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A/N: Another one of my one-shot attempts to bridge the gap between 01 and 02 and look at potential ways that Yamato and Sora may have gotten closer. This is a bit different than normal with a different narrator. All fragments, run-ons, and words like "kinda" are intentional, too. Implied Sora/Yamato and some very minuscule Takeru/Hikari. Please enjoy!

Brothers and Sisters

By theladyknight

"Thank you so much, Sora. And on such short notice!"

"Don't worry about it Takaishi-san. It's not a problem at all. It's been ages since I've seen Takeru."

The topic of conversation grinned, showing his one missing tooth, something he was sure Sora would comment on when his mother finally decided to leave. He was glad Sora was here to watch him. This whole babysitter thing was definitely not cool—he was 9; he fought large digital monsters over 10 times his size; he could definitely watch himself for a few hours—but if he had to have someone stay with him, Sora was right up there on the top of his list.

His mother laughed. "He's been talking about it nonstop since you agreed."

"MOM!" Takeru rolled his eyes. It was just like his mother to say things like that.

The two women laughed at his indignant outcry, causing the boy to put his hands on his hips in frustration. This only made the two chuckle harder. "Oh Takeru, honey, I'm only teasing you." She ruffled his hair with her hand, trying to not drop her purse in the process. "You do come highly recommended, though, Sora. Both Takeru and Yamato—the last time I saw him—had good things to say about you. In fact it was Yamato who suggested that I call you if I ever needed a babysitter."

Again with that word? Takeru winced in disgust. I'm not a baby! He glanced up at his mother and could see some regret on her face. Yamato had come a long way with her, but it still wasn't enough in her mind. He now made it a point to stop by, usually once a month, for supper or whenever she needed someone to watch Takeru. However, their mother had hoped to see him a lot more, something Takeru knew his brother still wasn't all that comfortable with.

"I was surprised when you called me, to tell you the truth." Sora nodded her head in quiet understanding. "I had expected you'd ask Yamato to do this."

Takaishi Natsuko smiled at the younger girl. "He's helping his father at the station today. There's a live band performing on the show, and they needed some help moving sound equipment and getting things set up." She turned to look at the clock. "Goodness! I'm going to be late if I don't head out."

"K, Mom," he replied, leaning over because he knew that she wanted to kiss him on the cheek. Mothers. . .

"Be good now, Takeru. Sora, thank you again. I should only be gone for three, maybe four hours, and I'll drive you back to your place when I'm done. What else? Hmmm… you don't need to worry about supper, but if you two get hungry, there are some crackers in the cabinet. Takeru knows where they are."

Sora smiled at the woman, holding the door open for her and offering her the umbrella that, Takeru snickered to himself, was for once where it was supposed to be in the umbrella rack by the door. "It looks a little dark outside, almost like it's going to rain."

"Thank you," his mother graciously replied as she hurried out the door. "Bye kids! Have fun!"

They both waved as the woman sprinted out the door. Takeru had no doubt she'd be late or forget something important that she was supposed to bring; it happened way too much. But as usual, there was nothing he could do about it.

Now was about having fun. As much as he internally grumbled and complained about having to have a babysitter—he was SO not a baby—it was nice to have someone else close to his age to play with. Being by himself was fine, but it got rather boring pretty quickly.

Sora led him into the living room area. "So, Takeru…looks like you have some news for me?"

He gave her a funny look. What could she possibly be talking about? It took a moment, along with a not so subtle point to his mouth, for him to realize it. He grinned as brightly as he could. "I lost another tooth!"

"Didn't you just lose one the last time I saw you?" Sora asked, only to laugh when Takeru nodded proudly. She pretended to wipe a tear. "You're growing up so fast Takeru!"

He giggled, sitting across from her on the floor. "Sora, I'm nine! Of course I'm growing!"

It felt nice to talk to someone different for a change. And it'd be so much fun to play some other games. There were only so many things you could do or play by yourself. Maybe this whole "babysitter" thing wasn't as bad as the name implied.

"So what do you want to do today?" Sora asked, as if reading his mind.

"Dunno." He looked pensive for a minute. Ok…that was a lie. He knew perfectly well what he wanted to do, but he had a feeling she wouldn't want to play. "Well…I mean…if it's not that big of a deal to you…I kinda wanna play," he pulled out a deck of cards, "war."

She stared at him. Yup. She knew that was coming.. "Takeru, we ALWAYS play war, and you always beat me. Every single time. Every single game. Ever."

"There's always a first time for you to win." He smiled brightly at her. Sure, he could play war by himself. It was possible. It was just terribly boring. Sora always made the game interesting because, for some unbeknownst reason, she was terrible at it. Absolutely positively dreadful. But that was always good for some laughs between the two of them.

Sora grumbled good-naturedly. "Fine…but loser gets to choose the next game…"

The fact that it was now downpouring, evidenced by the splatters of rain dancing on the windows, ruined Sora's initial suggestion of going outside. Those were the first words out of her lips upon Takeru besting her in war, for the fifth straight game in a row, in a new record of 3 minutes, 22 seconds. However, the plans immediately got scrapped when she realized it was probably a little too wet for them to head outside, especially considering it looked like an even bigger storm was brewing.

They settled, instead, for playing some of their favorite board games. Takeru wasn't so lucky here. Sora was much better at the many games stored in his toy box, so he conceded the fact—out loud—to her that she apparently wasn't terrible at all games.

"What next?" Takeru eagerly asked, ready to forget about his two straight losses in Chutes and Ladders. It was so easy to have fun and lose track of time with Sora. She was like the sister he never had. "We could go back to wa…"

"…or not." Sora smirked right back at him. "How 'bout we. . ."

A well placed boom of thunder cut her off. They both crept over to the window. The sky was turning much darker and the rain started to beat down even louder, sounding as if there were a band outside serenading them.

Takeru bit his lip. Storms…he wasn't such a big fan of. He regrettably listed off another reason in his head why he wasn't so ticked off about having to have a babysitter. His mom would leave him by himself from time to time but she always made sure that, whenever there was bad weather predicted—though when were those weather people ever right?—he was always with someone else.

The lights began to flicker, and he exchanged a look with Sora. "We better find some candles," she suggested, "just in case."

He led the way over to the cabinet where his mom kept the candles. Sora began pulling them out, only to drop them as a loud buzz rang out. "What was. . ."

"Hey? Mom? Takeru? Anyone up there?"

Takeru bounced on his heals. "It's Yamato! Wonder what he's doin' here." He walked over and pressed the intercom button. "Hi! Sora and I are up here. What are you doing downstairs?"

He could hear the sigh of relief in Yamato's voice when he responded. "Can I come up? The storm's getting worse outside."

Not even waiting for Sora's approval—really, why would she tell Yamato no?—Takeru encouraged his brother to join them up in his apartment. He smiled to himself. He and Yamato had seen a lot more of each other since their Digital World adventure, but try as they may, the entire group didn't get together as much as they said they would. From time to time, they'd meet up, usually in smaller groups, but that wouldn't happen for awhile.

Now, it was like their own mini-reunion.

Sora, in the meantime, successfully managed to pull out five candles, setting them and the matches on the kitchen table. Just in case, Takeru reassured himself. He particularly was not fond of rainstorms that knocked the power out; however, he felt more comfortable than normal knowing that both Yamato and Sora were here in case anything happened. My brother and my pretty-much sister. This is gonna be fun!

As soon as he heard the knock on the door, he sprinted over to let his older brother in. "Yamato!"

"Hey, Takeru. Sora." Yamato cheerfully responded. Takeru found that a bit funny considering how Yamato was dripping wet. If he were the one who'd apparently been caught out in the rain, he would most definitely not be cheerful.

"Yamato," Sora smiled brightly at him. "What are you doing here?"

"I finished early at the tv station so I decided to head home, but the rain beat me too it. I was halfway between here and the station when it really started raining, so I figured I may as well try getting here. You guys are a lot more fun then the people Dad works with."


"I'm just happy you're here with us now!" Yamato smiled at his little brother, ruffling his hair as he walked by. Takeru suddenly glared. "Don't get me wet."

"Wouldn't dream of it, Takeru," Yamato smirked. Takeru gulped, understanding that his brother had considered that. "But in the interest of not getting killed by Sora, I'll let you off this time."

Sora rolled her eyes. "Or you'll end up back outside in the rain.

Yamato's smirk got even bigger as he headed into Takeru's room, presumably to change. "You wouldn't do that to me." It wasn't so much of a threat or plea as it was a statement of truth. Takeru glanced over at the girl who was trying and not doing a very good job of hiding her smile.

Nope, she'd never do that to his brother. Takeru was positive. He always loved being around these two most. The others were all fun and he loved to see them and hang out with them, especially Hikari—he fought some unknown, confusing force that was making his cheeks all warm—but being with these two always just seemed…what was the right word…right, maybe?

He obviously was close to his brother; well, maybe it was better to say that NOW he was close to his brother, the whole digital world thing mending their flimsy relationship. And Sora had always been the one who was there for him when the others just looked at him as a little kid. And since then, she seemed closer to a big sister than a friend. They were the two he was closest to, but he always got the sense that they were somehow really close friends, even if it never really appeared that way at first glance.

They never appeared to get into arguments, from what Takeru could see, and even in the rare instance where they did disagree, they at least attempted to verbally spar with each other until a solution or compromise was hashed out. And they really seemed to just get each other. It was weird watching them sometimes. Whenever they were together, it seemed liked they could talk for hours without any of those awkward pauses or moments when the river of conversation ran dry. There seemed to be a different vibe with them too, not the whole brother-sister thing he knew he and Sora had. He couldn't put his finger on what it was, though.

Maybe it was a teenage thing. He shrugged to himself. He'd find out eventually on his own, or he could always ask Hikari. Gatomon left her with all sorts of "wisdom," as she called it, regarding teenage humans and their many odd quirks.

He shuddered to himself. If being a teenager came with all those strange things, though, maybe he should see if he could stay nine his entire life. But only if Hikari could too.

Yamato returned, dressed in clothes he had left here for days when he did stay over, just as the power finally lost the battle to stay on. "Boy Yamato, you sure got here at the right time!"

"Looks that way."

"Well, it's a good thing we got the candles out just in case." Takeru searched for Sora in the room and found her a second later, glowing behind the light of a candle.

"To say the least." Yamato helped Sora shift candles from the kitchen table to the living room. "So what were you two up to before I interrupted you?"

Sora smiled at him. "We were on—what would you say, Takeru—our tenth straight board game?"

Yamato rolled his eyes. "Go figure. Don't you ever get bored of those games, little brother?"

"Why?" Takeru scoffed. "It's not my fault they're fun. Wanna play war, Yama?"

"No more war!" Sora cut in before Yamato even had the opportunity to react. Takeru smirked as he saw his brother shoot the girl a grateful smile. Yamato was even worse at Sora at war. He suppressed a giggle. If the two of them ever played, it'd probably be the longest game ever!

"Well what should we do then?" Takeru looked around. "What can we do with no power?"

Yamato caught his glance. His brother seemed to be thinking about something. "Ghost stories?"

"NO!" Takeru exclaimed.

Sora and Yamato laughed. "You sure, Takeru?"

"I…I just don't want Sora to be scared."

Sora and Yamato exchanged an amused glance. "That's sweet," she answered, nudging the older blond as he let out a snicker.

"You're a ladies man already, Takeru. Hikari doesn't know what's waiting for her. . ."

Stupid brother. Takeru put his face down, hoping to hide the incessant redness and praying that the darkness was covering everything. "So, about what we were going to do. . ."

Sora was his redemption. She sat down on the floor, patting the ground on either side of her. Both boys sat down, wondering what she had planned. "I think we can tell a story."

Takeru gulped. With the power out, a ghost story was the last thing he wanted. "A ghost story?"

"Not necessarily," she replied. "Here's what we'll do. I'll start. Once upon a time, there was a Patamon who lived in Primary Village." She paused and looked around. "Ok, now one of you needs to come up with the next part of the story. We'll go one by one with each person adding onto the story. You can say whatever comes to you or whatever you can think of. Anything goes."

Takeru's realized his incredulous look matched that of his brother. "Uh…no offense Sora, but that doesn't seem very entertaining."

Sora smiled at Yamato. "Just give it a try, guys. Trust me. I think this'll turn out better than you expect. You're up first, Yamato. . ."

::2 hours later::

"No way!!" Sora and Yamato had both collapsed against each other, laughter completely taking them over. Yamato was the first to recover, and Takeru folded his arms as his brother continued to chuckle. "Takeru, how?"

"It'd be possible," he firmly defended, glaring at both of them.

Sora finally contained her laughter as well. "How, though? There's no way that Patamon could take on a Gazimon on his own."

"But he's got super powers! Remember, he got bit by a spider and then warped into SuperPatamon who has the ability to digivolve into WarriorAngemon and then SuperWarriorAngemon." The two older kids looked at each other again before dissolving into laughter again. "You said anything goes!"

Yamato playfully nudged Sora. "You did say that, Sor. So…I'm fully blaming you for the fact that a mutated Patamon suddenly emerged, saved Primary Village, fell in love with his childhood friend Gatomon, who was engaged to a Gazimon but didn't want to marry him, had to complete in a series of tests by the old guardian Gennai to be declared a warrior, and then finally knocked off the Gazimon with a simple boom bubble. Did I get that all right?"

She smiled sheepishly, face turning an attractive shade of pink. "You're the one who mutated Patamon!"

"Anything goes," he teased, grinning back at her. Takeru noticed that Yamato's smile seemed to grow wider as Sora's blush grew, almost like he was trying to get her to blush.

Takeru smirked. Yamato was always pretty uptight and seeing him relax like this was really entertaining to his little brother. Especially the way he was acting around Sora. Takeru may have only been nine, but he was a smart nine year old (thank you very much!). He might not know all these teenage secrets that Gatomon did, but from what he'd heard—from tv and Mimi rambling on about it in the Digital World—it seemed like his brother and Sora maybe kinda liked each other. That would explain why they don't seem like brother and sister.

"Kids! I'm home." He heard his mother yell from the front door. "Who…Yamato! What are you doing here?"

His brother stood up, offering his hand to Sora in the process. Takeru shook his head, trying to clear it of his last thoughts. He was only nine after all. A mature nine year old, but really, why should he be worrying about all this at nine years old? It didn't even concern him, though truth be told, it'd be way cool if Sora really would be his sister eventually.

He laughed to himself, hurrying over to wear the other three were discussing the rain storm and power outage. This love thing was way over his head, and so something he didn't want to talk about. Girls had cooties, right?

Still, Takeru couldn't help but think his brother and Sora definitely had some potential for the future. He suddenly made a face, realizing he was starting to sound WAY too much like Mimi. Wow…I need something more "manly" to take my mind of this. I wonder if anyone will play me in war. . .


A/N: Meh. Having never been a nine year old boy, I had to go at Takeru's personality the way I envisioned it. Somewhat mature. Somewhat childish. Somewhat scared. Somewhat proud. I hope it turned out fine. I just wanted an alternate perspective on Sora/Yamato, and who better than Takeru, who I think would definitely approve of the relationship. I hope you all enjoyed though. Reviews make me happy and forget about my computer!