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Gibb's POV

They were good agents. I had my doubts with them at first, I mean who wouldn't, they're FBI. But they showed that they were worth working with and they didn't stuff up our investigation. I never really thought that what they did was good. Sure, Kate had used profiling to help us a few times, but I lost all hope after Ari. I'm glad we were able to solve this case; even if it wasn't the outcome we wanted. It all goes on…what the hell is Tony doing???? Hmmm. Work never ends.

Tony's POV

Crap, Gibbs saw me.

Put the superglue away DiNozzo. I eyed Gibbs as I put it away without him catching me. Oh well McGee is still in for a surprise. I couldn't decide which FBI agent I liked better. Out of the girls I mean. They were both so…fine. But they had a gun.

Think of the safer option. Yeah, that was just being friends. It would work…hopefully. I'm sure Morgan can give me insight about them. He was okay, that guy. We both knew what we wanted to do in a case and did it. No bullshitting around.

I really hope we get to see them again. They were good to work with. But I hope its not cause of some psycho the next time.

Ziva's POV

Two agencies working together is weird. Both want to do things a particular way. That's probably why Mossad never let me work with other agencies unless I was in a good mood. I enjoyed the experience surprisingly. From working with the FBI before (well against them) it was nice to be able to meet other females around my age. It was better then working with men who were constantly hitting on me. Tony doesn't count. Although he doesn't do it all the time. The BAU seemed like a good place to work, but I wouldn't change where I work for anything. Gibbs had taught me so much already, more then Mossad did. I hope we can work with the BAU again sometime. I believe, both teams will make good friends.

McGee's POV

It was quite the experience to work with the FBI and not have to fight over who is controlling the case. I enjoyed working with them and it was good that there was someone who I was able to talk to that understood what I was saying. I wonder if I should turn what happened these past few days into a book. It should sell well. I should run it by my agent, after I write an outline for the story. It may just work…. what the! I was going to kill DiNozzo. Superglue…on my keyboard…once again. I'm going to have to wipe it down before I use it. Maybe I'll plant something in his computer to annoy him. Now, I just have to get free. I wonder if these things happened in the BAU? I doubt it thought. They don't have Tony working with them.

Ducky's POV

I quite enjoyed working with the FBI team. They were quite a charming lot. It reminded me of my early days as a ME. The FBI and the local coroner where I worked were having a dispute right in front of me while I was finishing an autopsy. It was one hell of a noise. Well in the end, they had to leave. They argued so long that I finished the autopsy and determined the death that they had to need to take the body to their own morgue. Quite an interesting argument however. Pulling up as many excuses and reasons to why I should perform the autopsy, that I think they forgot why they'd come to us in the first place. I'm glad that didn't happen this time.

Abby's POV

I can't wait until they come back. It was so much fun to work with the FBI for once without them telling me what to do or taking my evidence away from my babies. Without them butting in all the time, I was able to hack into each ones cell phones and trade our numbers around. I'm not sure Gibbs would approve of it but he wouldn't understand how to do it on his own phone. I was just saving him time as well as his phone's life. I'll have to e-mail the FBI and see if they have any cases that both teams can work together with. Well, it'll take me a while. Hacking into the FBI isn't always smiled upon. Well I think this task requires some more Caf Pow! Where is Gibbs when I need him?

Jenny's POV

Playing the big bad boss gets more and more fun each time. Especially when Gibbs isn't expecting it. I was happy for them to work together. It's just so hard to get anyone to work well with Gibbs. He was so…stubborn and leader-like if that's even a proper word. I'm grateful it worked out. For the sake of the BAU agents lives and NCIS's.

Gideon's POV

To work with new people, is something each agent must experience in his career. It helps build character and in our profession, it allows us to expand our profiling skills to people with different mindsets. We are all like baby birds. Our parents let us make mistakes in order for us to learn how to fly. That is what we did during this case. And in the end, we all learnt to fly freely.

Morgan's POV

I had newfound respect for NCIS. They had some damn good agents there. Reminded me of the team here. We were all connected through similarities within our personality and past. And I was talking about both teams. It wasn't something you saw often. Both teams learning to work together in the space of a few days and at the same time start the foundation for what seems like a good friendship. I hope to work with them again. And even if it were not work related, it would be a shame to let such a connection wane with distance.

Prentiss' POV

No friendship should be undervalued. No acquaintances should be either for they can turn into friendships. Gee, I sounded like some damn fortune cookie. But it was how I viewed life. I was really hopeful about becoming proper friends with the NCIS team. They valued what they did for a living and had a contagious determination that developed during a case. I think that derives from Gibbs. Just something about him, makes me wonder what sparked him into becoming an agent. Maybe I'll get to ask him sometime if both teams ever get to work together.

Reid's POV

For someone who has a hard time making friends, I felt grateful that they gave me a chance. All through high school I'd never had one if any friends who I could count on. That was probably because I was only twelve when I finished. But it didn't mean I was a proper target. I may not have been physically strong but mentally I could kick their butts. The NCIS team helped me see another side to working with the Navy. They were as determined about catching criminals as we were, and they were only dealing with a small part of the criminal investigation system. I'm scared to think what would happen if Gibbs worked in the FBI. But I couldn't see it happening. Something about that whole team just…it looks like they were all made to work together to make the Navy safe.


It was nice to have both teams being able to work together. At the start I was worried that there would be a lot of arguing and problems with leadership. Working with another agency was harder then with LEO's because we were always higher up. I was glad we worked together. I enjoyed how close we became. That was the only problem I found with what we did. We were always working and having a proper social life was hard when we were constantly traveling to and from places, seeing crime scene after crime scene. A little relaxation was just what we needed. For all of us on both teams.

Garcia's POV

It sucked that I wasn't able to go to the Navel Yard and meet the team that the others met. They sounded so nice from their sealed records. Damn youth days when having fun ended up with not letting me leave with the team. I'll have to ask next time they go. It would be nice to meet them in person and not just hear about them. I'll tell my hunk of Chocolate Thunder that when he comes in with the others.

Hotch's POV

Through all that we have learnt, we never truly value what friendship is. I'd never seen my team so comfortable with another team. They let us all work together as equals. Gibbs leads them well with their work and his reputation didn't precede him. I can see my own team; happy to have met other people to whom they could relate their work with. It was a worthwhile experience.

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."

- Martin Luther King Jr.

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