It was another long hot summer day in Washington D.C. Anthony DiNozzo was on his way to work, stopping quickly at his co-worker Ziva's apartment before they both made their way to work at NCIS where Tony was a Special Agent for the US government and Ziva was a Mossad officer liaising with NCIS.

"Is that the same jacket from yesterday?" Ziva asked peering closely at Tony's suit jacket. It was a dark navy blue and as soft as velvet. The blue brings out his eyes. She thought.

"I buy a lot of the same clothes, it makes mornings less stressful." He countered quickly. As apart of her Mossad training, Ziva saw right through his ruse.

"Who is she?" her eyes narrowed and jealousy roared in her stomach but she kept that concealed.

"Who's who?"

"The girl you were with."

"I wasn't with any girl." He feigned innocence. Ziva scoffed and diverted her attention to the scenery as they continued their drive through the wakening streets of Washington D.C.


"Sixteen women, brunette, 5"4 and nearly all of them are navel wives. The MO is pretty consistent with all of them killed in the same way. Bound spread eagle on the bed, slashed wrists and disemboweled but that was after they had bled out." A blonde FBI agent announced walking into a conference room, holding box, filled to the brim with case files. Placing the box in the middle of the table FBI BAU Supervisory Special Agent Jennifer "JJ" Jareau, looked around at the other FBI agents apart of the Behavioral Analysis Unit. There was SSA Dr. Spencer Reid, the genius who was constantly amazing her with his enormous amount of knowledge; SSA Derek Morgan, the African-American joker/leader type person who every got along with; SSA Emily Prentiss, a new member of the group who had turned up at the BAU out of nowhere; SSA Jason Gideon, the BAU's best profiler; and finally the leader of the team FBI BAU Supervisory Special Agent/Unit Chief Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner, who they all looked up to when things were going wrong.

"Disembowelment suggests the UnSub was disorganized." Reid piped up accepting a file from JJ.

"The ME said it was done post-mortem though. The slashed wrists, which caused the victims to bleed out, were the cause of death." Morgan countered, rubbing his temple with one hand.

"Well before we start the profile of the UnSub, we should consider one thing. This is all NCIS jurisdiction." Hotch stated. There was a chorus of groans from around the table.

"We're never going to catch him then." Prentiss muttered.

"Ditto." Morgan agreed.

"They seem to hold something against us." Reid said.

"Alright, alright! Enough!" Hotch stood up, showing his authority. "NCIS may not like us for some unknown reason but I have a meeting with the director so it's her choice whether or not this is a joint investigation." The others nodded in agreement. Gideon didn't even seem to be apart of the discussion as he flicked through the case file.

"With this many deaths my guess would be that Special Agent Gibbs will be running the investigation." He mused.

"Alright, pack your bags. We're going to D.C." Hotch said ending the meeting.