Vicki was adorable. That's how she lured them in. She was young and pleasant, and impressively accomplished for someone of her age. She was the perfect siren with which to disguise the true scheme of Dr. Vicious. Leading unsuspecting victims to their unfortunate ends.

Vicious. Such a hostile adjective. Evoking images of feral dogs and hardened criminals. Vicki was far from vicious.

She was good with children. Talented. Warm and inviting. All the things Dr. Vicious was not. Well, aside from talented...

The Doctor cringed to think how she could possibly have gotten herself so enmeshed in the warm fuzzy life of Vicki Gustafson. But it was working. This parasitic relationship was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Bwahahaha! Vicious laughed like a maniac at her own awful pun.

And I'll definitely be making this all up to you, Billy-buddy, she thought as she flashed an evil grin to herself in the rear view of the roaring motorcycle.