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My Redux

Chapter 4 – Deadly Flashbacks

"Oh, look who's in here first reading. I thought you wanted me to stay away from that trash." Michiru poked at her wife as she entered the computer room the following afternoon.

"'Deadly Flashbacks'" Is all Haruka stated as she continued reading the first chapter. "Listen to this summary. Haruka has a horrible experience with her father when she was only 8 years old. Can she ever trust another person? Michiru tries to help her, but is only shunned away." She glanced back at her wife and opened her mouth to say something else before being abruptly cut off.

"I know...she hates you...And yet." She trailed off as she sat in the seat that had previously been occupied by Haruka. "And yet you continue to read it."

"It's just so bad I have to read it." The blonde racer stated. "Now she has me getting molested by my father. What the fuck!?"

"And all the punishment goes back to you." Michiru smirked. "Aww look, she has us playing softball together...."

"You...getting your hands dirty? Just the thought of that is hilarious! Ow! What was that for?" She rubbed the spot on her shoulder where she was smacked. Surely it would leave a bruise in an hour.

"For laughing at me."

"Looks like all of it's flashbacks...I'm so confused." The racer began rubbing her temples in anger.

"It was called deadly flashbacks isn't it?" She smirked at the glare she received. "Look, it's not that confusing. See the little ellipses...that means it's the end of a thought, she seems to use them a lot." She pointed to a part of the story. "That's a flashback...that's not." She moved her finger down a few lines. "See?"

"Yea, yea, yea, I get it. Why does she make me out to be such a coward?"

"Maybe deep down inside when she was writing this she was scared too...One of her author notes said that some of it happened in her own life, some of it was twisted, and some of it was fake. We just have to figure out what part is what..."

Haruka stared at the computer's monitor in frustration. "But this doesn't make sense! She has us being together in high school, then in chapter four she has you moving away when we were 13. I'm so confused..."

Michiru tilted her head. "She must not have written it straight through." She covered her mouth to giggle. "Maybe she was delusional."

"She is delusional Michi. Look at this..." Haruka used the mouse to highlight a paragraph before reading it. ""Ms. Tenou. Is it true, that when you were 16 you ran away to Tokyo?" the prosecuting atorney was pacing back and forth in front of her....Why would I run away to Tokyo given I was already living there. Wouldn't I run away to Osaka to be with you?"

"Maybe she meant run away from Tokyo...She does have a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes."

"The summary's starting to not fit the storyline. There's barely been any mention of you. I'm not shunning you, she is."

Michiru couldn't contain herself anymore as she fell into a fit of laughter. "These are just so bad I can't stop reading them. These are making my day."

"And I love how you're magically there by my side during this trial. Oh come on!" Haruka fussed at the beginning of chapter six. "Not guilty of rape!?"

"And 3 years for child neglect and 20 counts of child abuse." Her tone was light hearted. "She should have done her research better.

"At least there's no possibility of parole!" Haruka was thrilled at her fictional father's sentencing.

"Like I would ever make the first move. That's all your department sweetheart." She poked at the blonde's shoulder.

"As I recall you were throwing yourself on me when you realized I was a woman." Haruka closed the web browser, both of them having their funny bone tickled for the day.

"You're hot, what can I say?" Michiru mused, proud of her actions. "But you kissed me first."

"After you threw yourself upon me, how could I deny a gorgeous woman what she desired so deeply." She winked at her wife.

"Oh you stop it, I want to read another one today." Michiru giggled as her hand was caught before she could click on the next link.

"Well I want you before you read the next one." Haruka pulled the aqua haired woman onto her lap and kissed her roughly.

"Mmm, stop it!" Michiru whimpered as she broke the kiss. She sighed heavily as Haruka moved her expert lips along the pale skin of her neck