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Angeline Fowl was no fool. She had graduated from her undergrad a year early (with high honors), despite earning two degrees: one in biology and another in political science. The following fall, she continued into her master's degree. It was in the final months of the program that she ran into Artemis Fowl, heir to one of Europe's largest criminal empires.

Initially, she thought he was just another of her family's many minor (and self-important) millionaire acquaintances. However, the presence of a staggeringly tall and rather solid-looking bodyguard (who spent most of the night glaring at anyone who came within three meters of his ward) was a bit out of place at the Ivy, even if most of the "businessmen" in attendance were a bit less than "legitimate." However, during the last round of cocktails, Angeline's inebriated mother had put an arm around her daughter's shoulder and pointed him out as the son of the most powerful criminal leader in Ireland. Angeline had smoothed her dress and sashayed up to the snappily dressed man. After inquiring if he was, indeed, the Artemis Fowl (he visibly preened at this, though his bodyguard moved a hand to his holster), she had smiled prettily...and began to tear him a new one.

Two days later, she received a call at her unlisted apartment phone. A week after that, she agreed to a date, intending to continue reaming him. The following spring, she married Artemis Fowl and they began planning their life together.

Over the years, she had dealt with many crises. Attacks by rival crime lords, the disappearance of her husband, and her eldest son's many quasi-legal (and often downright unlawful) adventures. For all intents and purposes, Angeline Fowl was unflappable.

But she just could not get over the pointy ears.


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