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I decided to do a little wrap-up, an epilogue of some sort. This isn't something I normally it's probably a crack-fic...

Anyways, enjoy?

Specks of sunshine poured in from the curtains. Her chocolate brown eyes fluttered open. And she wished she didn't to wake up at all! Her head burnt like hell, making her curse as she sat up quickly to rub her temples.

She regretted it the moment she did, because her body was painfully sore, causing her to fall back onto the bed. Her black hair fell messily around her shoulders as she dug her face into her palms, thinking about the events that occurred last night.

Why, why, why did she sleep with him?

What was his name again?

Hidan, yes, Hidan.

She kicked herself mentally, blaming herself over and over again.

How stupid was she?

She was saving herself for the man she loved---who didn't show up, yet.

Anyone, just not that…blood-lustful, violent, crude albino!

Why the hell did she do it?

Sure, she was tempted when he charmed her at the bar, well kind of.

But that wasn't it.

His eyes…those oddly, deep violet eyes…when he looked at her, it was as if he could see right through her…they were like electricity. His eye contact was intense. Sexy.

But she couldn't simply sleep with a man just because of his eyes, right?

"Whatever." She muttered, sitting up again, enduring the physical pain. It was her vulnerable heart that was hurting.

Weakly, she got off the bed and nearly stumbled into the bathroom. Flicking on the lights, she gasped at her own reflection.

A pair of swollen, red-shot eyes looked back at her; her lips were chapped with dry blood smeared on her chin, bite marks on her neck and shoulders, bruises all over: from her arms to her waist to her thighs…she didn't dare look anywhere else.

She stared at her naked reflection, utterly confused.

So this was what they meant by 'becoming' a woman?

How very odd.

The cold morning air sent chills down her spines, making her tremble. The red marks and purple bruises contrasted on her pale skin. Just by looking at her own flesh made her wince. She could remember every single thing he did to her. How he took her in bed.

How his big, warm hands groped her breasts, how he thrust his talented digits in and out of her, how his enormous, erect member shoved deeply into her and how he made her moan in the most erotic way…

She couldn't believe she was herself; she was groaning for more, begging for his touch. And he gave it to her.

And then he left.

He fucked her good. And he completely fucked her up.

He had picked her up at that dirty bar. Of course he wouldn't take her seriously.

That was why he didn't care asking for her name. She was just a whore to him, a fuck toy. But she still surrendered her virginity to him anyway.

At age eighteen, the anonymous girl couldn't resist the temptation Hidan offered.

A few weeks later, she was feeling sick. Awfully sick.

The gross feeling of nausea kept filling up her throat; making her run to the bathroom to throw up several times.

She wasn't naïve. She knew.

She was pregnant. She got knocked up by a stranger in a one night stand.

How fucking fantastic.

For some unknown reason, she had a gut feeling that it was going to be a boy.

Her stomach grew bigger as the days passed on. The tiny flame of hope on the candle in her heart had been officially extinguished on her seventh month.

There was no way he was coming back.

She hired a midwife in the last month till her pregnancy was due. The middle-aged woman would sometimes flash her sympathetic glances and she would snort in return.

She didn't need anyone's pity.

The two women sat in the living room. "You're only eighteen…" The mid-wife sighed, combing her hair, "No sign of the baby's father?" It took the elder woman weeks to finally ask the sensitive question.

The eighteen year-old hissed as the mid-wife tugged on a knotted strand, "No. It doesn't matter anyways."

"Did you love him?" The middle-aged woman asked, carefully.

She forced a smile, "To be honest, I just slept with him once, that's all."

"Oh dear." The midwife muttered. The young woman didn't answer, instead clutched at her stomach, her face twisted, "I think my water just broke."

Great timing, just great.

Her painful, piercing screams went on for the whole morning until the sharp cries of a baby burst out. She laid on the mattress, panting and sweating, her face pale.

The midwife shot her a smile and held the baby, "It's a boy."

Of course it was. She knew all along.

"Let me see him." She demanded in a weak voice, holding out a hand.

The elder woman carefully placed the new-born baby boy into his mother's arms, "What's his name?"

"Himaru." She blurted out. The name had been circling around her head for months.

"Ah." Nodding, the midwife wiped the exhausted woman's forehead with a towel, "There, much better."

"Thank you." The raven-head grinned.

"His eyes…" The midwife spoke, stroking the baby's soft cheek, "are quite magnificent."

The young woman studied her son's face, which looked eerily similar to Hidan and winced, "Indeed."

"He's going to grow up into a handsome one, that's for sure."

"Of course." The anonymous girl nodded. She was going to raise him up, teaching him great knowledge and educating him to have good manners, nothing 'mentally' like Hidan.

Baby Himaru's tiny hand gripped onto his mother's index finger.

"I love you." She whispered, planting a kiss on his tiny nose, "Mama's here."

Yes, she was. She didn't need Hidan.

They were just fine.


I'm sorry if it was confusing that I kept using 'she', but I wanted to keep her anonymous.

I got some requests for a sequel and I am planning to do so, but it's going to be updated on 'An Unexpected Renunion', which is set 6 years later from this.

I hope you guys liked it and hopefully check out 'An Unexpected Renunion'! Reviews would be amazing :)

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