Kamikaze Kaitou Ookami

Introduction Part 1:

Author Note: I originally didn't plan to upload this here. I created this fanfic specifically for my Arina Tanemura club in DeviantArt, "Kami-no-Kaitou." This story follows after the ending of Arina Tanemura's Manga series Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. Therefore, if you haven't read the Manga, then you may be somewhat confused by the happenings of this story.

This story is about my original character Hayashi Midori. I wasn't sure if I should call this a fanfic or not. However, in later chapters I have used some of Arina's original characters from KKJ.

Therefore this is a continuation fanfic for KKJ. I hope that you will enjoy. I will update as quickly as I can. Please read and review. I Love comments!

Disclaimer: The original storyline that precedes this fanfic is property of Arina Tanemura's. All original characters of Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne belong to Arina Tanemura. The idea for this continuation fic is my own and all characters that are not from Arina Tanemura's original series belong to me, unless otherwise stated in later chapters. Thank you!

I looked at the reflection in the full-length mirror on the back of the bathroom door and groaned. The reflection stared back with a grimace and picked up the bottom edge of the school uniform skirt. With aversion I released the material and quickly wrapped my hair up into a knot at the nap of my neck. I wasn't accustomed to having to wear a uniform to school. I supposed that it looked cute, but I would prefer to be wearing my comfortable jeans and a t-shirt.

Today would be my first day at my new school. My mother had uprooted me from the only home that I had ever known and moved me to her native country of Japan. Up to this point I was born and raised in the United States. You see, my mother is Japanese and my father is an American. They meet while my father was stationed in Japan. When he returned to the States, my Mother went with him. Last year they started to have marital problems and filed for a divorce.

They went through mediation, rather then going through the courts. Meaning that they met with a "neutral third party" who helped them to make decisions about the "division of their property." It resulted in my brother, who is a couple of years younger then me, staying with our father while I was moved back to Japan with our mother.

It was the beginning of a new school year. At least, it would be if I were still in America. I would have been just starting my junior year. In Japan, however, the 11th grade school year began in the spring. Summer vacation had just ended. Thankfully I am a good student. The placement tests scored me at the appropriate level to join the second year high school class rather then placing me back with the first years.

The school uniform had a solid dark green pleated skirt which had a stripe of yellow, about a inch from the bottom of the skirt, that ran around it's circumference. The yellow top buttoned up the front and hugged the waist before flaring out around the hips. The short sleeves were like little puffs on the shoulders. It was the "over garment" with a dark green turtle neck during the fall and winter season. In the spring and summer the long sleeved undershirt was removed. I finished tying the red tie into a bow and stared again at my reflection. At least it looked good on me.

Now that I was finished in the bathroom I stepped out into the hall and walked towards the kitchen. My mother instantly greeted me when I reached the kitchen archway. "Midori-chan, why must you always tie your beautiful hair up in such a fashion," she complained, as I knew she would. Her hands were immediately tangled into my hair as she pulled the knot free to allow my platinum blonde hair to fall to the back of my knees. I sighed in exasperation when she took the brush from her apron pocket and began to run it through my long tresses. She braided it quickly and ushered me to the kitchen table for breakfast. "Be sure to remember everything that I have told you, Midori-chan. Things aren't going to be the same as they were in America," she told me as she passed a piece of toast to me.

"Hai, Okasan, Yes, Mother," I replied in fluent, unaccented Japanese. It was thanks to my mother who had taught my brother and I Japanese since we first began to speak. I ate my western style breakfast of eggs and toast quickly and once again endured the detailed instructions about how I would be getting to school, what I was to do when I got there, and how I was to behave. I had heard the lecture 50 times since we moved into our downtown apartment last week. I was pretty sure that I knew it by heart.

I sighed heavily when I was finally relieved to leave for school. We lived close enough that I was able to walk to school. The warmth of the sun and the light breeze helped to distract me from my anxiety. I wasn't really nervous about going to a school in a "foreign" country. My mother ensured from an early age that my brother and I could read and write in Japanese. However, while my mother was Japanese, and had insisted that I take her maiden name in order so that I could better "fit in," and though my facial features and body structure were obviously inherited from my mother, I was sure that the platinum blonde hair and bright green eyes that I had inherited from my father's side of the family might raise a few eyebrows.

I could already feel the stares as I passed the other pedestrians on the sidewalk. If only Mom had left my hair alone, I could have managed to hide it somehow. I quickened my pace and lowered my eyes to the ground in order to avoid making eye contact with anyone. Unfortunately, that was a recipe for disaster. When you're not really watching where you're going one of two things are likely to happen. One - you'll run into someone, or two - you'll get lost. Unfortunately, with my luck, it was both. In my rush I came to an abrupt halt and stumbled backwards when I bumped into someone.

With reflexes that both surprised and alarmed me by their speed, my elbow was suddenly grabbed in order to prevent me from falling back. "Gomen nasai, I'm sorry," I apologized without looking up to see my captor.

"You're going the wrong way," I heard him say. He hadn't let go of my arm yet and I looked up in confusion. The moment our eyes met, he immediate released my elbow and took a step away from me. "Oni, demon," I heard him gasp, and could only guess that it was a reaction to my green eyes and platinum blonde hair.

"What did you say?" I asked, referring to his first comment more then the second. I had been expecting something like the second comment to occur.

He straightened his posture and quickly looked away form me. I could now see that he was wearing the guys uniform for the same school that I would be attending. His pants were a solid dark green and he wore the short-sleeved white button down shirt untucked without the red tie. "The school is in that direction," he said, pointing off to the right from the direction in which I had been heading."

"Oh…" I said, using the familiar English term out of habit. "Arigato, Thanks," I replied and left in the direction in which he had pointed without looking back.

When I finally made it to the school grounds I carefully weaved through the students who were gathered into groups to greet their friends after summer vacations. To be honest, I walked in a straight line towards the entrance. Everyone parted to give me room to pass when they saw me approach. Again, this was something that I supposed would happen. I tried to ignore the feeling of my stomach twisting into knots. When I entered the school I looked around for the nearest bathroom. Finding it quickly I entered and unintentionally scared the couple of girls who were inside. Their eyes went wide upon seeing me and as I walked further into the room they skirted around the edge of the walls in a hurry to leave. I leaned with my back against the wall for a few minutes taking a couple of deep breaths to calm my nerves before stepping back out into the hall to locate the office.

Once I presented myself to the office I was introduced to Wakahisa sensei, who was to be my homeroom teacher. She looked like she was a student herself. Her long dark chocolate colored hair, which was highlighted with a light latte color, was worn in two ponytails. She didn't look older then 19 or 20. The only way that you could tell her apart from the students was because she wasn't wearing a school uniform.

As I followed Wakahisa sensei down the hallway, which was now mostly empty except for a few straggling students who rushed to make it to their classes before the bell, I fought to keep my heart from pounding out of my chest. I wasn't ready to introduce myself to a roomful of strangers. I wondered why I couldn't have stayed in America with my father. That was where I would prefer to be.

I waited outside of the classroom door while Wakahisa sensei announced to the students that there was a new transfer student. When she motioned for me to enter, I stepped into the room and struggled to keep my head up and my eyes focused straight ahead. When I turned to face the class I found a spot on the back wall to stare at and managed to keep my legs from noticeably shaking.

"Ohayo gozaimasu, watashi wa Hayashi Midori desu," Good morning, I am, Hayashi Midori, I introduced myself with a bow.

"Hayashi-chan comes to us from America. Please take good care of her," Wakahisa sensei announced before instructing me to take the empty seat that was the 3rd desk in the 3rd row, right in the middle of the class. My heart raced as I forced myself forward, trying to ignore the stares. I kept my gaze focused on the back wall.

I was grateful to my mother for going through the trouble of getting my books ahead of time. Once Wakahisa sensei called the class into order and once the first period started I found momentary relief from the stares of curiosity. I found that I could follow the classes fairly well. When the lunch bell rang I stayed in the classroom to ask Sensei a few questions about what I didn't understand and then ate my bento, lunch, at my desk. Despite the beautiful day that beckoned me outside, I was too nervous to leave the classroom. I heard the whispers of the students who stopped by the classroom door to glance at me. I focused on forcing my food down, though I really wasn't very hungry, and concentrated on my homework from the lessons that morning.

After lunch was English. The teacher in charge of the lesson seemed overjoyed to have a native English-speaking student in the classroom and insisted I read aloud from the book. Though there looked to be plenty of students who seemed well able with their English skills, I couldn't help but to feel singled out.

After English came the dreaded last class of the day. I dreaded it because it meant that I would have to leave the sanctuary of the classroom. Throughout the entire day, no one had approached me, and I was fine with that. Going to Gym meant that I would have to interact with my fellow classmates. Through my nervousness I held the invisible façade of confidence. I was an outgoing person. Athletics came second nature to me. Eventually my nervousness began to evaporate as I went through the gymnastics routine. Gymnastics wasn't really my best area, but at the same time I was still good at it. Apparently better then the average if I was left to judge the looks of shock and amazement on the faces of my classmates.

I felt better by time that the class ended. It was really too bad that Gym was the last period of my school day rather then the first. If it had been my first period then I most likely wouldn't have spend most of the day as a nervous wreck. My classmate's opinion of me seemed to change somewhat. What was originally fear and curiosity was now awe and curiosity. "Do you plan on joining the Gymnastics club?" I was asked at the end of class by the Sensei.

"Actually," I replied, "I was planning on joining the Kendo club." That was my only advantage to moving to Japan. I would be able to further my Kendo training. My father, who had learned Kendo when he was stationed in Japan, taught Kendo to both my brother and I. Unfortunately, Kendo wasn't very popular where I lived in America. While I was good, according to what my father had taught me, I was sure that there was more that I could learn in it's country of origin. Though she looked disappointed that I would not be joining Gymnastics, the Sensei pointed me into the right direction to find the Kendo Club.

The Kendo club met in a separate building on the school grounds that resembled a Dojo. As I approached the building I began to become uneasy. It wasn't that I was nervous. It was more of a feeling like what you might get by walking past a haunted house.

Standing by the entry I could now see a few of the members. School had just ended, so no one had changed into their bogu, kendo armor, yet. In fact, the small group of 3 males appeared to be arguing with a 4th male. As I stepped through the entry the forth male snapped his head around to glare at me, I gulped under the pressure of it. I wondered if I hadn't done something wrong and scanned back through my last couple of motions in the back of my mind looking for an error of formality that I may have forgotten. I recognized this guy. He was the same person who I had run into that morning on the way to school. There was something different about him now. It was my turn to take a step back as the word "Oni" echoed through my head. It took me a moment to realize that the word wasn't being directed at me.

"Get out of here!" one of the guys yelled to me

"He's possessed!" Another guy yelled.

"ONI!" The third guy accused, directing the word towards the fourth guy.

A sudden wave of force exploded from the fourth guy, sending the other three flying backwards into different directions. One hit the wall and landed on the floor with a loud thud. The second, who landed closest to me, scrambled to his feet and ran towards me at the door. He didn't stop or even give me a second glance as he fled from the building.

The third guy grabbed for one of the boken, wooden swords, that hung on the wall and moved to attack. I watch, stunned for a moment, as they fought. Both were armed with a boken, but the odds weren't looking good against the third guy. Having no idea what in the world was going on I should have turned around and run away, like the second guy had. Some sense of compassion for the poor guy who was at an obvious disadvantage against this so-called "Oni," if it was really a case of possession, kept me there. I wasn't sure that I believed in all of that "supernatural" stuff. Surely this was some kind of an act, wasn't it? The more I watched, the less it seemed likely to be an act though. The guy who had engaged in the combat was fighting very seriously but was obviously losing. "Get Out Of Here!" He made the mistake of glancing towards me to yell. That mistake cost him a heavy blow to the back of the head.

I watched as he collapsed to the floor, unconscious. I didn't have time to think after that. The Oni was on to me in the blink of an eye. Sure, I could have run, but I wouldn't have a chance of defending myself, when he caught up to me, without a weapon. Rolling away from his swing I dashed to the wall of weapons and grabbed for one of the boken before turning to face my opponent. My odds didn't look so good, especially if an Oni really possessed this guy, but I couldn't back down now. He was waiting for me to make a move. Making a direct attack could be a disadvantage. I calmly took a few steps closer to the center of the room and watched for his next move. He attacked and I blocked, waiting for an opening to make my move. When I did, he was suddenly no longer there. By instinct I dropped and rolled.

As I came to a stop kneeling on one knee, ready to launch myself into an attack, I suddenly became aware of a strange sensation. My head felt lighter and I felt a tickling against my cheek. It took me half a second to realize that it was my hair. I stared in sheer shock at the longest part of my braided platinum hair lying in the middle of the floor. I glanced at the Oni and found that he was also staring at my severed braid. Taking a second look I noted that the braid had unraveled and now seemed to be swelling, as if it were alive. Before my eyes the hair exploded into a sphere of fog. Both the Oni and I watched as the sphere began to constrict and take shape into a wolf. I blinked rapidly as if my eyes were playing tricks on me. There, but not there, not physical but rather as if it was a spirit, standing between the Oni, and I was a silver-grayish wolf. In the next second the wolf launched itself at the Oni, and as if from a hurricane strength wind the Oni flew back against and through the back wall of the Dojo.

Raising one hand to block a ball of light that shined into my eye to obscure my vision I attempted to see just how far away the Oni had landed, but the bothersome light flashed into my other eye. I raised my arm as if to block a ray of sunlight and smacked against something. The light moved to the side of my hand and blinded my once again. I swatted at it and felt my hand hit against it. The ball of light went flying to the side and I was quickly on my feet to find my opponent and the wolf.

"So you CAN see me," That annoying ball of light spoke to me. I was starting to believe that I had lost my mind. First an Oni possesses one of the members of the Kendo club, then my hair is cut off and it turns into a spirit wolf, and now a ball of light was speaking to me. "Quickly, you have to defeat the Oni," the ball of light instructed and faded until what was floating in front of me nearly sent me over the edge of sanity.

"A fairy?" I questioned my better judgment about what I was seeing.

"I'm not a fairy," it said defensively. "Hayaku, hurry. There's no time to lose, you have to seal the Oni while your wolf is distracting it," the little "Fairy" told me.

I raised an eyebrow and focused my eyes to see it more clearly. The "Fairy," had white feathery wings and hair and eyes the same color as my own. It appeared to be male. "How do you suggest that I do that, genus?" I replied sarcastically. Surely I had lost my mind. I was talking to a "Fairy," Seeing spirit wolves, and fighting against an Oni. I was beginning to wonder if I hadn't fallen asleep somewhere.

"Do you accept the power that I can give you," said the "Fairy."

"What?" I questioned what I had heard. First my eyes were playing tricks on me and now I was hearing things.

"Do you accept my power? You have to say that you accept or else there isn't anything that I can do," it said more hastily. "Quickly, there isn't much time," it continued to say while looking over its shoulder.

I glanced past it to spot the Oni trying to fight off the spirit wolf with the boken without any luck. "Y…yeah, sure…," I stammered, not entirely sure what I was agreeing to.

Immediately after I had spoken the words, a cone of light radiated from some sort of jewel on the "Fairy's" forehead and illuminated my brow. I could feel a warm surge of power shoot through my body from head to toe and a bright light momentarily blinded me. When I was able to see again I found the "Fairy" looking me over from head to toe. "Not bad," it said. I slapped at him, sending him flying across the room, before I became aware of the changes. I stood slowly, as if in slow motion, and looked down at myself to find that I wore a short kimono style dress. It was white with dark green trim following down the V neckline until it met with the dark green "obi" style sash tied around my waist into a bow at my back. The sleeves flowed mid-length down my arm and the skirt of the dress flared and came midway down my thigh. I was also wearing dark green ankle high boots.

"There's no time to be admiring yourself," the annoying little "Fairy" was instructing as it flew back by my side. He was scanning the room, looking for something. I heard the Oni yelling in frustration and finally give up trying to attack the wolf and set it's sights back on me.

"So what am I suppose to do with this wonderful power of yours?" I asked with a tone of sarcasm as I gripped my boken and readied my stance. The whole time keeping my eyes on the Oni, who was trying rather unsuccessfully to get around the wolf.

"I'm working on it, give me a minute," he said and began to flutter around the room searching for something.

"You mean to tell me that you don't know!?" I exclaimed in annoyance. "Baka, Fairy," I muttered under my breath and watched as the spirit wolf charged at the Oni again, who had begun to charge back towards the Dojo.

"Oi, I'm working with limited resources here," the "Fairy" replied in exasperation. "And I'm NOT a Fairy, I'm a Tenshi!" He yelled at me, suddenly flying back towards me in a rush.

"Aren't Angel's supposed to be much bigger then you are?" I asked and raised my eyebrow.

He ignored my comment, having more pressing concerns to worry about, "Do you see that wakizashi over there?" he asked me, pointing to the Japanese short sword that lay outside of the Dojo, on the ground not far from the Oni. The authentic sword display of a katana and wakizashi had been hanging on the back wall of the Dojo. When the Oni was blasted through the wall by the wolf the swords had been scattered along with the splintered wood. I eyed the sword, grateful that the wolf still managed to distract the Oni. The Fairy….er….Tenshi wanted me to use a real sword against the Oni? I shook my head at my thoughts. It would kill the poor guy that the Oni was possessing. "You'll have to draw the Oni out of that guy," he explained, as if he had read my thoughts. "Just get the sword and follow through with your intuition."

As if on cue, the wolf suddenly rushed the Oni again, but rather then sending it flying backwards further into the yard behind the Dojo, it went into the body of the guy that the Oni had possessed. The Oni was forced to evacuate the body. I dashed through the hole in the back wall and tumbled across the yard to the wakizashi. Upon unsheathing the sword my reflexes reacted to an unfamiliar instinct and I swung the sword up to slice across the ethereal body of the Oni. "Checkmate!" I spoke the words that formed in my head.

With an airy screeching sound that sounded like the howl of the wind the Oni disappeared. I stared at where it had been. The Angel flew there suddenly as if to retrieve something. "Gotcha," he said. Upon closer inspection I saw that he carried what looked like the rook from a chess game. What in the world was going on? This kind of thing didn't happen in real life. I looked down at myself again. I held the wakizashi down my side and still wore the short kimono style dress. "Come on, Kaitou Ookami," the little Angel guy's voice broke through my thoughts. I stared at him blankly. "Hurry, you've got to get out of here," he demanded as the guy laying face down on the ground behind him began to moan.

The sound shook me back into reality…. If you would call this reality. I quickly returned the sword to its sheath and reached out to grab the Angel before fleeing from the scene. My mind was in a fog over the events that had taken place in the past 10 minutes. What was happening to me?