After school, Sam and Freddie were walking out of class laughing at the current events of that day.

"Can you believe that after he woke up, he chased us down the hall and slipped on some water?" Sam giggled.

Freddie, unable to contain his laughter anymore, let it all out, holding his sides for support. "Thats-Thats not even the best part!" He said, choking a bit on laughter. "The funniest is when he fell; he slid right past us and into the janitor's closet!"

Sam laughed. "I know! At least I don't have to worry about doing that book report in his class. He's going to be in the hospital for like 2 or 3 week!"

"You're so bad," Freddie chuckled as they approached their lockers. 'That's what makes me so attracted to you.'

"You know it." Sam said with a confident smirk. As she opened her locker to put her books into before leaving. (Not that she did homework anyways.) Completely forgetting about the bad news Carly told her earlier.

The bell rang, thus ending the school day.

Sam shut her locker, turning towards Freddie who was waiting.

"You ready?" He asked. They were supposed to be walking to his place to hang out.

"Ready." She smirked. But mood suddenly got spoiled as she saw Missy and Carly coming their way giggling.

"Hey Freddie, Sam." Carly said her usual preppy self toward her best friends.

"Hey." Missy smiled toward Sam. Sam inwardly flinched.

"Hey guys," Sam said less preppy.

"Where are you guys going?" Carly asked.

"Actually, Sam and I were just about to go to my place and just hang out a bit."

"Oh Cool," Missy said, her tone full of fake excitement. Which everyone but Carly noticed. "Maybe we can all go together!"

Sam's eyes widened. She did not need to be around the demon right now. Freddie saw the nervousness in Sam's as if she wanted to scream out, 'HELL NO!'

He thought of something fast. "Uhm, well thanks. But-uhm, we have to do some errands for my mom on the way."

'Errands for his mom?' Carly crossed her arms. 'Is he lying to me? What are they hiding that they can't hang out with me anymore?'

"Uhm, yeah! Fred ward here, couldn't do it by himself!" Sam quickly lied.

Missy rolled her eyes. But put on a fake smile before Carly noticed her attitude. "Well okay. We will see you guys when iCarly starts!"

"Yeah, whatever." Freddie said. Both Missy and Carly stood silent as Freddie put the same tone on Missy, just not fake. Sam smiled. 'That's my boy.'

And with that, Freddie walked past both a shocked Missy and a shocked Carly, Sam on his tail. 'How stupid can Carly be? Can she not tell the fakeness from that tramp's mouth? She is totally trying to get rid of My Sam!'

Sam cut his thoughts off by running up next to him. "Dude! That was awesome!" She exclaimed. She hugged him tightly. (Good thing they were the only ones left in the school) Freddie was cut off guard, but wrapped his arms around her waist anyways.

Sam pulled back, just enough to look at his face. "Whose the best boyfriend ever?" 'Did I just say that?' she mentally kicked herself.

Freddie didn't seem to mind AT ALL. "I am." He then went forward and captured his lips in hers. Sam took the time to pull him close to her tighter, savoring his lips.

What they didn't know is a certain brunette was watching from around the corner.

'So, this is what they have been hiding.' Carly fumed as she turned away to go catch up with Missy for the walk home.

She wasn't through yet though, she would deal with the love birds later.