I Still Love You

"I've loved you since the 900's"

A gentle kissed was placed on the lips of the young maid that worked for the prestigious Austria by the strong-headed Holy Roman Empire. It ended too soon but the two lovers knew that it was for the best. Fat tears began to roll on the slightly pink cheeks of the maid; Holy Roman Empire wiped a tear away from her perfect skin. She leaned into his hand and rested her head in it with her eyes closed to feel his warmth.

He had to do this.

There was no backing out of his decision.

Holy Roman Empire was going into war to become the greatest in the world.

For his late Grandfather and his lover.

He waved good-bye to the maid as he left through the gates of Austria's mansion. She used the last bit of happiness she could muster at that moment and waved good-bye.

"We'll see each other again! We will! We really will!"

He knew he'd met he again someday.

"No matter how many hundreds of years go by, I'll always love you more than anyone in the world!"

She watched him walk away till he was not visible and the gentle wind carried a message for her.

"I'll come back to you someday my dear Italy."

And so the Holy Roman Empire threw itself into a long, long war.

Exactly 30 years have passed and the promise Holy Roman Empire made to Italy seemed to fade each year. All was calm in the house of Austria with the wind blowing gently and soft music that was played by the owner himself. Hungary, a soft-spoken girl with a calm demeanor and flamboyant attitude, walked the hallways of the vast mansion. The light from the windows showered her green dress and soft brown hair with different patterns. She had a lot of problems to figure out, her mind was busy with finding solutions till a sudden burst of wind blasted a window open nearly shattering the glass.

" He's alive." She whispered to herself.

Austria confined himself in the piano room once again. He was peacefully working on a new piece of music for his beloved Hungary. Yet, he couldn't help feel the difference in the atmosphere then again he should have known that today marked the thirtieth year of that fateful day. But this day had felt different from all the other days that had passed by since Holy Roman Empire had left his home and broke Italy's heart by going into war.

This feeling. Why he couldn't put his finger on it?

It started to bother him, a little too much. He couldn't tell if this feeling was bad or good. Just then the door was swung open with Hungary running towards him. Austria scrambled the papers so Hungary couldn't see his incomplete work that rested on the piano.

"Hungary! What is the meaning of this! I told you that-"

He was cut off by Hungary.

"It's Holy Roman Empire! He's back!"

Austria was stiffened by the news and stared at Hungary with astonishment. Then they both heard a knock on the door.

Not to far away from Austria's home was a field that harbored various colored daisies. Underneath a tree with a swing, laid a young girl that was peacefully sound asleep. Flowers dressed one side of her short honey brown hair and she had a prominent curl that stuck out from the right side of her head, for an odd reason when touched she automatically blushes and starts whimpering for help. Her dress was a pearl pink with a lacy apron that Hungary picked out especially for her on a shopping trip. Thin white knee sock covered her slender legs and beige shoes shielded her dainty feet from the elements.

"Italy." The wind whispered.

Her curl twitched and she slowly opened her eyes to see the sun shining through the trees. She yawned silently into her hand and then proceeded to rub the sleep from her eyes.

"Italy." The wind whispered again.

Italy perked up her head at the familiar voice.

"He's back."

She abruptly stood up and brushed of the flowers off her dress and ran down hill that she slept on.

Now Italy was brought up in the house of Austria ever since the day he took over her nation many years ago. Ever since, Italy worked in his home as a maid but Austria and Hungary raised her like their own daughter throughout the years. As a little girl, she would always want her favorite dish, pasta, almost every second of the day. As the years went by she eventually grew out of her habit or so Austria thought. Hungary would make Italy pasta when Austria was asleep and sneak into Italy's room to give her food. Even though it's not the same as Grandpa Rome's pasta it was still pasta. Everyday Hungary teaches Italy to make dishes, other than pasta, to impress Holy Roman Empire when he comes home even though she doubted he would come back. This time Italy can prove Hungary wrong for she knew Holy Roman Empire was home so they can start a future together.

Meanwhile back at the mansion Austria and Hungary stood next to each other to observe the man who came into their home claming to be Holy Roman Empire. It was not the same boy they knew years ago; he wore white button down shirt with a gold vest that was covered in elegant swirls; navy blue pants that had perfect creases running down the seam. Not only his clothes may have changed from his usual dark blue cape and hat, his looks also have changed. His blonde hair was slicked back to show his noticeable features on his face. His blue eyes remained sharp but had they certain calmness them now. His face was perfectly chiseled that showed the difference between his boyhood and manhood.

"Austria, Hungary, I'm looking for Italy." They were both shocked at how deep Holy Roman Empire's voice has gotten to be.

"Ho-Holy Roman Empire," Hungary started, "When did the war end?"

Holy Roman Empire looked down for a while but then answered.

"It ended a long time a ago."

"How long ago." Austria questioned with some sternness as he wrapped an arm around Hungary's waist.

"It ended five months ago."

"Why did you wait till today to tell us!"

"I wanted to come back on the day I left to let Italy know that I kept my promise."

Even though Holy Roman Empire knew he could have come right home to Italy when the war ended, but the cold, long war left him in a coma for the past three months. He explained everything to Austria and Hungary in detail so they wouldn't hold a grudge against Holy Roman Empire.

"Austria, Hungary, I want to ask for Italy's hand in Marriage."

There was a strong silence between the three till a body dropped and hit the tile floor.

"Austria!" Hungary called out as she leaned over her lover.

"M-m-my Italy! M-m-marrying you?" He managed to say.

"Ah, y-yes I would to marry Italy" Holy Roman Empire was still a bit shocked from Austria's dramatic reaction.

Hungary and Austria looked at each other with some concern. They were pleased that Italy's hand was asked for marriage but they were not sure she would make an acceptable bride.

As Italy was growing up they expected her to grow up into a sophisticated woman in the future, yet things never worked out as planned. One thing is that her hair is extremely slow in growing and so they never bothered to cut it. Another thing was that she looked like a big child; Italy only grew four feet ever since Holy Roman Empire left also her voice hasn't broken in yet. They were not sure if he would find much pleasure with her either since her chest has not reached their full potential and her monthly gift never arrived.

Austria sighed and took a hold of Hungary's hand. They both wanted best for Italy and so they made their decision.

"Holy Roman Empire," He looked at Austria with attentiveness, "We both decided that you may have Italy's hand in marriage."

A smile slowly crept to his face.

"But, we also think that before you ask Italy we want you spend some time with her first. You both have been separated and we feel that you two need to catch up on many things."

Holy Roman Empire nodded in agreement and left with a bow.



"Do you think it'll work?"

"I know it will."

At that moment Italy swung the doors open and called his name.

"HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE?" At that moment he heard her voice and called back. "ITALY! WHERE ARE YOU?"


Italy started running after the voice and she burst into the kitchen only to find it empty. Holy Roman Empire went in to the piano room to see if Italy was confined there and he found nothing. Italy and Holy Roman Empire played a cat and mouse game till they both collided into each other in the foyer and landed on the hard tile floor.

"Ouch, Ah! I'm sorry I wasn't looking at where I was going." Italy quickly apologized to the man on the ground.

"It's okay. Italy? Is that you?" Holy Roman Empire was in complete awe when he saw his beloved Italy. He though she was more beautiful then he remembered.

"Italy, you're so beautiful."

"Um… Thank you but I'm afraid I don't know you."

"What? Italy it's me! Holy Roman Empire!" Italy only shook her head in denial.

"Did Austria put you up to this." She spoke softly.


"Today is the day that Holy Roman Empire left me."

"But Italy-" She raised her hand to stop him.

"I know he paid you to act like Holy Roman Empire just so he won't see me sad again this year."

"Italy, that's not true!" he retorted.

"You sound just like him but I know he's not you." Holy Roman Empire sat in silence. Italy had tears welled up in her eyes.

"He wouldn't have change this much for me. I liked him the way he was." Her words stabbed him in the heart. She immediately got up and headed for the door.

"I'm sorry for your time." Italy choked as she ran out the door.

Holy Roman Empire could only look at his beloved running away from him into the far distant field that they both played in when they were children. Tears began to form in his eyes believing the fact that Italy is in love with his younger self and is still waiting for that boy now.

"Italy, No matter how many hundreds of years go by, I'll always love you more than anyone in the world."

Hungary on was busily working on a new dress for Italy ever since Holy Roman Empire came back. She wanted her daughter to look presentable for her future fiancé; the thought of the wedding flashed through her mind till Holy Roman Empire came through the door.


"Ah, ah, ah, no peeking it's a surprise."

"Oh, uh… Sorry. It's just… I need your help" Hungary set down the fabric and walked over to where Holy Roman Empire stood.

"What going on."

"It's Italy. It seems like she doesn't recognize me."

"Well, Holy Roman Empire I don't blame her."

"Have I really changed?"

"Yes, and it's too much for Italy to handle especially on this day."

"I've should've known."

Hungary put her finger on her chin and thought for only a moment or two till she had inspiration hit her.

"I have an idea!" She took a hold of Holy Roman Empire's wrist and ran into the other room to set her plan in motion.

The day was ending and the sun was setting in the field Italy was in. She picked and gathered flowers and made a bouquet similar to the one Holy Roman Empire made a long time ago for her. The memories of that day rushed to her head and she could not keep the tears back; she buried her face in the flowers so others wouldn't see her face.

"Italy, I'm here for you." Italy knew that voice. She looked toward the tree that had the swing and saw that familiar figure underneath it.

"HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE!" She ran toward him but then tripped and fell into the flowers sending petals flying everywhere. When she looked up he wasn't there, only a painting remained. Italy walked to the canvas to see the image and to her surprise it was the same painting that Holy Roman Empire gave to her before he left. Italy picked it up and hugged it close to her chest.

"Italy." She spun around and in the middle of the field was her one and only dressed in his blue hat and cape holding the same bouquet of flowers that he gave her those years ago.

"It's-it's really you."

She dropped the painting on the ground. Italy ran with tears in her eyes in jumped into his waiting arms.

"Holy Roman Empire it's you!" She cried into his shoulder. He placed his hands on her face and gave her a gentle kiss on her forehead.

"Who else would it be?" The tears stopped flowing and Italy stared hard into Holy Roman Empire's eyes and slowly removed the hat. She cupped her hands over mouth was surprised at the sight she saw.

"It was you from earlier! I should've known!" Italy sounded a bit angry as she looked away. Holy Roman Empire on the other hand was afraid that Italy would reject him again.

"I knew it from the moment you came in the house." Holy Roman Empire closed his eyes and braced for the worst.

"That you are Holy Roman Empire." A wave of relief over came him but there was something that still bothered him.

"Why didn't you think that I wasn't Holy Roman Empire?"

"I knew my heart it was you but needed to make sure it was really you."

"Oh Italy."

"It turns out I was right!" She giggled.

"You gave me a heart attack!" He shouted but that didn't stop Italy from laughing. He sighed and brought Italy closer to his body and rested his forehead against hers.

"I missed you so much." He said.

"I missed you too." She said.

They gazed into each other's eyes and slowly bought their lips together. Holy Roman Empire hugged Italy's body closer and Italy dropped his hat and wrapped her arms around his neck. It brought back bittersweet memories of they separated but it made new memories of how they both reunited. It seemed to last forever till they parted their lips but one wasn't enough. Holy Roman Empire once again placed his hands onto Italy's face and kissed her on every part of her face. In return Italy did the same and kissed every part of his face. Holy Roman Empire proceeded to kiss her neck; Italy rested her hands on shoulders and leaned her head onto his. Once he was done her nuzzled her neck causing her to laugh and rested there for a while.



"I promise to never leave you ever again."

"Do you pinky promise?" Holy Roman Empire lifted his head took Italy's right hand and hooked his pinky onto hers.

"Pinky promise," All of a sudden Holy Roman Empire planted a kiss on her lips,

"With a kiss to seal it." She smiled softly and they both gazed at each others eyes till they saw shimmers of light surrounding them. They looked up to see that fireflies danced around both of them and seem to persuade the pair to dance with them. They didn't need to ask one another to find out what they were thinking about. They positioned their hands on each other like Hungary and Austria did when music was being play, and began to dance to the tune that Austria played when they both were younger. Moonlight by Mozart.

Not too far in the distance was Austria and Hungary watching the two dance in the flower field from the entrance to backyard. Austria then bowed to Hungary and Hungary curtsy to Austria. He offered his hand to Hungary and she accepted his invitation to the lovers dance. Italy placed her head on to Holy Roman Empire's shoulder and closed her eyes to remember this moment. Holy Roman Empire rested his head on Italy's and whispered his words into her ear.

"I love you."

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