Okaaaaay! It's the bloody freakin' new year and where the hell are the updates? I know. I probably can't expressed my deepest apologies other than writing this half-assed excuse that I was preparing for my bunker. Fuckin' Mayan calendar was a floozey.

I kids. But 2012 was a year of grind. Uuugghh... Between work and studies it was basically the 'stuck between a rock and a hard place' situation for me and I couldn't find the right time to just sit down and unwind. And I at least owe you guys some explanation for the year long break off, and believe me it's not only from writing but also in the social sites (facebook) and other 'computer-related' stuffs in regards to things other than my studies. I've been so focused on other things lately besides my studies and family-related stuff that I completely forgot the plot of this story. No joke. That, and my last read of Skip Beat was a few months back, but I'm super happy about the development, as you all are, so I'm hoping this could get my writing spirits back.

In other news, I am at a crossroads for 6.8.12. After the military styled/themed chapters and the events leading up to the wedding...which was, after much consideration - I think, was unnecessarily long. I'm trying to get into the core of Kyouko and Ren "getting along" with their fake married life, and I'm coming up blank. It is not coming to me easy. My page shows about 600 words in total for the last time I tried to sit down and finish chapter 13, which is far cry from my promise of 4-6k words. And I keep changing my approach and settings of the after wedding situation. Basically speaking, I hit a massive writer's block.

I am, however, trying to work my way through it though and hoping to get a bit more inspiration from the massive influx of reviews I received from the past year. And you guys are the best readers a slowpoke writer like me could ever hope for. I am truly thankful for all the support which in turn gives me a boat load of guilt since I can't give back anything to you guys. But honestly, once I work out all the kinks in the story, I could hopefully get out more updates in the future.

In the meantime, I also have another Skip Beat in the works...but I won't be putting it up until 6.8.12 is updated. I'm restraining myself here, kids. But this new fic is going to be pretty different from the rest of the genres. Also, lately I've been frequenting fictionpress, which is funny coming from an avid nonfiction/biography bookworm, but I do like different, muddier plots from time to time and I'm working on an original story myself. So if you guys have anytime to wander around fictionpress, I've got some pretty nice faves in there to checkout as well.

Lastly, Thanks to Everyone who has my stories...or rather my several stories of SB in their faves and alerts. It really means a lot to me that you guys take the time to review and remind me that my stories are worth waiting on. I am trying to sort out my story priorities this coming week and hopefully - although no promises, I could get through chapter 13 sooner than later. Definitely not a year later. Muchos love to all you guys, and I'm sorry again that this is not the update you're looking for, but it will come.

Chick peas!