Sam layed on the couch in Carly Shay's apartment, sick in her stomach, all because of the choclates Missy gave her. She tried to convince Freddie that she was trying to get rid of her. But being the Fred-wierdo that he was, he didn't belive her. Man, she just wished she had someone to talk too. Someone who understood her.


-In the iCarly studio-

Carly and Missy were doing iCarly while Sam was sick. Scene shows Carly yanking something out of Missy's hair, with one yank, pulling a whole clump of hair, and Missy fake screaming in pain. Carly laughed.

"And that is the worst way to get gum out of your hair." Carly laughed. Missy laughed as well.

"P.S. iCarly fans out there, that was not my real hair." Missy said, pulling off the wig.

"Okay, next on iCarly--" Carly was cut off by Freddie making a "Psst!" noise to get her attention. "What?" Carly asked.

"Umm. I have to go to the bathroom. Be right back." Freddie lied. Putting the camera down and putting on the portable stand-up camera. "Hurry!" Carly shouted as he stepped out of studio. As Carly and Missy continued iCarly.


Freddie walked down stares, to see Sam on the couch.

"Hey." Freddie said. Sam looked up.

"What are doing here? iCarly doesn't end for another hour." Sam said.

"I know. I came to check on you." Freddie smiled.


"Of course. I was a bit worried."

Sam blushed, and looked away.

"So, do you believe me? About Missy trying to get rid of me?" Sam asked.

"Well, if you think she is, I believe you." Freddie smiled, Sam smiled back.

"So how are you feeling?"

"A little better. I don't feel as sick as I did."



"Yeah, It doesn't feel right upstares, you doing iCarly without insulting me in some way." Sam laughed at that compliment. She had to admit, he was really sweet. Suddently Sam got this desire to kiss Freddie right now, for some reason, They had kissed before, but just to get it over with. But now she just wanted to kiss him because all of a sudden she liked him........

"Well I'd better get back to iCarly." Freddie said knocking Sam out of her trance of thoughts. Sam couldn't take it anymore, she grabbed him by the collar, and smashed their lips together. Freddie who was wide-eyed was dazed, and just sat there frozen, not sure what to think.

Sam parted. To see Freddie's suprised expression.

"Um... I-- I um-- really got to-- to back to iCarly now!" Freddie stammered. Running off the couch, Sam ran after him, before he could go up the steps. Hugging him from behind, on the neck.

"Wait! Don't leave!" Sam shouted. Freddie turned around. Looking into her brown eyes.

"I'm sorry. I just like you okay?" Freddie's eyes widened.

"What?" He asked making sure he heard her.

"I thought it was really sweet for you to check up on me, and I thought you deserved a kiss." Sam said.

"No. The liking me part."

"Oh, I just realized I have strong feelings for you." Freddie felt Sam's head, to make sure she didn't have a teperature.

"Really?" Freddie asked. Sam nodded. They both leaned in for another kiss when Carly came down stares. She didn't even question what they were about to do, she just shook it out of her head. She grabbed Freddie's wrist.

"Come on! We have to finish the show!" She said pulling him up stares, Freddie looked back at Sam, who was looking up at him , as he was being dragged away.