I Still Love You

Chapter 2

After a night of dancing in the field of memories it was time for bed in Austria's house. Holy Roman Empire offered his hand to Italy and escorted her to the entrance of the house; Austria and Hungary waited at the door to see the happy couple (and any markings they probably gave each other). Hungary started to hound Italy with questions.

"So, tell, tell, what happened out on the field?"


"Wait!" She reached for a pen and paper.

"Tell me everything in detail."

While Austria laid out the rules for Holy Roman Empire while he was 'dating' Italy.

"If you take Italy on a date I want you to bring her back at eight o' clock. Do I make my self clear?"

"Yes sir."

"If I ever see you ever getting erotic with Italy I will bury you six feet under. DO I ALSO MAKE MYSELF CLEAR ON THAT!"


After the round of tough questions both grew more and more tired each second.

"Yawn… I'm tired." Italy said in a sleepy tone.

"Oh, let me take you to our room." Holy Roman Empire took Italy's hand but before he could take one step Austria and Hungary stop them in their tracks.

"No, No, No! You two are no longer allowed to sleep together in the same bed when you are in my house!" Austria proclaimed.

"WHAT!" exclaimed Holy Roman Empire and Italy.

"I'm afraid I have to agree with Austria on this one." Hungry said in her sincerest tone.

"But Hungary! We've always slept with each other since we we're children!" Italy did make a point but Hungary knows that Italy still sleeps without clothes and with Holy Roman Empire sleeping in the same bed as her at his age is a bit awkward, even for Hungary.


"No Italy, that rule is final!"


"No buts! Now go to bed!" Austria and Hungary said in unison as they pointed each lover to their respected rooms.

As Italy and Holy Roman Empire parted ways they glanced over their shoulder to see each other one more time before they went to rooms for another night of loneliness.

"I love you." Holy Roman Empire mouthed to Italy. She did the same him and fluttered her eyes in his direction. He blew her a kiss in the air and she caught it with her lips. She giggled, he smiled and both went to bed.

Later that night…

"Growl… Growl…"

"Urgh… Maybe that wasn't a good idea."



Italy couldn't stand it anymore it hurt too much, the pain was simply unbearable for one person her age.

Italy was hungry, really, really hungry.

By committing the horrible act of skipping dinner took a toll on the Italian. It was truly torture for her and her stomach; this had to stop now.

Italy tiptoed out of her room and headed down the moonlit hallway till a sudden noise made her little Italian spirit slip out of her body to a safe corner. Italy started to hyperventilate in fear and approaching footsteps became louder with each step. When the moon hid behind the clouds it only made her situation even worse then it is. Then everything stopped but only for a second, the moon came out from hiding to take the veil of darkness away to reveal a pair of glaring eyes that pierced her soul and the silence that use to be.

Italy started to scream at the top of her lungs at the menacing glare that started to form a face that she knew to well (or too little).

"SSSHHHH! Italy, it's me!" Holy Roman Empire tried to hush the maid from waking up Austria and Hungary.

"Ah! You scared meeeee!" She said in a sing-song voice. He couldn't help but smile at her and give a small kiss on her forehead.

"What are you doing here Holy Roman Empire?"

At that moment both of their stomachs growled out the answer.

"Hehe, the same reason you're here."

"Then let's go to the kitchen!"

She suddenly grabbed Holy Roman Empire's wrist and pulled him to the kitchen with food awaiting them.

Once they reached their destination Italy flicked on the lights to see an extremely clean kitchen with everything in its place. Holy Roman Empire didn't remember it earlier but Italy was use to sleeping without clothes on. He turned to see Italy in a pearl pink thin strapped silk night gown that reached down her mid thigh. Holy Roman Empire wished she were dressed in a more girly dress that showed more of her figure but then suddenly remembered Austria's warning.

Italy went to the cabinets and began to rummage though the pots and pans to find the right size mixing bowl. At the same time, Italy made unruly noises with the metal bowls that could wake a whole country if it could.

"Italy! Keep it down! Do you want Austria to hear us?" He said in his softest voice.

"Sorry." At that moment Italy dropped the bowl she was holding and came in contact with the title floor below. The sound rang in the kitchen for second or two and both countries stood in silence to make sure that no one heard.



"Don't do that again."


She set the bowl gently on the counter and went toward the pantry to retrieve an apron from the hook. Holy Roman Empire leaned on the kitchen counter and gazed from Italy from behind. Memories rushed back in to his head as soon as she tied the bandanna on her head; he sighed as he was remembering the time Italy was cleaning his house and he tugged on her apron to catch her attention. He tried to remember her sweet voice calling his name as soon as she turned around.

"Holy Roman Empire." His face was colored with crimson as the voice melted his heart with its sweetness.

"Holy Roman Empire?" He didn't want the voice to stop calling his name.

"Holy Roman Empire are you okay?" At that moment he snapped back to reality to see Italy's concern face. With her hair pinned back he was able to see more of the maid's facial features. He couldn't help but notice how beautiful her soft caramel chocolate eyes were and her lips tinted with a soft pink. She batted her eyes in confusion; he felt the world slowed down when she did that. Italy's eyelashes where long and light brown and almost seem like butterflies flying away every time she blinked.

Holy Roman Empire's stone blue eyes traveled down from her face and started to follow her curved figure that showed more now that Italy tied on the apron around her tiny waist. Her delicate hands entangled each other in the front of her body and shown signs of hard work that she has done for Austria over the years.

He couldn't believe how much Italy has grown up and yet kept youth with her all these years.

"Are you are okay? You look sick." Italy was becoming more worried as she looked at Holy Roman Empire's flushed face.

"Some things never change huh." Holy Roman Empire was still in a daze.

"What was that?"

"Nothing. I'm just hungry that's all."

"Oh! Alright."

Italy went to the pantry and started to look for ingredients to cook.

"Are you planning to make pasta for the both of us." Another memory crossed his mind of when Italy use to complain when she never was feed pasta. He did remember one time that Italy cooked him pasta when Austria wasn't around but was eventually caught. Even thought he liked the food he was given when he still lived in the house he could never forget the taste of pasta she made with her two hands.

"Well… I was actually thinking that I'd make pancakes for the both of us."

This was news to Holy Roman Empire. What happen to the Italy that wanted pasta eight times a day? His heart broke a little but knew that Italy was practicing each and everyday to make him happy.

"It's only three hours till breakfast time so why not!" He smiled.


"Is there anything I can do to help?"

"Hmmm… I know! I need you to get some eggs please!"


He strode over to the basket containing the eggs and took them to pile of ingredients that grouped together on the counter. Italy went to work by measuring and whisking all the ingredients together in a bowl while Holy Roman Empire fantasize about Italy being his wife.

Even though he had his mind on his country constantly, being away from Italy for so long and then returning after thirty years, it was hard not to think about his lover now that they were reunited. Now his mind was filled with thoughts of the future; he would marry Italy and live with her in a quiet villa next to a flower field, she'd be tending to the laundry while their children played outside in the flowers. Wait, kids? It's too early to start thinking about that! He walked toward Italy and wrapped his arms around Italy's waist and inhaled her sweet honey scented hair.

"Holy Roman Empire."


"Do you want to help me mix this." He paused for a moment and then kissed Italy on the cheek.

"Sure." He placed his hands on hers and encased her minute hands in his big, warm hands. He began to follow Italy's stirring motions but was too distracted by her soft skin that rubbed against his cheek. He simply couldn't take it anymore, he planted kisses on her face and made he giggle a couple of times; not even paying attention to what he was doing anymore. Then the kisses grew more passionate with each passing second, his and Italy's breath grew more heavy and Holy Roman Empire began to trail the kisses lower and lower.

"Uh…umm… Holy… Roman Empire."

"Hmm…" He said while kissing he shoulder.

"We're making a mess." He then looked over the bowl to see that it was practically empty due to his sloppy mixing that was egregious since the kitchen was covered in the pancake mix.

"Oh my God! What have I done!" He unknowingly drew back his hand that was holding the whisk and flung the utensil to the other side of the room and dirtied the yellow wall.

"Oh my Goodness!" Italy cried out as she slipped from Holy Roman Empire's grip and to retrieve Hungary's whisk. But as she tried to run to get it, Italy tripped over Holy Roman Empire's foot and grabbed his shirt to catch herself. Holy Roman Empire on the other hand was pulled down by Italy and tried to grab the counter to prevent falling on her but accidentally grabbed the mixing bowl and tossed all the mix all over the kitchen.

Both of them came in contact of the floor and each other. Holy Roman Empire groaned in pain but suddenly realized that he landed right on top of Italy. Italy's face was flushed and covered in the white creamy pancake mix, she was panting hard to regain her breath. Holy Roman Empire looked at her with wide eyes and a growing blush.

"Nghh… Holy Roman Empire," She managed to get out, "You're hurting me."

He realized that he held down Italy by her wrists and when he let go he left red marks.

"I'm sorry…" Italy looked at him with concern.

"I'm such an idiot Italy! Ever since I've got back home I've been doing nothing but going in to my own world and imagining about the future instead of looking what's happening now… I'm sorry" Italy didn't answer she didn't need to. She wrapped her arms around Holy Roman Empire's neck and leaned in with a kiss on his lips.

"There's nothing wrong with that. I always think about the future." She kissed him again.

"I love you." she said.

Holy Roman Empire started to lick some of the mix off of Italy's face.

"Vee~ That's not sweet."

"You make it sweet." He lifted her tiny body on to his lap and licked every mix on Italy's face till it was all gone then pulled Italy in to a passionate kiss. He slipped his tongue into her mouth and he began to explore till his became in contact with hers. Both wrestled for dominance. Saliva dripped down the side of her mouth and she wanted more, she wanted to pick up where they left off earlier but Holy Roman Empire broke off the kiss.

"We'd better get to bed."

"But what about the kitchen?"

"Leave it, we can think of something later." He then helped Italy up on to her feet and turned off the lights in the kitchen.

He escorted Italy to her room and gave a kiss on the backside of her hand and bid her good night. Italy slept peacefully in her room while Holy Roman Empire tossed and turned in his sleep. He couldn't forget the thought of Italy on the pinned to the floor covered in the white mix and panting so fast. He needed to control his thoughts or Austria would get suspicious.

In the morning…

"I can't believe this mess!" Hungary grumbled to herself. When she woke up, Hungary found the kitchen in a terrible state and started scrubbing the kitchen from the sticky mess that seemed to be made hours ago.

"Good morning Hungary." Italy sang as she came in the kitchen with Holy Roman Empire.

"Oh, Good morning Italy. I'm sorry but breakfast won't be for a while today, when I got up this morning I found pancake mix all over the walls."

"Oh dear that's terrible." Italy tried to cover up her smile behind her hand.

"I don't know what happened. What a tragedy." Holy Roman Empire and Italy only giggled silently behind Hungary's back as she worked hard to get the kitchen clean.


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