Author's Note: I did not know how I came up with a lemon with Hidan…this is my first oneshot, I hope you all like it(?!)

"Oi, Kakuzu!" Hidan yelled, kicking their hotel door open, his partner was sitting on the bed, counting cash from his briefcase.

"Idiot, people are sleeping." His partner scoffed, glaring at him with his green pupils.

"Since when did you fucking care about other people?" Hidan rolled his eyes, "Tell you what, I'm gonna go to that bar and nail a chick tonight, wanna come?"

Kakuzu continued to flip through, "Again? I don't want to spend money on some cheap wine. Don't you know what saving money is?" His answer was the slam of the door. Kakuzu shook his head, "Guess not, stupid bastard."

A blonde woman with a deep cleavage in an exposing outfit scowled at Hidan when he stepped into the bar. He realized it was a whore he picked up a few months back and was totally freaked out by his ritual. Stupid bitch.

"Touchy, touchy." Hidan rolled his eyes. He ordered a bottle of sake and scanned around the room. Hmm…who shall he pick tonight?

There was that stupid blonde who was looking for potential customers? Fuck no.

A sultry brunette flirting with an old guy? No.

His eyes stopped at a young woman with jet black hair, sitting at a corner by herself. Bingo.

Striding over in a swagger, Hidan plopped down on the sofa across the woman.

"Hi gorgeous, wanna fuck?" He asked in a seductive way, which came off as vulgar.

The young woman nearly choked on her drink when she heard his words, "Uh, I beg your pardon?" She looked at the man; expecting him to be a middle-aged, drunk, tattered man--- but this man in front of her? He was…the most handsome man she had ever seen in her life. He had slicked-back silver hair; mesmerizing violet eyes and a laid-back, smug smirk on the handsome face of his. He flashed her a toothy grin, "Wanna fuck?"

She coughed, her face turning completely red, "No, thank you."

Hidan was always an expert with women, luring them to bed. How can this woman turn him down? He mentally shook away his frustration: fine, if this one wanted to play it slow.

"My bad," He laughed casually, "Why don't I get you some sake?"

She smiled politely, "No thanks, I don't drink alcohol."

"You don't want to fuck nor have beer---then what the hell are you doing in a bar?" Hidan asked, impatiently.

"They have decent fruit punch." She shrugged, looking away from him.

He clicked his tongue, clearly annoyed at her, "Don't you know that the people in this bar normally end up fucking each other?"

She shrugged again, "I guess I usually leave before that happens."

"What are you, a virgin in the whorehouse?" Hidan cackled at his own comparison, "Come on, sweetcheeks, you can drop the act now and take me home. I'll give you a night you'll never forget." She was now blushing furiously, irritated by his words. "There are other woman who would be interested for your company."

"Shit, you mean that blondie with the huge jugs?" Hidan exclaimed loud enough for the prostitute to hear, "I did her three months ago, what a bore!"

"Sir," She said sternly, clearing her throat in a nervous fashion, "I'm…not a prostitute."

"Ohhh." Hidan nodded sarcastically, "Then you must be one of those up-tight bitches who thinks they're better then everyone. Am I right?"

"No!" She snapped, defensively, glaring up at him. He had an amused smile on his face. She looked down at her lap, biting on her lower lip, "At least I hope I don't come off as that."

Oh…her lips. Pouty lips. How he wanted to taste it, mixed with some blood. He was already getting hard. He had to hurry up.

"Of course not," He grinned, reaching for her hand, "I apologize. I hope I didn't come off as a crude, horny bastard." 'But I am.' He thought.

She looked up, "You sort of are."

"Well, you ought to get to know me better." He winked, his index finger drawing circles on the back of her palm. His touch sent electricity shocks down her spine and she could feel the middle of her thighs warm up.

She licked her dry lips nervously, "Should I?"

He nodded, "You should. You won't fucking regret it."

The young woman smiled, "Whatever, I guess."

"Lemme ask you again," Hidan said in a low, husky voice, "Do you wanna fuck?"

"…" She hesitated for a mere second before her answer, "…yes."

"What's your name?" The dark-haired beauty asked him along the way.

"Hidan." He replied without looking at her.

"You have a very foul mouth, Hidan."

"You got a problem with that, sweetcheeks?" He glared at her.

"No." She giggled nervously, staring at the ground.

"Take your clothes off, let me look at you." Hidan instructed as he sat on the edge of her bed. The moonlight was the only source of light and it shone directly on his evil, handsome face. She fumbled through unbuttoning her top, feeling Hidan's eyes on her every single move. She was feeling hot and bothered already. And so was he.

She got out of her shorts, so she was standing right in front of him only in her panties. Her nipples stiffened in the cold air, she blinked at him.

"Tsk, tsk." He clicked his tongue, "I see you're wet already." He had noticed the damp spot on the only piece of fabric left on her, "Take that off too." She did as she was told. Observing with his fingers, he rubbed it against her clit. She let a moan escape from her mouth, "Ahhh."

"You have a very sweet voice; I wonder what it would sound like if I made you scream." Hidan muttered as he pulled his finger away from her pussy. Her body twitched in anticipation. Chuckling at her reaction, he put his index finger into his mouth, licking it, "You even taste sweet." Before she could react, he shoved a finger into her and pulled it out quickly, dabbing his finger into her mouth.

"Taste yourself." He blew hot air into her ear seductively, "So fucking sweet and tight, aren't you?" He retreated his finger and pushed her onto the bed. Her cheeks burnt in a pretty shade of pink: they were really going to do this. Sex.

Hidan pulled down his own pants and tossed his cloak onto the floor.

"Oh my god." She gasped as she saw him pull out his erected, throbbing member. He smirked evilly, "Not god." He jammed right into her, "Jashin-sama.", causing her to scream out in pain. So long for her virginity. Her fingernails clawed into his back, instantly cutting him, "Hidan," she begged in an almost inaudible voice.

"Damn, I didn't know you were a flipping virgin!" He exclaimed happily, pumping in and out of her, "I guess I'm lucky! You're lucky too that I popped your cherry!"

Big fat tears rolled down her cheeks as her fingers dug deeper into his shoulders, "It hurts…" she whimpered.

"The more it hurts," Hidan whispered into her ear huskily, "The better it is. So cut me with your nails! The pain will become pleasure, sweetcheeks."

He leaned down and licked away her tears. They tasted salty. Not like copper. "Blood tastes so much better." He murmured, pressing his lips over hers, his tongue probing into her mouth. She tasted sweet. But he didn't like that.

Hidan bit on her lower lip hard till it bled. He licked her wound as she moaned in pain, the familiar taste of copper calmed him, "Much better."

He quickened his pace, slamming their bodies towards each others. Her breath was airy, which matched his heavy panting. He was so focused on fucking her: he had a few loose strands of hair on his forehead, and his Jashin pendant swinging back and forth against his and her chest.

"Hidan," The pain was disappearing and being taken over by waves of pleasure, "Hidan-danna." She moaned, her arms wrapping around his neck. He was pleased by her words, so he dipped down and began to nibble her delicate neck. He licked, bit and teased her, his tongue traveled from her collarbone down to her chest. He took turns suckling on each of her stiffened nipples while his hands squeezed and toyed her breasts.

To her surprise, he began kissing her softly here and there, causing her to melt into his arms. His thrusts became slower and gentle, making her close her eyes, sighing in pleasure. Their bodies began rocking together in rhythm; the quickening of each others' breath was obvious evidence that they were reaching a climax.

"Look at me," Hidan growled, "I want you to look at me when you cum." She fluttered open her eyes, gazing into his flickering violet ones.

She was so close off the edge and when she was about to reach her orgasm, he bit her harshly on the shoulder, leaving an instant bite mark and made her bleed. Screaming, her body jerked up to the intensity of both pain and pleasure. It was like an explosion. She was dizzy and couldn't feel gravity until she heard Hidan snicker wickedly, "I knew you'd like it rough."

Pulling out of her, he demanded, "Suck me dry." She stared at him, dumbfounded, her mouth slightly open, "Hidan---I---" He shoved himself right between her lips, silencing her immediately. She tried to protest: he was too big. She felt nauseous by the taste of his cock mixed with her juices. "Don't we taste fucking good?" He asked, grabbing her by the hair and pulling her to and away from himself, forcing her to give him a blowjob.

Getting slightly used to it, she licked the tip of him with her tongue, circling it.

"That's it, baby." Hidan groaned, "Oh yeah…"

She began bobbing her head, focusing completely on pleasing him. A few minutes later her mouth was sore from having his large member in it and he was on the edge. Tilting his head back, his eyes rolled back and he cried in pleasure, "Oh Jashin, fuck, I'm coming!" Her protests were baffled by his release of white fluid.

Hidan pulled himself out of her lips and grabbed her cheeks, demanding, "Swallow it all." She did as she was told, tears increasing in her almond eyes once again. She almost choked, but with him glaring at her intently, she managed to swallow all of him.

"Good girl." He grinned, patting her on the head, "See? Blowing someone off isn't that hard." She remained silent as he stroked her lower back, his hands wandering to her bare bottom.

"Did I mention that you have a fucking sweet ass?" He gave it a spank. Her eyes widened. No, he wasn't done yet?

"We are so not finished yet!" It was as if he could read her mind. She yelped as he tackled her, flipping her backwards.

He licked his lips with her blood smeared on his mouth and forced his lips over hers, after a long session of bloody French-kissing, Hidan backed away from her, "Remember the taste of blood. That's the taste of me." He pulled her towards himself, forcing her to rest her head upon his chest. She slept with this…rogue. She began to sob silently, her tears streamed down her eyes and onto his chest. He sat up rudely, pushing her away. He hated when bitches cried. And the taste of tears.

"Thanks for the good fuck, sweetcheeks." Hidan gave her a last spank, pulling up his pants and threw on his black cloak with red clouds embroidered on it. He left by slamming the door shut and a series of his maniacal cackles; leaving her whimpering in tears on the bed: naked, completely vulnerable and forever tainted.

And he didn't even bother to ask her name.

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