Ok, I decided to attempt a parody fic...one that will contain each of my own stories and the real Ruka and Michi tearing them apart. I can't help but laugh evilly at my own mind. I do oh so hope you enjoy. Yes...this is my attempt at an entire humor story. It helps that I've already got the storyline down...since each chapter will represent one of my stories starting with the oldest and working to my newest.

Thank you to Rainedrop56 for the idea for the title Redux basically means redo, or rewrite, something like that...that's what she said anyway.

And just because I feel like it...To get the word out there, she's working on a new story that she'll "hopefully" be posting soon. Make sure you go read it and review it, for me OK?

My Redux

Chapter 1 – Deep Dark Secret

A soft sob could be heard at the end of the hallway where the computer room sat. "Michi?" a frantic voice came around the corner. "Are you alright? What's...oh god, don't tell me you're reading those damn things again."

"But...but...Ruka, I like them...And I like this one." She never turned away from the dim light of the computer screen. "This woman wrote it a long time ago. And it's just so good, it's so deep."

Haruka rolled her teal eyes and leaned slightly to look over her love's shoulder. "'Deep Dark Secret'" She read aloud. "What's it about?"

Michiru went back to the author's profile to read the summary. "Haruka's got a secret and Michiru finds out about it, will she keep it quiet?"

"I've got a secret?" She pulled a second chair up next to her wife and started reading the words on the screen. She softly read the end of chapter 3 aloud. "Michiru grabbed her books off the floor and, with all the courage she had ever drawn at one time, she leaned close to Haruka. Her lips meeting hers softly, allowing her the chance to easily pull away if she wanted...Doesn't seem that bad to me. What's my secret."

The aqua-haired beauty dabbed at some tears on her eyes. "You'll find out love." She clicked to move onto the next chapter.

Both of their eyes began scanning the words. Haruka smirked. "I remember doing that to you once or twice in school. Just pressing you to the wall and making out with you....." Her words trailed off as she read the following paragraph. "I do WHAT!?" She skimmed more of the words on the screen. "I'd never do such a stupid thing as to cut myself! Is this author crazy or something?"

"I don't think she's crazy. I think she's got a nice imagination."

They sat in quiet for the next several chapters. "I don't understand this person. I'd never be so weak. Why would I let them get to me so easily?"

"Baby, you've starved yourself before...You did do that in high school for your track season." Michiru's eyes were bloodshot by that point in the story. "I'm so hooked on this author, I've got to read more after this story."

"She's written more?"

Michiru nodded. "32 stories in total..."

"Doesn't she have a life?" The racer chuckled as Michiru loaded the next chapter. Tears soon began to fill her eyes again. "Oh you've got to be kidding me?!"

"Well if you would have stopped cutting yourself..." Michiru sobbed. "I wouldn't have slit my throat."

"You can't blame me for what that woman writes!"

"But if you did something this stupid in real life Ruka...I don't know what I'd do."

"Look!" Haruka pointed to the screen when they made their way to chapter 17. "Look, we're OK! See...now stop blaming me for what's written."

"But it's so sad." She reached for another tissue. She smiled as she looked down at her own wedding band and engagement ring. "You never did get my a promise ring in high school." She glared at the racer seated next to her.

"I didn't have to."

She pouted. "But maybe I wanted one. As a symbol, showing everybody that I was yours and only yours."

"But everybody knew we were together. It's not like we hid it Michi." Haruka frowned as her eyes met her wife's.

"But I always wanted that ring Haurka." She pouted and turned back to the screen to read the final chapter.

"See, doesn't that make you happy! Look, she had us get married." The blonde woman quickly tried to get the subject off of her and the promise ring that she never gave to her love. She smiled nervously as Michiru glanced at her.

"I'm going to bed...I think you can sleep on the sofa tonight."

She left the room, leaving her wife in an utter state of confusion. "But what did I do!? You're punishing me for what some author with a rip off of my name for a penname wrote about us!?" She didn't get a response. "Michi!" She heard the bedroom door slam shut. "I didn't do anything!" She turned to the computer screen and glared at the author's penname and avatar picture. "Look at what you did to me!"