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There was something wrong in Cyclonia. A storm was brewing overhead, pitch black and bruised purple, lit up every other second by a flash of raw white power. Usually, Cyclonis loved the storms. This one, however, just felt wrong.

Cyclonis was intellectual though: one couldn't rule an empire on feelings. She knew for a fact that it was supposed to be hazy but clear skies that night, as she wished to charge her large collection of Lunar stones and update the Cyclonian star charts. The storm wasn't supposed to be there, and for some reason it was. Logically speaking, whoever created the storm—as it couldn't have occurred naturally—must have been powerful. This may as well have been a cover for a full-fronted attack on Cyclonia, but by whom? She knew that the Sky Knights had neither the power nor the organization to pull something together so quickly.

Knowledge was power. Knowledge over crystals let her beat nearly any enemy in a fight. Knowledge over allies let her manipulate them, expanding the Cyclonian empire. She was seated on a throne built on the power of knowledge. Right now, she knew nothing about the storm, only that it wasn't right. Stripped of her knowledge, stripped of her power, she became an insecure, nervous teen.

"Master, you summoned me?" The low voice of her most trusted servant, the Dark Ace, startled her. As much as she wanted to jump, or to whirl around to face him, she retained control. Knowledge is power, she reminded herself. As long as you seem to be in control, they believe you to be in control.

"This storm isn't natural," she replied nonchalantly. She was, after all, commenting on the weather. "I believe it's a cover for an assault on Cyclonia. I want the defensive shields warmed up, all backup power lines ready to go, and all Talons to their skimmers. I want every inch that can be watched to be watched: North, South, East, West, up, down. Until we know exactly what's happening, I want this treated as if it is a fight for the heart of Cyclonia itself. For all we know, it is." With that, she turned, sweeping past Dark Ace to the grand doors of the throne room.

"Where—" the Dark Ace began.

"I've got a bad feeling about this storm. I'm going to ready up my skimmer." The Dark Ace stood gaping, eyes wide with uncertainty. A threat great enough for the Master herself to lead the Talons in battle? Fearful crimson eyes met calm, composed violet. "If I'm not mistaken, you have orders to carry out, Dark Ace. Don't stand around gaping."

Master Cyclonis had set up a console with large crystal display screens and smaller crystal buttons. She was rapidly hitting the crystals as if typing an invisible message. Talons were scurrying around her, preparing their skimmers and weapons for the oncoming battle. The only problem was, as far as any Cyclonian could tell, there was nothing to battle. Cyclonians were preparing rapidly for their unknown foe, fed by their fears.

The Dark Ace was a practical man. Give him something to fight, and he would fight it. He certainly didn't like waiting, or suspense. He stood awkwardly in a corner, his skimmer neat and ready, order amidst the chaos. He felt slightly silly, all this preparation for what seemed like nothing. Striding over to Master Cyclonis, he prepared to tell her that there was nothing to fight, it was just a storm.

He stopped behind her. He wasn't really sure why; for some strange reason, he just felt the need to stop. She was wearing purple and magenta battle armor with a matching cloak. Her armor was made of the finest leather, made by the best Cyclonian tailors, enchanted with crystals and who-knows-what, to be most efficient. It was also skin tight, showing off her beautiful petite figure. A cold shiver ran down Dark Ace's spine.

Like the storm, his thoughts presented a quandary: he somehow knew he shouldn't be thinking them about his Master, but he wasn't quite sure what they were. How can you stop that which does not exist? He raised his hand, banishing all thoughts besides those of the upcoming battle, and tapped his Master on the shoulder to give his report. At least, he tried to.

A thin hand of the palest white snapped up and grabbed his hand, applying the slightest pressure. Flawless purple nails contrasted sharply to the stark white which clutched him. Without even turning around, Cyclonis spoke. "Don't even think about voicing your doubts to me, Dark Ace. We've just lost all long-range communications, switching to the crystal-powered radio system I created a few months ago. This confirms my suspicions; we're under attack."

Knowledge is power. He knew she probably had some perfectly reasonable explanation for knowing it was him, for knowing that he was going to tap him on the shoulder, such as his shadow, or the sound of his footsteps. Still, he would swear that all it took was one look of those violet eyes, and she could read your mind and look into your soul. Knowledge is power. She was Master Cyclonis. She saw all, she knew all, she controlled all. And she was way out of his league.

KABOOM! Suddenly, a huge streak of lightening hit the top of the Cyclonian palace, taking out the power for a second. Cyclonis's fingers moved more rapidly, almost becoming a blur, as she brought the auxiliary systems on line. Then she saw something on a display, something no one else did. "First wave of Talons on their skimmers, circling. Second wave takes defensive positions with energy blasters from the platforms. Ravess, evacuate everyone else down to the defensive bunkers underneath the Wasteland. You're in charge, and you're not to come out for any reason until contacted by me. When everyone is evacuated, the second wave goes, then the first. Move, NOW!" She stalked to her skimmer, only to find her way blocked by Dark Ace.

"What's happening?" he said, fear and anticipation in his voice in equal parts. "Who's attacking us?"

The look that Cyclonis gave him made him more scared than any unknown enemy could be. She just shrugged her shoulders, looking defeated. "I don't know."


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