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This is in response to tortor040396 The Nanny fan fiction challenge. I decided to choose number 2 as my challenge, since I thought it would be great to open up my first fan fiction story with it. Hope you guys and gals enjoy it. Please READ & REVIEW!! Fiction Rated: T

Disclaimer: I do not own The Nanny, just using them for now! Lol

Extra: C.C's sn is BrunetteBabe, Niles sn is ButlerBoy, Fran's sn is FutureMissShieffield, and Max's sn is IHateAndrewLloydWebber


You Got Mail!!

"Goodnight Sir ! Goodnight Miss Fine!" Niles yelled as he walked up the kitchen stairs to his room barely noticing that they yelled goodnight right after him.

"Boy! That Niles can sure be surly sometimes" Fran said as she walked over to the Sub Zero to remove a bottle of water.

"Well the man has been up since 4 this morning because someone's yenta mother decided to have English style pancakes at the break of dawn!" Max said sternly while looking at Fran guzzle the bottle of water.

"Huh?! What?! What'd you say?!" Fran asked as Maxwell just shook his head and turned toward the staircase.

"Goodnight Miss Fine" Max said as he numbly walked towards his room.

"Oy! Everyone gets so mad when I say that…..oh well" Fran states to no one in particular since everyone was already in bed, she slowly makes her way towards the staircase and towards her room where she spots her laptop.

"Hmm! I might as well sign on AIM and see who's on" Fran thinks to herself while she settles down into her bed.


"Oh God its been a long day I just can't keep my eyes open much longer" C.C says as she enters her New York Avenue Penthouse. As she strolls over to the kitchen counter she notices Chester staring at her quite profoundly.

"What you looking at mutt?!" Chester growls at her and slowly backs away towards the bedroom.

"Oh just shut up! Good for nothing dog" C.C walks towards the fridge and pours herself a nice cup of bourbon on the rocks then makes her way to the living room where she spies her Mac on the couch.

"I wonder who's online at this hour, I bet no one except me" C.C. thinks to herself as she plops down on the sofa.

"Oh God I'm even putting myself down in my own thoughts, Gosh! That sorry excuse for a butler is rubbing off on me" C.C. pounds her fist down on the couch dramatically to emphasize her disapproval of that man.

She turns on the screen and clicks on the AOL's little yellow running man to start up AIM then signs in to her sn. Immediately she spots Fran's sn and decides what the heck she might as well hit her up.

BrunetteBabe: Miss Fine what are you doing up?

FutureMissShieffield: Oy! Hi Miss Babcock! Idk, just surfing the web and chatting with Val

BrunetteBabe: Oh sounds interesting! What did Maxwell lose interest in your flimsy attire?

(C.C chuckles to herself)

FutureMissShieffield: ;( Noooooooooooooo. He would never tire of my attire thank you very much. And for your info I am not flimsy, just carefree. And why are you up missy hmm?

BrunetteBabe: Oh God I had to ask. And whatever you say Nanny Fine. I'm up because I finished all my work unlike some people I will not mention!

(Fran rolls her eyes)

FutureMissShieffield: Oh please Miss Babcock you're up because you have less of a life than I do! And I do so work, just not on Fridays cause I have a manicure appointment and not on Saturdays cause me and Val go husband hunting!

BrunetteBabe: AH HA! I KNEW IT!! I'm so telling Maxwell on you!!

( "Oy! This can't be good!" Fran says to herself)

FutureMissShieffield: Miss Babcock could you at least for once in your life be nice to me, I mean what have I ever done to you?

BrunetteBabe: Ummmm No!! and nothing I just like to see you suffer

(C.C. laughs in her throaty way)


"Oh! I'm so pathetic I shouldn't have called her a fat cow" Niles said to his computer as he signed onto his sn.

"I wonder if Miss Fine is on so I can discuss this with her" Niles signed in and noticed Miss Fine and Miss Babcock were already online and engaged in a chat room session and decided to go in.

BrunetteBabe: Are too!

FutureMissShieffield: Are not!

BrunetteBabe: Are too!

FutureMissShieffield: Are not not not not not!!

(Niles chuckles to himself as decides now is a good time to jump into the conversation)

(ButlerBoy has signed into the Chat Room)

ButlerBoy: What are you two knuckle heads arguing about?

BrunetteBabe: Oh God not dust mop!!

FutureMissShieffield: Hiya Ni-yules!! Ignore her! She's just mad cause I told her that Lorenzo is not marrying Julia on Bold and The Beautiful!

ButlerBoy: Oh Miss Fine you know I never pay any attention to her, animals such as her just yap and yap to get attention from their masters ;)

BrunetteBabe: Can it Lysol! You are not my master!

FutureMissShieffield: Oy! Here we go again

ButlerBoy: Well at least you admitted you were an animal ;)

BrunetteBabe: Oh I'm going to get you!!

(Niles Chuckles to himself)


"I don't know why Brighton decided on getting me a computer! I haven't got the faintest idea on how to turn it on!" Max said to himself as he fumbled with the contraption.

"Nilesssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!" Max yelled for his friend

BrunetteBabe: I know Nanny Fine I could just die from excitement!

ButlerBoy: You say it but you don't mean it!

FutureMissShieffield: LOL good one Ni-yules

(C.C. seethes through her teeth)

BrunetteBabe: YOU!!….YOU!!

ButlerBoy: You what? Hmm?

BrunetteBabe: Oh can it!

FutureMissShieffield: Hey Ni-yules I think Max is calling for you

ButlerBoy: Oh you're right! thanks Miss Fine, lemme go see what he wants before he goes insane Lord knows he can't do anything without me by his side

(C.C and Fran laugh)

ButlerBoy: BRB

FutureMissShieffield: Kk, hurry back

BrunetteBabe: Oh who cares just go!! and please take your time! ;)

(ButlerBoy went away)

"You bellowed sir?" Niles asked as he entered his boss's bedroom.

"Uh yes! Niles old man I seem to be at dead end with this machine. How do you get it to turn on?" Niles rolled his eyes and thought to himself "How'd I get here and he got there I'll never know!"

"Sir, you just press the on button on the front then click on any icon with your mouse" He turned towards the door seeing that his words seemed to click into his very dense friend's brain.

"Oh, well…..ummm very well thank you old man….uh Niles Goodnight" Max said as he turned back onto his computer.

"Yes, and a very goodnight to you too sir" With that Niles walked back into his room and resumed the conversation.

FutureMissShieffield: Oh please please please please Miss Babcock can you tell me who you have a crush on, I won't tell anyone I promise.

(C.C rolls her eyes)

BrunetteBabe: For the 100th time No Nanny Fine. I will not tell the captain of starship YentaPrise my crushes name! and thank God you don't have a microphone now I don't have to hear you whining!

FutureMissShieffield: I am not a yenta, I just like to tell stories and listen to them ;) and are you saying my voice is annoying?!

BrunetteBabe: Not saying, telling!!

(C.C. chuckles)

FutureMissShieffield: Oy! Miss Babcock you will tell me!

(ButlerBoy has returned from away)

ButlerBoy: What does CaCa know that she won't tell you?

BrunetteBabe: Stop calling me CaCa!!

FutureMissShieffield: Who she has a crush on. She says I'm a big yenta and that's why she won't tell me.

ButlerBoy: Whatever you say CaCa ;) and I'll get it out of her for you Miss Fine!

BrunetteBabe: No you won't Pam man

FutureMissShieffield: Thanks Ni-yules ;)

ButlerBoy: No problem Miss Fine, and Pam man? That's very creative. Running out of ideas there Miss Babcock?

(IHateAndrewLloydWebber has signed into the Chat Room)

IHateAndrewLloydWebber: Well hello everyone!

FutureMissShieffield: Hi Mista Shieffield!!

IHateAndrewLloydWebber: Hello Miss Fine. Interesting Screen Name

FutureMissShieffield: ;) Thanks

ButlerBoy: So, I see you finally figured it out sir

IHateAndrewLloydWebber: Oh yes I did thank you Niles old man

ButlerBoy: No problem sir, glad to be of service

BrunetteBabe: What'd he do? Mop up a coffee spill?

(C.C laughs while Niles rolls his eyes)

ButlerBoy: No for your information I helped him with his computer problems

IHateAndrewLloydWebber: Yes C.C. as a matter of fact he did, you could be nicer to Niles you know!

BrunetteBabe: Sorry Maxwell ;(

ButlerBoy: Ha! The witch got in trouble

BrunetteBabe: Can it Rag doll or I'll fix you like I fixed Chester!

IHateAndrewLloydWebber: Niles you too, be nice to C.C.!

ButlerBoy: Sorry sir, she started

BrunetteBabe: Did not

ButlerBoy: Did too

BrunetteBabe: Did not!!!!!!

FutureMissShieffield: Oy! What are we going to do with these two?

IHateAndrewLloydWebber: Idk Miss Fine, I just don't know!………

This is what I got so far for chapter one, if you guys liked it please leave a comment if you want me to write more, and leave any suggestions I'm always open to them.