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Rukia woke up with a shriek as Byakuya pushed a button in her ear and a large honk came out of the machine. Rukia's blankets fluttered back and off the bed, Byakuya put down the sound machine and laughed. Rukia glared at him and threw a pillow at him.

"That was not cool Byakuya! Where is Hisana?" Rukia asked, Byakuya pointed to the door with a thumb and Hisana entered in wearing a black pencil skirt and a white blouse, she tip toed to Byakuya and kissed him right in front of Rukia. This was practically Rukia's life, she was a Kuchiki, and she lived in a mansion thanks to Byakuya, and her older sister Hisana married him at a tender age of thirty. They were now thirty five, and Rukia was eighteen. Hisana giggled as Byakuya put a hand on her waist and pulled her close and kissed her. Rukia rolled her eyes and threw a plush purple pillow at them.

"Hisana, can't you do that somewhere else? I don't mind it, but god damn, please!" Rukia pleaded and Hisana looked at her with devious purple eyes as she pulled on Byakuya's tie and led Byakuya out of her room, Hisana peeked in at Rukia before she closed the door.

"Have a nice day at school Rukia! Good bye, and remember, we have company later for that ball!" Hisana said before she giggled as she led Byakuya by his tie to their bedroom. Rukia sighed as she grabbed a white strapless dress and a white mid riff open shirt jacket with purple and black butterflies for the design. Rukia took a shower, brushed her teeth, washed her face, and put on some makeup and slipped on her clothes. She grabbed her purple silk bag full of necessary stuff for school which included her black sleek sidekick with guess what? Butterflies on them that were made of different jewels, she still thanked Byakuya for it to this day and her IPod that had jewels encrusted on it. Rukia jumped down the stairs and the chef gave her a brown bag for her lunch and gave Rukia a bagel with cream cheese and on the go smoothie and Rukia bid them all goodbye. Rukia slipped on some white flats and jumped out of the Kuchiki mansion door and waved to Matsumoto, Renji, Orihime, Ichigo, Hisagi, Kira, Tatsuki, Orihime, Uryu, and Chad who were right out of the gates waiting for her. Rukia opened the gates and bounced next to Orihime, Matsumoto, and Tatsuki.

"Good morning everybody, how was your summer?" Rukia asked as she shoved her lunch in her bag and nibbled on bagel. Everybody looked around for Byakuya and Hisana and then arched a brow.

"Hey Rukia, where is your brother and sister?" Hisagi asked, Rukia nearly choked on her bagel as they asked where Byakuya and Hisana were, it was true, for the past two years, Hisana and Byakuya had walked with Rukia and her gang watching at Rukia and when they parted ways, Hisana and Byakuya would go on a limo to work.

"Oh, they are in their bedroom." Rukia replied calmly and everybody winced as they were grossed out at the statement Rukia just made, but Rukia didn't do anything, she just ate her bagel and swallowed the rest of it.

"How can you not be disgusted by that Rukia? I find it impossible." Ichigo said, Rukia sipped her smoothie and rolled her violet eyes.

"It's not really a big deal, and besides, I know who you have been doing it with." Rukia sang in a sing song voice and Orihime and Ichigo turned red, they were holding hands and Rukia dug through her back and passed everybody a stick of gum and Rukia stuck one in her mouth, leaving it out in the open in the air as she dug through her bag for her phone. Rukia got out her phone and shoved in the gum in her mouth and chewed as she texted Shirayuki. Even though Shirayuki was a teacher, Rukia had known Shirayuki for a long time, and Shirayuki was only twenty one, but they were best friends. Rukia was texting when Matsumoto nudged her, everybody stopped their chattering, Rukia looked up at Matsumoto, and everybody had stopped.

"Rukia, Momo and her bitches alert!" Matsumoto whispered and Rukia rolled her eyes as she shoved her phone in her bag and then Momo and her bitches sashayed to Rukia's group, if you asked who the leader was in Rukia's group, it was Rukia, she handed Momo and her clones. Momo looked around and gave an evil smirk.

"Oh look, it's the midget group." Momo said evilly and her followers snickered, Rukia rolled her eyes.

"I wouldn't say anything midget bitch, now get out of our way Momo." Rukia said as she crossed her arms and Momo arched a brow and made an amused laugh.

"As if I would move for you Rukia, why don't you go run to your boyfriend Kaien?" Rukia hmphed and snorted and wish her phone hadn't rang; Rukia got her phone out and saw it was from Shirayuki. Rukia flipped off Momo making her gasp and Rukia opened up her phone.

"Yeah Shirayuki, what do you want?" Rukia heard panting and squeals and giggles from the other line.

"Yeah, hey Rukia, I know this is going to kill you, but Hyorinmaru is so horny! Can you go get us some protection on your way to school? I'm going to hold off, and besides, school doesn't start for another hour!" Shirayuki giggled as she tried to tell Hyorinmaru to stop kissing her neck, Rukia rolled her eyes and began to sift through her bag for her wallet.

"Fine, but you are treating me lunch, are you going to the dance tonight at my house?" Rukia asked as she pulled out five dollars, Shirayuki squealed and then heard chains clicking, Rukia smirked, and Shirayuki had put chains around Hyorinmaru to tie him to a chair.

"Yeah, of course I am I'll see you later; I have to deal with a horny husband." Shirayuki said, Rukia clicked off her phone and Momo looked at her confused.

"Who was that?" Momo demanded she was angry at Rukia for taking a phone call in the middle of their fight. Rukia rolled her eyes as she glared at Momo,

"It's none of your business, me and my gang have to go, so long for now bitch." Rukia snarled and then motioned for everybody to follow her. Rukia motioned for everybody to go follow her to the store and everybody looked at her.

"Seriously Rukia, why did Mrs. Shirayuki call you?" Orihime asked, Rukia rolled her eyes as she pushed open the doors to the Urahara shop which one of the teachers owned at her school, and Rukia knew that Yoruichi had her day off today and would be running the store.

"She asked me to pick her up some protection, Hyorinmaru is going crazy." Rukia said as they shifted through the aisles and Rukia picked up a box and then they walked to the counter, Yoruichi raised a brow.

"Hey Rukia, what are you doing here and what the hell are you holding?!" Yoruichi exclaimed as Rukia put the box on the counter; Rukia pulled out the five dollars and gave it to Yoruichi.

"You know Hyorinmaru is on one of those days." Rukia whispered and Yoruichi smirked and handed her three dollars in change.

"I knew I heard noises last week from her room." Yoruichi said, and then everybody waved at Yoruichi. "Alright, good bye kids, now remember my summer assignment is due tomorrow!" Everybody groaned as they walked off and saw Grimmjow and Nel walking towards them, with their hands intertwined together, they joined the group and started to talk. Rukia was walking and looking at her IPod as they walked down the road, Rukia stepped into the road on accident and then a car was about to come. Everybody yelled at her, but she had the music on so high she didn't notice it until she looked up and saw the car coming at her, then Rukia saw a flash of white and then Rukia squeezed her eyes shut. Rukia waited for the car to crash into her, but when Rukia opened her eyes, it met directly with a pair of deep emerald eyes looking at her. Rukia looked down and felt his arms around her waist and she blushed and he released her. Rukia looked at him, he had snow white hair which was in spikes, he was currently brushing off his dark blue jeans and black button up shirt which he had his sleeves rolled up. Rukia had to admit, he looked damn fine. Rukia brushed off her dress, thank god her IPod wasn't damaged. Rukia looked up at him.

"Thanks for saving me, I owe you." Rukia said, the guy nodded and then look at her.

"It's no problem, but you might want to be careful, not a lot of people can save you all the time." The man said his voice husky and Rukia figured he was the same age as her. She stuck out her hand,

"I'm Rukia, Rukia Kuchiki; it's nice to meet you." The guy took her hand and gave it a good shake.

"I'm Toshirou, Toshirou Hitsugaya, it's nice to meet you, and I should be going now." The man then shoved his hands into his pockets and nodded at her and then walked off into the different direction. Rukia looked at him and then she looked back at her friends who were smiling like crazy. Rukia glared at them.

"What the hell is up with all of you, you guys have that look on your faces!" Rukia said, they looked away and whistled Rukia felt a vein pop. "Seriously guys, what is up with you?" Rukia asked, they smiled at her and gave her a wink.

"Don't worry Rukia, it's nothing, now come on, let's go." Matsumoto said and Rukia glared at them before walking with them.


"Eh Toshirou, you alright, we thought you were almost a goner." Iba said, Toshirou rolled his eyes and leaned against the wall.

"I'm alright, but that Kuchiki, she sure needs to pay attention more." Iba stuck a cigarette in between his lips.

"What do you expect? You were sent to body guard her secretly by the boss." Toshirou glared at him and then ran a hand through her hair.

"I think this one is going to be a tough one." Toshirou admitted, Ikkaku came out and smiled at him.

"Why do you think she's going to be a tough one?" Ikkaku asked, Toshirou sighed and closed his eyes and opened them.

"Don't play dumb with me Ikkaku; you know what that has been like." Toshirou said, Ikkaku glared at him and Yumichika came out.

"Don't get so upset Toshirou, it's only until she goes off until college, besides, and you are her age." Yumichika winked at Toshirou, Toshirou rolled her eyes and then grabbed his bag.

"Oh shut up you fools, I'm going to go now, make sure you don't kill yourselves." Toshirou said before walking off.

At school:

Rukia and the gang walked up to Shirayuki's room and Rukia knocked on the door. Shirayuki opened the door and smiled at her, she let Rukia and the others step in and they had to stop from laughing as Hyorinmaru glared at Shirayuki because he was chained up. Rukia handed her the package and Shirayuki smiled.

"Thank you Rukia, I'll see you later, okay Hyorinmaru calm down." Shirayuki said as Rukia and the others went out and fled away from the locked room laughing. Rukia and the others went out into the courtyard and sat down, as Rukia looked up at a tree, she could have sworn she saw a flash of white and emerald, but it quickly disappeared. Rukia waved it away and sat down while everyone talked about their schedules.

Rukia and her group walked to first period, it was luck that they all got the same classes this year, or more like Byakuya had forced them too, it was true, Byakuya and Hisana taught there, but Byakuya was the Kuchiki heir so he had to run the company so Hisana was the one who taught most of the time. It just so happens, that Byakuya didn't have to go to the company today and was teaching, they all had Byakuya for math which was fourth period. They had Shirayuki first period and Shirayuki taught homeroom with her husband Hyorinmaru. Rukia and Shirayuki snickered as they remembered this morning, Rukia looked over at Hyorinmaru who looked really happy and relaxed, Shirayuki winked at Rukia and mouthed a thank you, Rukia pointed to her phone and then texted Shirayuki quickly to tell her it was no problem. Rukia and everybody dropped their backpacks on the desks and started to talk, the one good thing with Shirayuki was that since she taught homeroom, she didn't care what they did as long it didn't kill the school rules. The bell rang and everybody filed into class, Shirayuki and Hyorinmaru stood up and smiled at the class.

"Welcome back students, I hope you had a nice summer, for all of you new students, I'm Mrs. Shirayuki and this is my husband Mr. Hyorinmaru, this is homeroom so I won't pester you about anything, you can do whatever you like, but make sure it doesn't break the school rules, thank you." Shirayuki said and Shirayuki and Hyorinmaru sat down and started to sort through paperwork. Rukia and the group were talking.

"We saw him checking you out Rukia." Matsumoto sang, Rukia glared at her and sifted through her lunch, everything seemed perfect to eat and the chef had made her famous chicken and pork dumplings and she added a big hunk of brownies for her.

"I don't know what you are talking about; he just helped me before I got run over since all of you were too chicken to go help me." Rukia said venomously as she took a brownie and took a bite of it and popped it in her mouth before grabbing another stick of gum. They started to talk about what they were going to wear to the dance at Rukia's house, the large attic was for the high schoolers and teenagers, and the ball room was used for Byakuya's company thing. When Byakuya had a dance in his house, he always let Rukia invite some people for a party in their huge attic which was just like the downstairs ball room but more like a club.

"Well we are sorry, my god, I don't see that white haired guy at all, he was kind of cute." Matsumoto said as she looked around, Rukia played with the hem of her white dress, making it shift up a little bit and show off some of her incredible thighs. Everybody heard the door open, Shirayuki and Hyorinmaru looked at him. Rukia widened her eyes, it was Hitsugaya! Shirayuki and Hyorinmaru looked at Hitsugaya; everybody had his eyes on Hitsugaya. Matsumoto and Rukia's friends noticed the look that Rukia was giving and Matsumoto and everybody smirked. Shirayuki and Hyorinmaru stood up.

"Well sir, you are late by ten minutes, may I know your name?" Shirayuki asked, Hitsugaya silently nodded and breathed in before looking at Rukia.

"Toshirou, Toshirou Hitsugaya, I have to give this to you." Hitsugaya said as he took out a slip from his pack and gave it to Shirayuki and Hyorinmaru to read. Shirayuki and Hyorinmaru read it and gave a look at Rukia which she totally caught and then Shirayuki shoved the note in her drawer.

"Alright Hitsugaya, you can take a seat in the far left corner right by Rukia's group." Shirayuki said pointing at the empty seat behind Rukia. Hitsugaya nodded but he was ambushed by a girl, Rukia rolled her eyes as Momo jumped on him.

"Oh my god, it's Shiro-chan!" Momo said everybody started to snicker at the nickname; Hitsugaya pulled Momo off of him.

"Stop calling me that Momo, I haven't seen you in like two years and you still want to call me that? Fine then, I'm going to call you bed wetter still." Rukia and her group laughed and Momo and her group came up to Rukia's group while Hitsugaya watched them silently.

"What are you laughing at Kuchiki?" Momo hissed, Rukia arched a brow and rolled her eyes with a smile on her face while she grabbed out her phone and her fingers started to dart quickly from key to key, when she finished she held out the screen for Momo to see.

'I don't feel like talking to your bitchy face, so that's why I'm making you look at this text message, no one likes you Momo, just go away and disappear off the face of the earth.' Rukia and her friends snickered as Momo turned red with anger. Rukia put the phone away and shoved it in her bag.

"I hate you Kuchiki from the bottom of my heart!" Momo said, Rukia snorted and stuck a piece of berry flavored gum between her teeth and then chewed it and stood up and put her hands under her mouth and blew her berry breath at Momo's face.

"Is that the best you got?" Rukia whispered and then Momo made an annoyed sound and walked off with her group glaring at Rukia and her group. Rukia gave everybody high fives and settled into her seat, Hitsugaya gave an amused smile and plunked his stuff down.

"That was great Rukia; I don't know how you can stand up against Momo and win every time." Matsumoto asked thoughtfully as she tapped her chin with one of her French nails, Rukia smiled at her and whipped out a piece of paper and started to draw, she didn't know why, but she thought of a dragon all of the sudden and had to draw it. Everybody looked over her shoulder except for Hitsugaya and then all of them smirked and looked back at Hitsugaya who arched a white brow and then they looked back at the drawing, when Rukia finished, she smacked everybody upside the head. They rubbed their heads.

"Ow Rukia, what the hell was that for?!" Ichigo asked, Rukia raised a leg, making her dress hike up and Hitsugaya couldn't resist looking at her gorgeous legs, and her thighs were extremely white, he was going to die. Rukia kicked Ichigo in the shins hard making his back land on two desks away from her.

"Stop bugging into my drawing life! It's not even that good!" Rukia asked, Momo came up with her group again and tried to look at the drawing. Momo smiled evilly as Rukia covered up the drawing from Momo's sight.

"What's wrong Kuchiki? Are your drawing skills that bad as you say? Come on, let me see." Momo said in an evil voice, Rukia glared at her and then secretly pulled out another piece of paper and shoved something in it and folded up the piece of paper before handing it to Momo.

"There you go Momo, I'm sure you'll like it very much." Rukia said with a smirk on her face, Momo and her girls gathered around the paper as Momo unfolded it and Momo shrieked as she took the picture from the paper and ripped it up and pointed at Rukia.

"How did you get those, I burned all of them!" Momo asked, Rukia brought another one out and waved it around and then rolled it up and stuck it in between her lips.

"Apparently not all of them, I made like two thousand copies of it, and that was the fiftieth copy I've given out, all of the students have it." Rukia said as Rukia grabbed another picture out of her backpack and gave it to Hitsugaya who looked at it with horror, his eyes widening. It was Momo kissing and clearly having sex with Aizen at a party; someone took pictures and then published it. Hitsugaya looked up at Momo. Rukia then threw the paper in between her lips in the trash can and grabbed some lip gloss on accident Hisana had sneaked in Rukia's bag and put it on her lips. When Rukia screwed on the cap and put it away, Matsumoto looked at Rukia's lips in horror.

"RUKIA WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WEARING?!" Matsumoto shrieked as she pointed at Rukia's now glossy lips. Rukia arched a brow and cupped one cheek in her own hand.

"Chapstick Matsumoto, why is there a problem?" Matsumoto searched through Rukia's bag and then pulled out a tube and held it in front of Rukia's face. Rukia widened her eyes, Hitsugaya got a better look at Rukia's face and saw how hot she looked with a little lip gloss on her lips, she looked so much better. Rukia got angry and her face went red, Hitsugaya had to hold back a laugh.

"GOD DAMN IT HISANA!! I'M GOING TO KILL HER!" Rukia said as she grabbed the lip gloss tube and shoved it in her bag and took a tissue and wiped the lip gloss away and threw any traces of the napkin away. Momo had already stomped off and the bell rung, signaling the next period which they had Kenpachi and Soi Fon for P.E. Rukia and everybody grabbed their bags and went off. Rukia and her friends were walking down the marble glass hallways and Rukia accidentally turned her head and saw Hitsugaya following them about ten feet away. Rukia eyed him and he eyed her back before they broke their glances away and Rukia began to listen to her friends.

Rukia was now really curious about today, all of her classes, she had them with Hitsugaya, but he would show up ten minutes late, flash off a pass to the teachers and a note and then they would all look at Rukia and then let him sit back and not pass him any work at all. He actually followed them all day to every class, but at lunch, he would disappear. When Rukia and her friends were walking to Byakuya and Hisana's classroom, everybody turned to look back at Hitsugaya who was looking away right now and not noticing them.

"You know, he has been following us all day." Matsumoto said, Rukia nodded and chewed on a piece of her gum.

"I know and he shows up ten minutes late and flashes some like random note making the teachers look at me. You know, he doesn't get any work at all, he just sits in the back of the class and the teachers don't pass him any forms at all!" Rukia said as she quickly texted back Hisana letting her know they were right in front of the classroom.

"I know, I bet he's going to come in late anyways for your brother and sister's class." Ichigo said and then they opened the door and Rukia went up to Hisana right in front of everybody and dug through her bag.

"Hey Rukia, is there something wrong?" Hisana asked with a smirk and Rukia grabbed the tube of cursed lip gloss and threw it at Hisana and pointed a finger at Hisana.

"I can't believe you sneaked that in my bag!! How could you?! Byakuya, did you know?!" Rukia asked, Byakuya was coughing into his fist trying not to laugh, but he started to laugh anyways and Hisana laughed too. Rukia clenched her hands into fists and glared at Hisana and Byakuya. "I hate both of you! God! First you wake me up with a horn and then you sneak lip gloss into my bag!" Rukia said as she listed off the things and then Hisana shoved a book, Rukia looked down and saw the book, 'Proper etiquette for young ladies.' Rukia looked down at the red book with a young girl illustrated on it wearing noble robes, everybody looked at the three. Rukia held up the book.

"What the hell is this Hisana?" Rukia asked, Hisana stood up and put her hands on her hips.

"The lovely nobles are coming this weekend and since this is your first encounter, you need to learn all of that." Hisana said Rukia gaped at it and so did everybody else, Rukia jabbed at the cover of the book.

"That can't be fucking possible, I hate the nobles, can't I got out this weekend while they are here?!" Rukia asked, Byakuya stood up and sighed.

"I'm afraid you can't, the nobles want to see you this time and I can't take you out so sorry." Rukia's jaw dropped open.

"That's not fair, you are the damn Kuchiki head, and they don't make the laws!" Rukia cried, Byakuya closed his eyes and sighed again.

"I'm sorry Rukia, I tried, but I know you hate the nobles, but try to act nice." Byakuya said with a stoic voice, "Now go back to your seat, I need to take roll." Byakuya said, Rukia sighed as she shoved the book in her bag and went down to her seat. After Byakuya took roll, Rukia noticed Hitsugaya came in twenty minutest late, Byakuya and Hisana looked at Hitsugaya and all of three of them nodded and Hitsugaya slung his back pack down on a chair in the corner. Rukia was confused, why the hell did Byakuya and Hisana know who he was? He was just a student…right?

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