Whips, Chains, and Prisoners of Love

Chapter 1: The Mission

Draco had been on the mission with four other Death Eaters that had been assigned to capture Hermione Granger in hopes of getting information out of her. He hoped that she had been bright enough to get out of her home, partially because he didn't particularly care to see her, but mostly because he didn't really hate her, at least not enough to want her to go through what Voldemort had in store. Much to his displeasure, however, the five men found her, wand stuffed into the pocket of her jeans, in her kitchen. Her parents were gone already and she looked to be finishing up a few tasks before her departure. Too bad for her, the Death Eaters had shown up before she had had a chance to leave.

The young Malfoy didn't take part in subduing her; his father took care of that. He was glad that it was his father who had stepped forward. He certainly didn't want to tie her up and the other oafs that were in attendance would have made it much harder for her. Fortunately Lucius didn't want much contact with her as he thought of her as filth. Draco paraded in with the rest of the men, pretending that he was pleased about the new prisoner and hoping to hell that the Dark Lord wouldn't see through his façade or use legilimens to find out the truth. He would pay dearly for his softness, he knew. The Dark Lord was much more interested in taunting Granger, however.

"I don't expect you to give me any information right off," Voldemort drawled viciously as the muggleborn struggled against her bonds. "It wouldn't be much fun if you just give it up…I want to get some use out of you."

Draco noted that she was fighting against the magical bonds until her wrists and ankles were red and near the bruising point. He silently urged her to calm down, but of course she was ever indignant and rebellious. "You will be some fun!" the Dark Lord said with a smirk. Hermione was Crucio'ed several times and taken down to the dungeons after she could stand up on her own no longer. Just as Draco was about to slip off to his bedroom, the snakelike voice of Voldemort stopped him in his tracks. "I hope you'll enjoy my gift to you, Draco Malfoy. You shall have that filthy mudblood as a slave…and you'll get to entertain us all with her…attributes."

"Thank you, Master," Draco responded, bowing deeply and trying to sound grateful. He hid his distaste well enough and was let go. Once inside his room he flung himself onto the bed, cursing Granger for being stupid enough to stay in her house. There were others whom the Dark Lord had given as slaves and all had been used predominantly as sexual shows. He did not enjoy the knowledge that he would soon have to penetrate Hermione Granger in front of a live audience. His father would be unhappy about the arrangement, but would accept it as Draco's recognition as being properly initiated into the Death Eaters. 'Don't sully yourself, Draco,' would be the only advice he would get.

He sighed as he stared up at the black silk hanging from the canopy of his four poster bed. He knew that the decent and human thing to do would be to warn his former classmate of events to come, but Draco didn't feel quite up to it. He would probably end up gloating over his mastery of her, which was appealing, but he didn't want to be the one to tell her she would be spread and fucked in front of all of her enemies. He closed his eyes, praying for sleep to come and over take him, but he was left wanting.

Hours later Draco dragged himself tiredly from his bed. He had finally gone to sleep just before dawn, but his alarm went off shortly after, marking his appointment with his new slave. He had to prepare her for the coming evening, he had decided as he lay awake the previous night. Early morning was the safest time for him to see her without being under suspicion, so he crept quietly toward the dungeon of his family manor. Goyle and Crabbe Sr. were sleeping against one another in the main hall as he passed and he rolled his eyes at their stupidity. There was no one else up and about, fortunately for him, as he made his way down to where Hermione was being kept.

She was dozing fitfully in one corner of her cell, he saw immediately; the bread left by her abductors untouched in a plate on the floor near the bars. Draco slipped inside the cell quietly and cast a few quick silencing charms and protective barriers before she was fully aware that he was with her. "What are you doing here?" she demanded, getting quickly to her feet.

"What do you think I'm doing, Granger? Having a tea party?" He rolled his eyes once again at the ignorance in his presence and felt more annoyance at the fact that she had put him in such a position by being caught. "I've come to warn you about what's going to happen."

"What, are you my fairy godmother or something?" she asked, glaring at him, obviously miffed that he and his lot had taken her captive.

"No, you git. I'm your master. You've been given to me as a slave," he told her, relishing the look of horror on her face, then growing serious again when her realized what that entailed.

"You will never be my master, Malfoy!" she declared.

"Just shut up, will you?" he asked. "I'm doing a decent thing, here."

Hermione huffed up, but didn't say anything further. He took a deep breath as she gave him a once over. "You're to be given to me to break in publically. After that you'll be stuck in my service for the rest of your life…or until that idiot friend of yours manages to defeat Voldemort. You can look forward to quite a lot of years in service, if it's Potter you're depending on, though."

"Shut up!" she demanded, but he ignored her.

"I have to do this…" He wasn't sure if he meant the 'breaking in' or the speech, at this point. He simply wanted to get everything off his chest and be done with the thing, but Granger was being difficult, as always.

"Do what?" she asked impatiently, cutting him off again.

"I'll be shagging you at tonight's party so just get ready…" he said turning back to the door of the cell. Her sharp intake of breath was barely audible.

"Malfoy," she said quietly as he sealed her cell back.

"What is it?" he asked tiredly, simply wanting to get back to his own bed and try to get some sleep in.

"You can't rape me!"

"Can and will," he told her, not enjoying it as much as he would have thought.

"I'm a virgin," she said so quietly he almost missed it.

"What?" Draco was taken aback.

"You can't shag me," she told him, her voice stronger this time. "I'm a virgin!"

"That will only provide greater entertainment value," he said with no malice in his voice. She stared at him, shocked for a moment, then started in again.

"Really? I thought you had grown up a bit. Apparently I was wrong! You must really hate me to be willing to take everything I have! I won't give you anything!!! You'll never get me to talk about any of Harry's plans!" A single tear streaked down her face, but he blocked it out of his mind.

"I'm sorry. I don't hate you as much as you'd like to believe, though you are thoroughly annoying and a disgusting mudblood. I don't want to do this anymore than you, though."

"Then don't!" she suggested.

"And be thrown in here? Think again, Granger. At least after the show you'll get a bed. I'll put some mattresses in the floor for you…just don't get any of my things dirty." His sneer was a shadow of what it had once been and he realized just how much he had changed since the beginning of the war. He would never be a muggle friendly wizard, but he was coming to hate Voldemort more and more as his family was disrespected and punished for the failures of the entire group, time after time.

If Hermione made any other protests, Draco was too tired to hear them as he ascended the stairs leading to the more used part of the manor. He shuffled tiredly up the stairs to his room after getting past the still slumbering guards and fell into his bed. He was asleep before he even hit the mattress.