alice's boyfriend?" I could sense her uncertainty. I nodded with a smiled thinking of my Alice.

"Yes, and Rosalie's brother. Welcome to Forks Bella. Are you enjoying it here?" I could sense her fear at the mention of Rose. I tried to relax her again. Anything to keep me calm as well. The burning was constant, but not as bad as it could be. She looked thoughtful.

"Well, I don't really like the rain. I'm from Phoenix so I'm used to the dry heat. I miss it." Her happiness radiated as she thought about her sunny home. I smiled.

"I hear ya. I have spent part of my life in Houston, Texas. I much prefer the dry heat too. It's relaxing isn't it?" she nodded smiling. 'This is easier than I thought.' I just couldn't bring myself to crave her blood now that she was a ...person...to me. We had a connection, something I could relate to. I smiled back and we paid attention to the teacher for the rest of the class. Alice would be so pleased.

Emmett POV

I was the first one to the gym to change, as always. No one could match a vampire's speed. I loved it. I was also the only one in the class that refused a partner for obvious reasons. We always had an odd number though...today Bella is here. I was a little nervous that I might not be able to control my strength. I would soon find out though. People started to drift into the gym and I smelled someone new. Bella was there, talking to the weirdo Mike. I didn't need a power to know she was obviously uncomfortable with his remarks. I watched as she went to the teacher to get him to sign a form that she took back to the change room. As she emerged, Mike was on her heels again. I decided it was time to cut in.

"Hello, Bella Swan right?" I had cut Mike off mid sentence, but it didn't look like he was about to call me on it. There was a good seven inch height difference between us. He mumbled a "see you later" to Bella and walked over to his partner, Tyler. I gave her my 'Emmett smile' as Alice puts it, and she smiled back, blushing a little. I felt a slight tightening in my throat but it wasn't anything I couldn't handle.

"Hey... yeah. You're...wait I'll remember. Alice's brother...Emmett?" I chuckled a bit. Alice really did fill her in on us didn't she.

"Yupp the one and only! She told us that we each have a class with you. How did you like the rest of my family?" she smiled brightly.

"Oh they were great. Alice, Jasper and Edward are all very welcoming... Rosalie... uh... well..." I laughed as she stumbled over her words.

"Yeah. She always did know how to make an impression. She'll warm up to you though. Usually my family doesn't associate with other around here." She laughed a bit too.

"So I've noticed. You guys all sit alone, everyone seems afraid of you. I'm guessing I'll be paired up with you because you are the kid without a partner right?" Alice was right. Perceptive.

"Yeah. We are intimidating I guess. People think we are weird."

"Well I don't think you guys are weird. You're family has been really nice to me today. I would have been so lost without Alice." I nodded and we stopped to listen to the teacher. Like she assumed, we got paired together for volleyball practice. Today we were practicing volleying. 'Great.'

"You okay? You seem a little out of place..." She mentioned as I grabbed a volleyball. 'Again, perceptive.' I chuckled a bit.

"In case you haven't noticed, I'm not exactly the gentle type. Most guys standing 6'4 aren't particularly gentle. And volleyball takes a gentle touch." She noticed the size difference between me and the ball I held in my large hand. Her eyes got wide and I inwardly cursed myself. 'Great job scaring her you big oaf.'

"That's okay. I am the least graceful creature in existence. We can laugh at each other." She told me with a chuckle as she walked backwards, creating space for us to pass the ball. She tripping over her feet, stumbling as she went. I had to laugh. 'Guess I'm in the clear. Usually people run scared from us. Especially me.'

"Okay Em. Gently toss me the ball high?" I smiled and stuck out my tongue as she laughed at me. I was very careful, but still ended up tossing it too hard. She had to back up for it. She completely missed the ball and fell right on her ass laughing. I bent over clutching my sides laughing. I hadn't laughed this much in years. If I could, I was sure I'd have tears in my eyes. She laid on her back laughing at us.

"Quite the pair we are eh?" She said as she slowly got to her feet. I retrieved the ball and the rest of the class was full of laughing fits. People were watching, but she didn't seem to notice. Class went by fairly quick and soon we were saying our goodbyes.

"Hey Bella! I'll walk you to your truck?" Mike approached her, doing everything he could not to look at me. She looked to me and rolled her eyes. I smiled amused.

"See you tomorrow Emmett." She turned on her heel and went out to the parking lot. I went to find my family. I was glad that went so well. I smiled my 'Emmett smile'. Alice would sooo love me after this.

Bella POV

I had already let Mike walk me to my truck when I realized I needed to hand in my forms to the office. He had offered to walk with me but I refused as politely as I could, hoping he would take the hint. I really just wanted to walk alone. As I made the walk, I thought about my day. I had met each Cullen individually. Well, all but one. I was a little nervous. Alice, Jasper, Edward and Emmett were all so nice to me. They were a little odd... but nice all the same. But that Rosalie... it was no secret that she hated me. I really hope she can get past it like Emmett said... he would know her better than most I guess considering they were dating. I didn't see how that worked though. Alice and Jasper seemed like they would suit each other nicely. Emmett and Rosalie though...they seemed like exact opposites. 'Oh well. Opposites attract I guess.' I was too caught up in my thoughts to notice that Alice had started walking beside me. This girl was quiet!

Alice POV

"Hey Bella! How was your first day?!" I could practically feel her sincerity and excitement flowing from her. I couldn't help but smile.

"It wasn't bad, thanks. I met your family! They ...all seem really great." I knew the pause was for Rosalie. I shook my head and could hear Edward sigh from across the parking lot. I was so mad at Rose! She better not ruin this.

"Yes they are. And don't worry. Rosalie will warm up eventually. Usually people don't bother with us. I guess she is just used to the privacy." She nodded silently. I hoped she wasn't too put off by it.

"Yeah I noticed. You all seem really great though. It's their loss if they don't want to get to know you. I don't see why everyone finds you so intimidating. I find you interesting." She eyed me slightly, obviously slipping into deep thought. 'Edward! Damn you for not being able to read her.' I giggled in my head. I heard him huff. I smiled again. She seemed to snap out of her thoughts and we continued to the office.

"So Bella, would you like to hang out sometime?" I heard Rosalie growl and the other's breathe uncertainly. I knew it would be okay though.

"Um... sure. Yeah why not?" She seemed a little uncertain too but seemed to warm up to the idea quickly.

"Great! Maybe shopping on Saturday in Port Angles?"

"I'm not that into shopping... but I could do that. I'm sure it will be fun. Uh... in Port Angles? Sure. Did you want me to drive? Or..." I thought about this a moment. Was I sure I could drive a normal speed? I think I can...

"I can drive. I know my way around pretty well so I won't bother you with directions." By now we had reached the office and she handed in her forms. We began to walk back to my family. She must not have realized this because she seemed shocked to be around all of us at once. I hope this wouldn't turn bad...

"Alright sounds great Alice. It was really nice to meet all of you today... Thanks for your help Alice... I'll see you guys tomorrow. See ya." She excused herself and I groaned when she rushed off to her truck sitting alone on the other side of the parking lot, and got into the cab.

"I knew it! Why do we scare everyone away. Jazz this has to work. What do we do?" He smiled down at me lovingly.

"Now, now darlin'. It wasn't us. My beloved twin here scared her off with her glare again. She was perfectly comfortable until Rose instilled the fear." I turned my eyes to Rosalie.

"Rose. I get that you always want your way but for once think about someone else okay? This is meant to work out. I've seen it. So back off alright? For once don't be such a bitch." They all just watched me as I hopped into Edward's Volvo instead of Rosalie's convertible. Jasper climbed into the back of the Volvo and Emmett joined Rosalie, tossing me an apologetic look. I didn't mind though. They were mates. Edward slid into his driver's seat and gave me a look.

"Alice are you sure this is worth it? She is just one little human..." If I could cry, I would probably be fighting back tears of frustration.

"YES! Okay?! Yes. She is worth it. I told you to just believe me! I feel such a strong connection to her and none of you are going to take that away. She feels like family Edward. I just can't tell you everything yet. I need to keep it a secret. Can't you just trust me?" I felt Jasper's calming touch on my shoulder and looked into Edward's soft gaze with pleading eyes.

"Okay Alice. I trust you, you know I'll always support you. Relax. We will do our best. But I don't know about Rose. I can't control her... we can try to help though." I nodded and put my hand on Jasper's as we sped out of the now empty parking lot. I would make this work. She is not just one little human. I could feel it. This one was different.

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