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Summary: AU "You have 24 hours to find a bride. Use it wisely." Ren/Kyoko.

HEADS UP!! This is AU: Alternate Universe, this means that the characters plots and backgrounds are wholly different from the original. There will be a few OOC, but I'm an author who doesn't stray far from a character's personality, and rest assured whatever OOC there is will be explained clearly on later chapters. So please don't judge my story as OOC without completely grasping the content of it, for you will only look foolish. I write the story, and I know where it's going and it's definitely not going to be a super OOC Skip Beat story like everyone else.



0000 hours


It was another peaceful night.

Silent, comforting and simple.

The everyday routine life of one corporate leader and bachelor life of Ren Tsuruga.

The still night and calming darkness enveloping his cityscape get-away did nothing to disturb the regular serenity. Nights like these were rare and precious, every second shouldn't be wasted, and every hour longed to be just a bit more.

If he were a regular man, he could afford such free times, for leisure or even for just a fragment of relaxation. But as it was, he was not a regular man...or even a man for that matter, so says his colleagues and many other women. But he wasn't one to judge himself. He had always knew he was above others, and therefore everyone else's opinion does not matter.


As much as he love his sleek and modern city condominium, there were at times that he wishes to destroy it.


Particularly one vexing phone.

There was a reason why he turns of his cell phone...and another reason to throw the goddamned thing on the wall.


He rolled over onto his side, blanketing himself further from the onslaught of rings that reverberated around his room with annoying insistency.


And it wasn't to be answered by anyone soon, except him. And sandwiching the pillow over his head wasn't working either. If his secretary were here, he'd laugh at the absurdity of his superior childishly ignoring a phone call.

A phone call on a perfectly beautiful night.


It wasn't fair. It was 12AM...on a bloody Sunday. Couldn't work just wait until its due time?? Like say, Monday?


Apparently not.

Ren heaved a deep frustrated sigh, tossing his covers and running a ragged hand over his face and combing back his hair. Cold air seeped through his skin as goose bumps rushed to crawl up his arms and legs.


His clock read.


This better be good.

Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, he stumbled out of his room and pass his especially designed salon, trudging around his kitchen to his left that held his personal office. In nothing but his boxers, his motions were sluggish, but the bright city lights from his windows offered him guidance towards his office.


Reaching his the room, he flipped open one of the lamps, and slowly sat himself on his awaiting leather seat, hissing at the cold contact from his body.

This might as well be the last time he was going to use this phone.


"If this is about paperwork, Yashiro, I'm demoting you—"

"Is this how you run your company??"

The hard-edge and seemingly old voice from the other end made his spine stiffen.

"Hizuri Kuu." the venom in his voice didn't go unnoticed.

"That's father to you, Kuon." the tone bit back with offense.

"As far as I'm concerned," normally calm, russet-colored eyes turned to icy contempt, "My father is dead."

"Hahaha—!" he laughed, and as abruptly a violent cough stopped him from his twisted sense of humor. Ren listened, narrowing his eyes as a knot formed in his stomach. He knew the old man was odd in all his ways, but his laughter was misplaced in such a time.

"Of course, of course," he could still feel the emotionless mirth in his father's tone, "In due time, Kuon. In due time, it seems."

And the knot dropped to his feet.

"See me here in less than an hour." Hizuri wiped all traces of humor from his voice, and nearly whispered, but his demand brook for no arguments. "You don't have much time, boy."

A silent click and the line went dead.

Ren glared at the phone.

And abrupt and random call from his biggest shadow. It was anything but welcoming.

Hizuri Kuu maybe a father of his flesh, but he was neither of heart and mind. He was nothing more than a company rival. A cruel and vicious president worth of billions in dollars. There was not even an inkling of warmth or compassion from such a harrowed man. A suffocating world...it was enough for him to abandon the family altogether and start his own. For seven years he built an empire solely from his blood, sweat and tears, and had removed himself from the silhouette of his father's great oil kingdom with nothing to credit his name.

But this one abrupt and random phone call suddenly threw him back to his past.

A past that will bring a future he could either succeed or fail.

And the night was ruined.

He gripped the phone tightly to a fist, eyes glinting eerily with silent resentment. With an angry flick of his wrist and a whoosh of air, the phone slammed itself solidly across his adjoining bookshelf, scattering a few leather books on his floor.

Inhaling a deep cleansing breath to assuage his nerves, Ren rolled his shoulders back and stood to his full height. He was to meet his father sometime soon anyways. He could never escape from his all-searching eyes.

'But this better be good...' was his last thought as he prepared himself to meet the man from his shadows.



0000 hours


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